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Ford Focus Wagon



  • Have 2001 SE Wagon which I bought new. Have only had a few problems with the car, most have been mentioned here already.
    The car has 32,300 miles on it. Have not made any mods to it. Looking forward to reading alll the info here.
  • I have the automatic. I averaged between 35 & 36 mpg on one tankful of mostly highway driving, which is quite good. City driving is around 25 to 26 for me because I live in an urban, congested area. The Mazda motor is great; quiet, smooth, refined, lots of get-up & go. And like all Focuses, fun to drive.
  • Thanks! I'm going to order mine today.
  • and I've had zero problems with it. I bought an extended warranty (Warranty Direct) so that about guarantees I won't have any problems with it! :P
  • Has anyone been able to get rear head restraints installed? Is this possible? I'm in no rush since the kids are still in car seats, but it would be a nice option in the future.
  • juppjupp Posts: 7
    I also have about 5000 miles now on my 2007 Focus Wagon. I was torn between the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and the Focus. I knew that this is the last year for the present Corolla and didnt want an obsolete car that fast. Plus side air bags were impossible to find in my area. The Honda was a good bit nicer than the Focus to me. But the dealer wouldnt budge very much, and lowballed me on my Sport Trac trade in. Plus the Honda, equally equipped was a couple of thou more than the Focus (give or take). I'm happy with the Fosus in SOME areas and unhappy in others.. Mileage, handling and acceleration are great for what the car is. I can carry as much stuff in my little wagon as I could in the big ole Sport Trac! BUT, I told my wife on DAY ONE that the first thing that would break on the Focus would be the chinsy little armrest and its already in pieces! And the biggy that I didnt notice during the test drive is that left cupholder starts gnawing into my right leg after driving more than an hour. After 2 hours I'm in real pain and must turn over the wheel to wifey. I can buy an extra 30 minutes by taking the rubber cup insert out at the beginning of the trip. I'm ready to take a sawzall to the darned thing! All in all, especially when I factor in resale value, I wish I'd sprung for the Civic. I might just dump the Focus by next summer and probably take a 6 or 7 thousand dollar bloodbath. Maybe the sawzall idea would be cheaper.
  • dan5678dan5678 Posts: 28
    Too bad Ford.
    Guess someone else will get my money when my Outback gasps its last breath.
    Focus was on my short list based on mpg and cargo space.
    Chasing away 8% of sales. Another bold move.
  • juppjupp Posts: 7
    I'd be more than happy to sell you mine!
  • Even though I complained about the lack of rear headrests and side curtain airbags, I got a 2007 Focus Wagon SES auto.
    It's only got 380 miles on it so far so gas mileage is unknown.
    I have driven only small 4cyl cars since 1987, mostly Volkswagens except a '95 Saturn SW2 and a '04 Corolla, and this Focus has a better ride/handling compromise than any of them. I am a longtime VW fan, having owned 6 of them, and our other car is a 2003 VW Jetta wagon made in Germany.
    The Focus has better steering, and VW has always had great FWD steering! The ride in the Jetta is slightly better, but it's much more cramped with seats that feel like twill fabric wrapped over granite.
    The Focus drives much better than the Corolla in almost every type of driving, although the Corolla never claimed to be sporty and it was queiter than the Focus on the highway.
    If Ford had brought the Gen. II Focus here 2 years ago they would be in a much better position. If I was the CEO at Ford right now, I'd say to management; "Find a way to bring the Euro Focus here in 6 months or look for another job"
    Americans won't drive small cars? When was the last time you were driving to work and didn't see a Civic??!!
  • Hello, fellow Focus owners. I just purchased a 2005 Focus SE wagon, still under the manufacturer warranty (at least for another year or so). The purchase was made after MUCH research and deliberation over a wagon vs an Escape Hybrid vs Toyota Matrix. Quite the range of options, I suppose, but we were looking for something with carrying capacity, good mileage, and that would be easy on the budget. It's a nice looking car, and has most of the features I would have expected to pay more for in other cars (telescopic steering wheel, steering wheel audio controls, tonneau cover, ABS). Look forward to joining the conversation more!
  • juppjupp Posts: 7
    Great, but keep in mind, the wagon board is pretty slow moving and will get slower as we are such a minority of Focus owners and they aint gonna make em anymore.
  • the chances are of getting Ford to change their mind about making them? The Focus wagon, I mean.
  • I recently did this.

    Can anyone tell me what parts I need to replace? It was a very low speed slide into the ditch and the snowbank had its way. Thanks.
  • This is a 2000 Focus by the way.
  • I guess the two tail gate arms have given out, has any one else had this problem if so what is the fix? Hard to take stuff in and out of the car, with the tailgate falling on my head. :sick:

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    these hydrulic struts do have a lifespan. They should be something you can fix your self if you get the parts.
  • Was cover by the extended warranty, dealer fixed it so no more tail gate falling on the head.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Not only has the wagon production stopped, the focus as we know it will completely stop production at the end of the 07 model year this summer. THe 2008 Focus is a sedan-only redesign bread & butter car. No hatch, no wagon, no 2.3. INterestingly you can buy the real new generation Focus in Mexico.

  • lenwicklenwick Posts: 23
    My 2006 Focus wagon uses about 1 guart per 1000 miles.Is this normal
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    I would have that looked at while still under warrenty. You are about at the threshold where the dealer will do something about it.

    Normal is more like a quart every 5,000 miles or more.

    I change every 5,000 miles (on a Sienna) and can't tell that any oil has been consumed between changes.
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