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Nissan Armada Brake Problems



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    So you declined to get the pads replace 5 weeks earlier when the dealer said they were worn? Then you complained when the pad slipped out (because you didn't replace it) and your caliper broke due to the fact that there was no pad in there?

    Unfortunately I think that you are SOL on this one, (if I'm getting the story straight) because the dealer told you to replace the pads, and you didn't, this then led to a failure of a component which would normally be covered under warranty had it failed but because you failed to replace the pads, the caliper broke.

    As for the "weight" of the vehicle. I regularly tow a 10,000lb cigarette boat trailer with my 2004 Armada. I have never had problems with my brakes, after they performed the TSB brake upgrade (larger rotors, pads and brackets) even one time when the brakes failed on my trailer, I had to tow it about 500 miles on the highway using only the Armada's brakes.

    25k is a bit short, but like any first year build vehicle, there will be glitches, the 04 Armada happen to have this one. If you aren't ready for small glitches like this, I'd suggest you buy mid-life cycle vehicles in the future, cause no matter what brand you buy if it's a "new" model it'll have issues on something.

    Below is a pic of my boat and Armada.

  • No matter how much any one out there defends Nissan and the Armada. The plain simple truth is that they have had these front problematic undersized brakes on the Armada since 2004. And yes the few defenders of Nissan will state that the last computer TSB finally fixed the problem. I beleive this is the 3rd TSB. Why are so many owners of the earlier models being mis informed by Nissan Dealers? Well if thats the case it should not have taken 3 years to fix. Nissan knows there is a problem with the early models, this is proven fact due to Nissan making the front rotors bigger and thicker on the 2008 Armada. And before any of you defenders claim I am bitter let me rest asure you I like the other aspects of my Armada. I just want what I paid for, and for the money I paid I don not think I am asking too much for the vehicle to work safely and properly. I am in the process of Nissan settling on my Armada. Nissan has agreed to buy it back. I am advising anyone with a 2004 thru 2006 Armada to seek help under the Lemon Law. Even if you are not the original owner or your armada or it has over 36k you should still be covered under the Breach of Warranty. If your Armada has been in for the front brakes more than 3x you may have a case. Check it out with a lemon law attorney. There are strengh in numbers. This will get Nissans attention to finally properly fix what they sell. If you are having problems and you do not speak up you have no one to blame but your self. Contact the National Transportation Safety of the US Goverment, there are many avenues for one to take do your home work like I did good Luck !!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The computer issue is completely different than the size of the rotors and pads issue. I never had the computer issue, but did have the rotors warp in the first 2500 miles.

    If you haven't had the rotor and pad and caliper bracket upgrade, you should definitely do it.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Also, Toyota had this same problem on the Sequoia/Tundra trucks when they came out, just about every Japanese manufacturer has had this problem when they bring out the first model year of their full size car or trucks. Nissan was no different.

  • Yes, I did wait 5 weeks to get the brakes done but I didn't think it was a must do this second since they said the wear was within normal range. They did not say they were in really poor condition. I didn't get it done because they wanted $1,100 for front brakes. I wanted to see if I could get a second opinion from another dealer. Like I said, although I was 2 weeks past the warranty date, I only had 25K on it. This vehicle is their top-of-the-line product and I paid close to $48,000 for it. I know other vehicle owners with trucks this size, and they have not replaced their brakes this soon. The fact are the facts, the Frontier brakes are not heavy enough for this vehicle. Of course, the brakes wore out prematurely. I certainly knew this was their first of this model when I purchased it, and yes, you are right, you have to expect glitches, but fix them and not at my cost.

    Your boat is awesome! I am not showing this picture to my husband. He is dying to get a boat. What year is you Armada? Did you lease or buy?

    As far as the caliper leaking, the repair shop that repaired the brakes said the caliper was leaking for a considerable time. I was told by a service specialist that Nissan extended the brakes warranty to 36K miles. found out yesterday that that is not true. Nissan extended the brake warranty to 36 months.
  • Make sure you tell your dealer about the constant break problems. Please read past post to address this problem with you dealer. Nissan has honored problems with the brakes by fixing them since it has been a problem from day one. I would not give up but ask for a Nissan Rep. and write Nissan about going to the Lemon Law to relieve your brake problem. That should get their attention! :shades:
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    My truck is an '04, I knew about the brake issue before I bought and actually had them write into the contract that I would get the brake upgrade as soon as it was available or the car would be returned. It's an LE and I bought it in spring of '05, although it had been on their lot from Aug of '04, got a great deal payed about $38k with tax and a 100k bumper to bumper warranty.

    Thanks for the compliments on the boat! You can see more pics at I tagged a log in the Hudson last sept and it looks like my boat will get totalled or close to it. I think I'll be replacing it with a Center Console boat with Twin 250s or 275s. :)

  • My truck is also an '04 but I bought it in Feb 2004, before these problems were really made public. Of course, I think I am right and I am sure Nissan thinks they are too. We will have to see what happens. Like I said, the brake pad fell off while I was backing out of my driveway with my 2 little sons in the car. It rolled across the street and partially up the neighbor's driveway before coming to a stop in the middle of the street. Was very scary!

    With my previous truck, the Pathfinder, I took a 3 year lease and had no problems with it ever. With the Armada, I took a 4 year lease and probably should have extended the warranty. My lease is up on Feb 27th. I don't know if I am going to get another one. I really do love the truck except for the payments..........

    The boat would be my husband's dream. He just said last night to my 6 year old, that he wanted to get a boat next summer. He goes to all of the boat shows in Atlantic City, and then comes home and shows me all of the boats and prices. Pretty steep!!!
    Thank you and good luck with your new boat. I will let you know when Nissan makes a decision.
  • There is no reason for that brake pad to fall out. If the vehicle was in for service and the dealer thought the brakes were that bad they would not take that risk and allow you to leave without strongly encouraging you to let them fix it. At best they would have had you sign a waiver to protect them prior to you leaving.
    The Armada has had major front brake issues since 2004. If the Nissan rep is not trying to help and you have not caused any damage to the system other than Normal wear? Contact a lemon Law attorney for Breach of Warranty it does not cost you anything for a consultation. If you are found in the right the attorney fees are paid by Nissan.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The boat would be my husband's dream. He just said last night to my 6 year old, that he wanted to get a boat next summer. He goes to all of the boat shows in Atlantic City, and then comes home and shows me all of the boats and prices. Pretty steep!!!
    Thank you and good luck with your new boat. I will let you know when Nissan makes a decision.

    Perhaps he'd like to buy my boat? I tagged a log last sept and I may have to sell it since it's got a hole in it :( Only kidding about him buying it, it'l probably going to be totalled.

    I hit up all the boat shows too. I'm going to the NY Boat show in Dec/Jan.

    Last year we were supposed to go down and do an overnight to Atlantic City but never made it down. I spend most of my time boating on the Hudson/NY Harbor and Barneget Bay.

    If he ever wants a ride next summer, let me know, it sounds like you guys are in NJ which is were I spend most of my time.

  • I already filed a complaint and was assigned a specialist who I never heard from for 2 months. I was finally notified that she was gone and that my claim was being denied. I escalated that to a supervisor and they looked at the file with the District Parts Manager. I informed him that I still had the old rotors and he had me thake them to another dealership for an evaluation. They said the rotors were severely warped. I ended up having to re-fax them my receipt for the new brakes and last week he declined a reimbursement based on the fact that I had new brake pads put on with the brake job.

    I immediately called the consumer line in Tennessee and was assigned an executive specialist who says they are re-evaluating the file. She was down right nasty. She basically told me that no matter what, my warranty was up if only by 2 weeks. My gripe is the truck has such low mileage they could have given me the brake job.

    Yes, we do live in New Jersey. Blackwood to be specific which is about 45 minutes north of AC. My husband loves to gamble so we go down a few time a year.
  • :lemon: :lemon: As a prior owner of Armadas sistership the Infinity QX56 (a piece of crap in Infinity clothing), I HAVE ENDANGERED MY LIFE AND THOSE OF MY FAMILY & PASSENGERS ON NUMEROUS TIMES WHEN THE BRAKES FAILED FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS.

    Reason # 1: The truck is oversized for it's brake rotors & pads. They fail about every 4 or 6000 miles. The rotors must be replaced or "turned". This is something that should naturally occur in about 100,000 miles.

    Reason # 2: The ABS system fails without warning.

    Reason # 3: The Vehicle Skid Control takes over and starts steering the vehicle by activating the brakes (to steer the car). This can as has caused loss of control on busy streets.

  • I just saw your listing. I feel for you I own a 2005 Armada with the same problems. I wrote letters upon letters, complained about the brakes, the dealer could frankly give a crap about us owners. I finally contacted a lemon law attorney. Well it's been about 6 months and this month Nissan has agreed to buy it back. It's not a bed of roses, I am making out better than trading it in, but I am getting no where near what I should get with all the aggrivation and my time spent. It was either take the offer or go through a long court battle. If enough people file lemon law claims I may someday see some justice. Good luck Don't let people tell you that all manufactures go through this. This Armada / Infinity has had these undersized brakes since 2004. People will say it was traced back to a computer error. We'll thats great if that was the case than why has Nissan put out several tech bulletins (3) about the problem. Oh ya did I mention that for 2008 the made the rotors larger (hu-m) . If I seem bitter I am. I spent alot of money on my Armada that I will never see. I paid for a product I expect it to work safetly and properly. YOUR RIGHT THE ARMADA / INFINITY ARE LEMONS!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    And as a counterpoint. I tow a 10,000 lb High Performance Boat with my 04 through the mountains, and after the brakes were upgraded at 2k miles I've had 48k miles w/o issue. I've replaced the pads 1x at about 25k and will probably replace the pads again around 60k miles. Rotors generally last about 80k and usually get turned at about 60k miles.

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • Mike,

    I have an '04 with the same problems that everyone has mentioned. I read your post - what did the brake "upgrade" consist of for your vehicle? My truck is obviously out of warranty but I need to have something done to fix this problem. I really do not want to get rid of the truck, I love it otherwise!

  • I have a 04 ARMADA I have had several problems with brakes, the most recent problem is when the brake light comes on and the pedal goes half way to the floor and it makes awful noises, and you have about 25% braking ability. I have taken it two time for this the first time they "could not find any thing wrong with the brakes" the second tiem I called they told me I might need brake fluid, and so the second time I took my car to a different Nissan dealer they upgraded my abs software and charged me for this "UPGRADE" I purchased the " Gold " 75000. mile waranty and currently have 46000 mile on my car. I don't understand how a computer problem that makes my brakes not work is not covered under the Waranty. I am asking if the other owners of this :lemon: are your "upgrades to the computer system" covered and does any one have a recomindation for a lemon law attorney I love my car but feel unsafe when the brakes do not work!!
  • shopinfulshopinful Posts: 47
    I had this problem quite a few times. Took it in and they could never find problem. Contact BBB to file Lemon Law and Nissan had one more fix. They said there engineers found it was in the electrical. They finally fixed it a year ago and have had no problems since. You need to take it to the Dealer and tell them you want a rep to come out and look at your vehicle and want reimbursed for the charge for this was a call back. I would also write Nissan and complain and tell the you will file with the Lemon Law unless you are reimbursed and your Armada is personally look at by a company rep. I think that will get their attention!!
  • ofsincofsinc Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Armada with the same issue. The vehicle had the software upgrade (at no charge from dealership after some debate) and we still experienced the same, hazardous brake failure. The truck is at the dealership as I write this to get a brake booster replacement...cost after Nissan assistance is $250. Hope this helps.
  • lgarzorialgarzoria Posts: 1
    I am having the same scary issues with my 05 Armada. I paid for a TBS test at a local auto shop and they referred me to the dealership for reprogramming which is going to cost me more money. I have 52000 miles on vechicle and am encountering several problems with the car. Water in the headlight(have to replace entire light), back door hinge is broken, per TBS - CODE 1179(reprogramming brake system), and DVD system is broken. Very unhyappy with this vehicle and plan to follow through with all the advice provided in this forum. I cannot find Service Tech Bulletin, can anyone help??
  • wood3462wood3462 Posts: 8
    Hi, I feel your pain I owned a 2005 Armada. I had wrote several times on this site. I had made numerous complaints. Finally, I had enough. My vehicle had 42K when I had the dealer buy it back. Because of the high milage it was not covered under the basic Lemon Law. However, it was covered under the breach of Warrenty which is basicly the same thing. Nissan has had several TSB's to fix the problem. Nissan knows they have a problem with the early Armadas. If you are smart you will contact a Lemon law Attorney about your Armada. Any Lemon Law Attorney will be familiar with the brake issue. Good Luck!!!
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