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Subaru Legacy/Outback



  • 20llbean20llbean Posts: 83
    I been away from the site for sometime so it's catch-up with everyone. Heather, I am sorry to see that you have some regrets concerning the LLBean. I have owned my Bean (timberline green) for almost a year now with 14K miles on it. I don't regret ever purchasing the car and believe me my car search took about 7 months of active search to go from SUV or wagon, Passat or Volvo or Outback finally to the Outback. It wasn't a financial decision on the Bean, I can afford any of three mentioned even loaded, but it can down to a total package that sided with the Bean. The total package being the reliability of the car, the price, the extra value in the luxury package, the dealership, on an on. My only problem resides with the tires, I have had the car to the dealer three times since I brought to rebalance the tires as they create too much highway speed shimmy in the steering wheel. My wife gets the car during the week and I have it on the weekend to haul my kids to their various weekend activities including lacrosse and hockey and all the gear that goes with the two sports, especially hockey. It is not a quick accelerating car but I DID NOT BUY for being a quick car, my V6 Accord provides that for me. It is our family car meant for long trips and hauling gear and being comfortably along the way. And at 3700+ lbs, it wasn't meant to a rocket from zero. I have had the car upto 105 MPH and it rides exceptionally well. It is not a granny mobile, maybe the I-club thinks it is but there is no way that the I-car can hold my hockey gear and son's gear that we need to carry around. That's not even mentioning the golf clubs. At this period of your life (with all the responsibilities you have) you have made a wise choice. I plan to keep this car for at least 10 years, trends don't really impact me. Good luck!
  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    Heather - I agree with Rich. I find my OB, auto fun to drive, however, I do wish it was a 5 spd. Even so, I would not trade it. As for i-club, a bunch of 20 year olds have no idea what they are talking about - they are still trying to figure out who they are.

    Rich - you play hockey? Me too! Got our butt kicked Saturday night (lost some players to golf for the spring). Anyway, I find my hockey bag fits perfectly in the back and with a low entry level it helps with a tired back after the game, late at night.

  • 20llbean20llbean Posts: 83
    Yeah, I try to play! Actually I started to play Inline hockey more as their is a proliferation of inline rinks that are enclosed (not exposed to the elements) and the skating times are much more conducive to my daily life. I play in the 'old dogs' league (bunch of guys over 35) but still go out for the open ice hockey games a couple of times a month with the young bucks. Also, I coach 10 to 14 year old's on the weekend. I played ice last saturday and got hit in the back of the leg, still hurts. I will tell you that the seat warmers on LLbean are fantastic after a night of skating. Just what is needed to keep the lower back loose.
  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    Love those heated seats. Especially after my seat sees a lot of ice. ;)

  • heatherbeanheatherbean Posts: 82
    Well I talked to hubby. He got very upset to say the least. We've been through too many cars and too much $$$ lost over the last 7 years.

    Anyway, once he calmed down- 2 days later- We drove my 2002 OBS on Mother's Day. I loved it and so did he! I did not expect him to love it. He said, "It is butt ugly, but it has a lot more road feel and a fun factor that the Outbacks could never have." He will let me trade-in his 2001 Outback for it. It will be the same payments except 6 months longer. We'd loose the extra trunk space, the better brakes, the limited slip differential. But I'd feel happier and gain the fun factor back. I am an Impreza person through and through. We'd still have the Bean for long road trips in luxury and style. I was regretting the $$$ more then anything. The Bean added $20,000 and 4 years to my OBS loan! But I do LOVE it! Only hope she does not bankrupt us in the process. I don't work and hubby is in construction- a very volitile profession to say the least! Also, the tire place said I could take back my old tires and exchange the new ones for new OBS tires for FREE! That is so nice of them- please shop there! So it's up to me, but it would cost more then the 2001 Outback and it does not depreciate as well either. This would be my 4th Impreza! The Bean is our 4th Legacy. Needless to say we've been through a lot of cars over the last several years! We had reasons for them all, but this one is purely emotional on my part. The 2001 Outback is perfect (except for sqeaky brakes and a speaker is out)and has only 5,900 miles on it!
    My birthday is next week. We will see how it turns out. Either hubby will mellow out and let me do it, or say NO MORE CARS for good! He'd have to give up his Outback that is manual and drive the Bean. He prefers manuals more then I do too, so it would be a big sacrafice on his part. I will let him drive my OBS though once in a while! She's a keeper if I get this one and so is Green bean!

    Thanks for your concern and replies during this confusing time!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It's your call, but what price can you put on happiness?

    He likes manuals too, so my unsolicited opinion is that he shouldn't have pushed you into an automatic. Letting him drive that car just seems appropriate.

    As far as the looks go, who cares, it'll be yours anyway. I find them endearing, spunky. They stand out from the crowd.

    Good luck.

  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    Somewhat good news. You should be happy with what you drive. Your saga reads like a soap opera though - "The Impreza and it's Legacy" starring Heather Outback and Hubby Green Bean. :-)
    Personally I like the way the OBS looks and after studying the RS vs. WRX vs. OBS and what you get in each, I can easily see why someone would choose the OBS (although I can see why anyone would choose any Subaru).

    Really nice of to do that for you. I will have to keep that in mind. We are ripping through tires this year and maybe my OB will get a new set for next winter. Then it is guaranteed not to snow.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    LOL Greg!

  • viktoria_rviktoria_r Posts: 103
    I envy you! I wish I could have LL Bean! Seriously, since you have an infant, so I think it's always better to have at least one hand free (as you do with automatic!) IMHO automatics are a lot more user-friendly for everyday driving.

    Feeling better already? :)))
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'll trade you for my Miata (5 speed) for a day. You in the DC area?

    It's fun, but also cramped, loud, harsh, windy, etc. Get back in the Bean and it will seem like a limo.

  • heatherbeanheatherbean Posts: 82
    I actually know what I want! After a week my decision remains the same- 2002 OBS. I had my 1999 OBS for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. Here's the real story as to why I traded her in...

    My husband, has the 2001 manual Outback. It has the clutch studder and the brakes squeal and the dealer says nothing is wrong. Anyway, for a month now he was talking about an automatic but did not explain why. He wanted a truck. I knew we could not afford 3 car payments. We tried to fit a baby seat in the back of a Nissan CrewCab truck, but it would not fit at all with anyone in the front seats. No way! Then he mentioned the L.L. Bean. It was our 11th wedding anniversary and Chico did not have one, so we took a drive to Redding in the OBS. He was so crammed in the back seat and the wind noise was so loud we could not even speak to one another. They had the Timberline Greeb Bean there and we both fell head over heals. We bought it 2 days later by trading in my car. I was being rational- bigger, smoother, nicer, safer, etc.
    I did not think I was so attached to my Little Sister OBS.

    One week later- Heartache over OBS. Still there 6 weeks later. Rational does not follow the heart! I am not a drone nor am I a vulcan. Although I LOVE Star trek! We drove new OBS and love it even better! And it's much safer and quieter then the old one. It has more rear leg room but less cargo room it seems like. The stroller fits fine and that's all I need for now. My Specialized 2000 Enduro Sport in silver will look great on it and I can actually reach my bike now! I am 5'11" and still can not reach my bike on top of the Outback's with the Yakima cross bars. Too tall!

    We do not like the look of 2 Outbacks in the garage. Looks like 2 of the same cars. I miss the fun factor of the OBS and how easy it is to see out of and manuever. It will cost the same per month but he'd have to give up his Outback.
    I don't want him upset and I don't want to be unhappy either. By this wekend we should know for sure what to do. OBS OBS OBS OBS! If you all chant that maybe it will happen for me!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    In another thread you mentioned WRX wagon, too. Those are fun rides.

    One key thing: make sure whatever you choose becomes YOUR car, and he gets the LL Bean. As a matter of fact, if he falls too heavily for the WRX, you may still end up with the Bean, and not be happy.

    If that's the case, pick the OBS so he knows it's yours.

  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    buy 2 WRXs.
  • cynthiagcynthiag Posts: 63
    Hope you get what you want, Heather!

    I'm a big believer in that, myself, a car is a BIG THING. And we spend a lot of time in them. Why spend that kind of money only to be unhappy? That's why I'm picky about stuff like exterior and interior colors, and how a car feels to me, because I know that I will want to like it for a long time and feel good about it.

    Of course, I am somewhat different in my tastes, and often must look at the trunk of a car before anything else. My fun-factor having to do with how much stuff I can haul. ;^)

    So go for that OBS!

  • oclvframeoclvframe Posts: 121
    My last two weeks have been awful. Tursday two weeks ago, I parked in front of a very nice golf course near Buckhead accross the street from $400K bungalos to go for an afternoon club ride. After the ride, I had already loaded my road bike into the back of my Bean when a buddy of mine (parked just in front of me) says 'hey someone broke into my car and stole my bag!' I looked over at mine and sure enough...theyd gotten me as well. The jammed something between the b-pillar and the window to force it open..this shattered the glass, tore the rubber gasket, damaged the metal spine under the rubber, the trim on the inside was torn and the door surround trim was scratched. Of course, my gym bag with all my belongings was gone as well.

    The good news is: after two weeks, I now have my car back all fixed. It took so long because of insurance needing to look at it again and waiting on parts. It also took a while because some service work was also performed. The service work consisted of turning all four rotors on the car and re-aligning the car. Last week, I met with the local district rep to let him feel how my brakes would progressively vibrate worse as they heated up, and how the car would pull ever so slightly to one side.

    The brakes have been a sore spot for me...supposedly, another Subaru dealer here in town put new rotors and pads on at 16k miles because of warped rotors, but here I am at 27K and they were doing it again, but worse. The local rep felt that it would be best to turn the rotors on the vehicle and make up for any anomolies in ths hub...I just hope 10K mi from now I am not back at square 1.

    The alignment was kinda weird...although the car was within spec, each setting was somewhere near one extreme or another of the limits. The rep felt it would be best if the alignment was re-done, but this time trying to make all measurements as close to spec as possible.

    Bottom line is, for now the car looks and drives like new (or better since its broken in!) rental car for the last couple of weeks was a Focus...not a bad car but it sure makes me appreciate my Bean!

    Also, I recommend Classic Cadillac/Subaru in Sandy Springs to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable dealer here in Atlanta. Far supperior to those jokers in Alpharetta!

  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    From post 5497:

    "The alignment was kinda weird...although the car was within spec, each setting was somewhere near one extreme or another of the limits. The rep felt it would be best if the alignment was re-done, but this time trying to make all measurements as close to spec as possible."

    We need more like this rep. If a spec. is 2 degrees, plus/minus 0.5 degrees, it's absurd to think that 2.5 degrees is OK, but 2.51 degrees is bad.

    Often, spec. tolerances are based more on manufacturing/assembly capability, and less on vehicle performance. We should not accept a dealer's statement that "it's in spec." We need to ask where the measurement falls in the spec. range. If it's near one of the limits, push for an adjustment.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    No offense but unless you are willing to pay to have them change the alignment or what not, if it is in spec then there is no reason why they shouldn't leave it alone. Unless of course you'd like to pay $50K for your car initially cause then they just don't need to charge you for on the cuff adjustments outside spec. Why do you think they have specs and tolerances, for the heck of it? Do YOU know better than the engineers who wrote the spec?

  • otis123otis123 Posts: 426
    My 2001 Bean also has a brake problem. I had the front rotors resurfaced at 10K, now at 22.5K I have the same grind/pulse feel when braking. I'm bringing it in next week. I'll post the results...
  • jcy02objcy02ob Posts: 16
    Hi-1st time poster and the owner of a new '02 OB. I've noticed something and it has me a bit concerned and would appreciate any input or experience. I've noticed a whistling/whining noise at speeds above 60. It doesn't seem drivetrain related as it doesn't get louder or softer with gas pedal variations. Also, I took off the roofrack crossbars to see if this had any affect but the noise was still there. The car has about 200 miles on it and the noise was present from the beginning. Please respond if this sounds familiar to anyone.
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