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Ford Focus Wagon



  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Understand. My gripe with the Forester is mpgs too. Just wish they could wring a few more out, especially on the highway. Maybe a 5 speed auto would help? Been looking at Vibe, Focus wagon, Forester, Jetta and Passat wagons and the Maxx. Focus is looking at a major redesign as early as 06. New Jetta redesign in 06 and Passats still to come in 05 I think. Vibe is a little tight on driver leg room....but now has every safety feature as an option including head curtains and stabilitrak....can also get AWD. Analysis paralysis I guess. My other car is an Elantra GT hatch....still the best buy for the money IMHO.
  • I have squealing rear brakes on my car. It has rear drums, no ABS. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix? The dealer says Ford is aware of a dust retention problem but has no fix. Also, my guages went kaput last week and I'm told Ford is aware of this problem also. A new cluster has been ordered. I only have 5k miles on this car, like it except these problems. Has anyone found any good performance add-ons? Turn the AC on and this little scooter can't hardly get out of it's own way! Any info greatly appreciated.
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    I was wondering if any owners of the Focus wagons have ever tried towing with theirs? I know it can tow 1K pounds, and that's not alot, but just curious to see what you thought. Also, if you could please state the transmission (auto vs. 5 spd.) and what engine you have. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    Could anyone with information about the previous post be able to shine any light? How do any owners feel about the reliability of their Focus's compared to the Japanese brands? Is the new 2.0L engine strong when fully loaded? Is the tranny reliable? Thanks for all your input!!!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    The new 2.0 should be quite strong compared to the old one. Do not know about towing, but reliability is improving every year, and is now a little above average.
  • I'm new to this forum. Have a loaded 2003ZTW and love the car. Interior room is by far the best in a small wagon. Also had a 2000 SE wagon and traded it on the 2003 the day the warranty expired. Engineering has definitely improved. Only complaint is that both the SE and this ZTW needed front disc brakes and rotors at 16000 miles. Dust is a problem so replaced with Akobono ceramic. I am NOT a hard driver, but almost all city driving. Did anyone else replace the Firestone 205/55's with Goodyear 205/50 to avoid the rubbing of the splash guard interior wheel wells on the side of the tire on bumps or turns with a full load of five people?
  • I have owned my Focus Wagon for two weeks and my back is killing me. I have a ZTW 2005 wagon with no built in lumbar support. Did you ever resolve your back issue? I am contemplating trading it in but would welcome suggestions.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    There are aftermarket seats avilable. Also, the seats in the hatch are constructed different and some say are less prone to giving back problems. You may be able to get one from a recycler for reasonable and it should slide right on to the rails. Might be worth a try..
  • swordsswords Posts: 3
    can someone tell me what the slot is for on the drivers side of the emergency brake lever
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    hopefully, someone has had some time with their new Focus wagon with the "new" 2.0L engine and can shed some light. How does it perform with a load? Is it a good family hauler? I have a family of 4. Can it tow a small trailer on occasion? Any replies would be appreciated!
  • magneezomagneezo Posts: 15
    I had a similar problem in my 2003 SE Wagon
    The front seats are tricky-especially the drivers seat.
    I keep my seat 3 notches from the rear(leg-room adjustment), then use the seat crank(up/down),-three whole turns downward, and then set the 'seatback' until it's comfortable.
    If you work at it, you'll find putting the 'seatback' at a comfortable level easier if you take the time to play with its the same time ....adjusting the crank handle (up-down) until you feel the level just right for your back.
    I have a friend with back problems swear up and down that the passenger seat is one of the most comfortable car seats he's ever sat in. He drives a Ram Pickup.
  • magneezomagneezo Posts: 15
    I had to replace the front rotors on my 2003 SE Wagon at 22,000 miles. Ford took care of that under warranty. I had to pay for pads and labor.
    Car now has 35,000 miles on it, and the rear brakes have not needed to be serviced yet.
    The newer discs are definitely bigger, but the scarring issue remains the same. After 5,000 miles, the things started to get wear. Ford has an issue with these brakes. I also decided to go up a tire size on the 15 inch multispokes. We have Douglas Performance GT-H 205/60/15 tires on there now,(same size on my Taurus) and the ride is almost that of Crown Victoria stature.....well, as smooth as a Focus could get ....let's just say I don't feel the bumps in the road as much.
    The GT-H tires are quieter than the RSA, and besides...RSA's have NO MILEAGE WARRANTY (OUCH)!!
    These have 40,000 treadwear warranty at least.
  • magneezomagneezo Posts: 15
    Yes you should be able to convert that w/ no problem.
    You can get a Blaupunkt MP3/CD unit for the Focus on E-Bay for cheap.
    The trays and electical connections on your LX should be the same as any other Focus.
    Get the MP3!
  • magneezomagneezo Posts: 15
    I had a rattle too.
    Make sure your license plate is screwed down WITH ALL 4 BOLTS IN PLACE.
    If you only use the top 2, the bottom of the plate rattles uncontrollably and is a real bother.
    Also, the hatch door needs to be closed with a tad more effort. This seems to really allow the car to be as quiet as possible.
    Hopes this helped.
  • swordsswords Posts: 3
    does anyone know if i can remove the black dots above the read view mirrow so that the cups on my radar detector will stick
  • swordsswords Posts: 3
    i requested more info from the ford web site, on the last page there is a coupon for a extra $500 off on a new car, my dealer took off the 500 so i ended up 1000 off the sticker and 3500 in cash back. i could have done better with a different dealer but wanted this car.
  • So far the PZEV on our 05 Focus has been excellent, easy starting etc. It does have a weird flat spot that very narrow, that it can be ignored , I think it is at about 2000 - 2500 rpm this occurs only when you floor this car. The engine is very torquey for a 130hp 2 liter in california trim. If you are in the market for a 03-04 Focus wagon, even better, they are equipped with the 2.3 liter PZEV. As for the front end of the 05, it is suppose to be a copy of the European only Mondeo. I wish I owned a Focus wagon as the family wagon, but I need 6 passenger capacity, luckily its not all adults, so I don't need the biggest SUV.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    I almost bought an 04 SE wagon 2.3 with ABS last year for 12,995. What a deal, and now I'm double sorry I didn't get it, but it did have long starts which is what scared me.
    I am also Cal, so it was PZEV - actually I think all 04 2.3's were PZEV. . I'm reading at another site that there are some long cold start problems and even cold non-starts on the 05 5-sp MX PZEV and Ford acknowledges the problem and is working on a fix. I need to see this resolved before I step up to the plate. The flat spot you mentioned is pretty well known and not a big deal for me. I liked that 2.3 but I think the new 2.0 is not a bad choice, cuz I'm gaining 2 MPG and it does have the same updated heads so it is defintely a cut above the old 2.0 Zetec. Front end styling - I still don't like it but noticed it's not too bad with the ST grille which is all painted instead of chrome, so I can always get an ST grille.

    - Jaz
  • 2000 SE wagon 100,175 miles, heater/air blower motor only works on high. Normally the A/C light comes on whenever you have it in defrost. This light does not come on when blower is on, but does when turned on alone. No, the A/C doesn't actually come on, only the light. All other electrical seems to be okay. Out of work and out of warranty, any self-help would be appreciated. Otherwise a great car bought new. :confuse:
  • nickpsnickps Posts: 18
    Most likely it is just the motor or your blower or a fuse. Your airconditioing may also need a recharge.
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