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Ford Focus Wagon



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Just wondering what people are paying for their 2005 focus wagons.
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    Here in Charlotte NC there is a dealer that is offering 25% off of MSRP on all their in stock vehicles.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    25% beats any internet pricing I've seen. I have seen dealers get down to about that price on a few special promo cars so that's about as good as it gets.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I was looking for actual prices paid, not just percentages off MSRP. How much before tax??
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    Well if you price out a top of the line SES model with auto,ABS ,traction control,side air bags,destination charge= $20,645 -25% =$ 15,483. All you need to add is tax and tag fees.
  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    I totaled my beautiful ZX3 last weekend. I am not in a good financial position for a new car, but I am looking at some used ones. I loved my ZX3 so much, but I'm now married and contemplating a family SOON so I figure I need a bigger car, or at least configured a little differently. Thinking about the ZX5 (though I don't like the look of it as well as the coupe) just for the ease of back doors, but it's still quite small.

    Test drove a used focus wagon, (an '02) and didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. I missed the leather steering wheel and stuff from my car, and the automatic was a little sluggish (I usually drive a stick but again due to the kid thing I am thinking about switching to Auto)

    I also have some real fit&finish issues with the wagon. How do you all feel about that? I HATE that you have to pull the bottom cushion up and WEDGE it behind the front seats in order to fold the backs flat. And when I tried it, I saw that the rug for the back isn't finished off at all, but has a raw edge with the batting showing. What the heck? My 2000 ZX3 materials didn't wear too well either, the back rug in that one was a stiffened carpet that eventually sunk in, easily pulling away from the cheap sticky velcro patches that were supposed to hold it up.

    So, I'm still considering the wagon, but not loving it... anyone have any insights to offer me about loving theirs?

    I'm tempted by the Pontiac Vibe, which appears to be similar to my ZX3 but is a little bigger.... (it's a rebadged Toyota Matrix :confuse: ) -- those seats fold down FLAT without any big issue and I love it that it's hard plastic back there instead of cheap upholstery that catches all the dirt & dog hair.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    I am a real big advocate after getting my 04 ZTW. My enthusiasm (see a few posts back) has not diminished at all. THere are some stick shift wagons and you can find a few 2003 1/2 and 2004 with the 2.3 if you want an extra kick of power. If you want an auto I think it will be easy to find what you want. Also note that the warranty is fully transferable and the 03 and later warranty was improved and many are still in effect. SO I decided to narrow my search to 03 1/2 to 04. I don't like the 05 styling changes, but of course that is a personal decision.

    There is certainly nothing wrong with the 2.0 Zetec and it is pretty reliable. The general reliability of Foci improved every year. Probably avoid 2000 and 2001 and look for 2002 and later.

    There a few good search engines on the internet including the Ford Direct site for dealer used cars. Personally I did not care for the Matrix/Vibe. The 1.8 seems very "torque challenged" and the floor does fold easier but the Focus winds up with more cargo room.

  • What a great place to rant about how hideous my 01 Focus Wagon was!!!
    (Well, it was a love/hate relationship)
    First to answer your Vibe Question, I owned an 04 & it was AWESOME!! I just loved that thing! I just got divorced & I owned all the cars, I got the Vibe for my unappreciative husband, who only liked it after his friends kept telling him how cool it was. I wanted to keep the Vibe & sell my Focus :lemon: because frankly it was AWFUL mechanically. It had been in the shop for :
    3 times front suspension replacement, whole brake system failure at 18,000 miles (which I had to negotiate a refund through Ford Dispute Resolution board & they gave me a thousand bucks back but made my 6 year extended warranty untransferable if I sell. they told me that the brakes were too small for the size of the car. :confuse: The entire steering column had to be replaced, The condenser on the air conditioner was replaced, the electrical system shorted out & was replced, the rear suspension was replaced, the window mechanism broke on the drivers window & both rear windows, new motor mounts, The headliner fell down in the back & was repaired 3 times. & This was all before the Factory warranty went out! Since then I've spent $200 in deductables not to mention the rude people at their service department who make you feel like you're making things up & oh yeah, this one I just love, The entire car shakes at the stop lights. "Well thats NORMAL" I can't tell you how pissed I was. :mad: They wouldn't do the motor mounts again & chalked it up to "bad design of the mounts", "but thats normal for a Ford" GEEZ!!! I got rid of the heap w/ 41,000 miles on it & its already an old beater! What a colossal waste of money . I paid close to $20,000 & 3 years later I sell it for $6500! Needless to say I wanted to keep the Vibe, I bought it w/ 25,000 miles on it for $12,000 & in 10 months we never had to bring it by the dealer once! It was great, & It had a 5 star crash rating & boy did it deserve it! The day after we signed divorce papers, my ex was sitting in traffic , w/ my son in the back, NOT in a car seat ( boy did he get it for that!) & was rear ended & plowed into 3 cars by a guy in a Tahoe w/ one eye (I'm NOT joking) who then swerved into 2 other cars. My Vibe was totaled but my son was FINE! (& unfortunately so too was my ex) the insurance company gave me $16,000 for it & although I loved that car, it had too many memories & was a bit too small in the back w/ kid gear, so now I have my new Mitsu Lancer Sportback Ralliart & it is AWESOME!!!
    If you can find one I highly reccommend it! :shades:
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Like I said, avoid the 2000 and 2001's.

  • tww7364tww7364 Posts: 2
    Interesting to only find one posting regarding Focus rear window motors. The driver side motor for my 2002 had to be replaced last Dec. Now the passenger side one is broken. Although around 50K miles, rear windows use is very infrequent so it seems faulty parts vs wear and tear - like battery, brakes, tires which I've replaced since I bought. I am befuddled. Any others with similar rear window experience?
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    I'm considering an 05 Focus wagon.

    1) has qualtiy improved from earlier years?

    2) is the 2.0 a Mazda engine?

    3) are signficant changes planned for the 06 Focus?

    The only real down side I see to this little wagon from my intial observations is poor resale value.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    1. Yes the quality has improved steadily. I would recommend anything from 2002 on.

    2. Yes the 2005 2.0 is a Mazda-design which is called the Duratec. It is manufactured by Ford in the case of the Focus and Mazda manufactures the same engine for some Mazdas. The head design is more efficient then the older 2.0 Zetec. The Focus Duratec motors began in some mid 2003 Foci and was at that time a 2.3. The 2005 2.0 Duratec is essentially that same motor but destroked to 2.0 and without balance shafts which aren't as necessary with the shorter stroke. The 2.0 picks up a few mpg which isn't a bad trade off.

    3. My understanding is the US Focus doesn't change until 2007. The new generation Focus however is already out in Europe and the Mazda3 shares most of the mechanicals of the new generation Focus - So except for styling the Mazda3 is kind of the new Focus and the Mazda5 is kind of a big new-generation Focus wagon, but it has some poor specs compared to the US Focus wagons, like 22-27 mpg, tepid acceleration and less cargo room.

    The resale takes a pretty good hit the 1st year, but I don't know how that is calculated because Foci typically have $3,000 rebates at the end of the year. Anyway I decided to take advantage of the 1st year resale hi and bought a low-miles one year old wagon.

    I don't know where the rebates are now but I think they will hit 3,000 for sure if they are not already there.

  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    Thanks for the reply, Jaz.

    The rebates are at $2500 now, but there's slim picking of station wagons at my local dealerships.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    If you want to check inventory you can get on the Ford Direct site and once you figure how to play the system you can check all inventory for an area. It only does about a 20-30 mile radius per inquiry.

  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    How does the Focus wagon compare to it's competition (e.g. xB's, PT's, etc ...) in cargo capacity?

    Do the rear seats fold down flat?
  • gordon6gordon6 Posts: 1
    My daughter took her Focus Wagon through car wash, gas filler flap open, snapped it off. Only a plastic stub left. Anyone know how to remove and replace the door? There are two visible screws but they don't do much to get at the door. Thanks.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Focus wagon has 73.7 cu ft max cargo. PT cruiser is about 65 cu ft. Focus has even more max cargo then Mazda5, Mazda6 or Outback/Legacy wagon and Honda CR-V. We looked at a Focus wagon and an Outback wagon cargo bay side by side which convinced us the Focus was more useable for us. The rear seat bottom tumbles forward and the rear seat back folds down flat (well maybe it has a few degrees tilt but it is virtually flat). Some wagons fold flat without tumbling the bottom cushion forward but that effectively raises the whole floor and you wind up with compromised volume.

    The Focus cargo floor winds up with about 36" bottom to ceiling. The disadvantage as someone pointed out is that the tumbled-forward rear seat bottom wedges up behind the front seat and if you are tall you may have to move the front seats forward, then tumble the rear and then slide the fronts back again, but in any event you get a bigger cargo volume then even bigger wagons. For me, the hassle of sliding seats is less then the cost of getting a bigger car.

    If you really want to maximize volume you can remove the rear seat bottom (just 2 Torx bolts and 2 minutes) and leave it home. Ok, that is too much of a hassle for most folks, but you do have that option if you have a special requirement.

    The other reason it has so much volume for a small wagon is that the shocks are mounted diagonally under the floor. Typically the shock extends up and takes up wheel well space and narrows the cargo bay. Between the wheel wells the Focus wagon is wider then the Mazda5, Mazda6, Outback and many more I am sure, and that is one reason Focus winds up with the high volume number.

    I'd recommend going down Auto Row someday with a tape measure and check all the candidates out. That's basically what we did. We were surprised by what we saw.

  • dativerdativer Posts: 2
    I bought a used 2002 SW in 2003. I drive approx. 70 miles (112.65408km) /day 5 days/wk. I put new tires on when I bought the car. I just put new tires on again. The first set of tire I put on were horrible in the rain. The new set Republic are great. I use the PA Turnpike for about 10-12 miles each way. I travel about 65- 80 MPH, depending on how late I leave the house. I like the ride, the acceleration, except when the AC is on max, the gas mileage, 30 mpg, the seats, the radio, the light from the headlights, the way the nose drops off for more view of the road. I have had no trouble with brakes, other than a squeak when I let off the pedal, AC, window motors, anything except.

    The darn thing gets dirty. Both inside and out. No one seems to want to clean it.

    I did get two notices of a recall for the cargo latch. I just haven't gotten over to the dealer yet.

    My daughter bought a 2003 four door. It has the 2.3L engine. It has more pick up than my 2.0L Duratek. When I test drove a 2002 2.0L that wasn't a Duratek the pick up was not there. That is one of the reasons I bought the SW because all SWs have the Duratek in 2002.

    There is not enough head room for my 6'5" (1.9555968m) son. Even with the seat cranked all the way down. He leaves dirt on the headliner. Maybe, I can get him to wear one of those hats worn in food and drug manufacturing plants.

    Overall, I like it.

    We are out now looking to replace our Aerostar. We tried the Ford Five Hundred. We like it, too.
  • dativerdativer Posts: 2
    I made a mistake. I have the Zetek not the Duratek.

  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    After doing some research it seems that the current model (05) should have a fairly reliable drivetrain (Mazda design), but there still may be reliability issues with other components, e.g. ac, brakes, etc ...
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