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Subaru Legacy/Outback



  • wholidaywholiday Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm new to this board and thinking about buying new vdc limited wagon today.
    I know I'm probably late to get info, but this forum seemed active...
    Have people been happy with this car.
    Is paying invoice a good deal (plus the $500 cash back incentive if they give it to me)
    I'm on the fence between this new and an used Audi Allroad with low, low miles.

    I'm favoring the subie right now based on lower maintenance costs, better milage, great sunroof, practicallity.
    Road noise and less sporty and less leg room are the negative for the subaru.
    Any other thoughts or assistance you can add would be greatly appreciated...
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    I'd go with the Subie VDC for several reasons:

    • It's an all-new vehicle with a complete warranty, plus it's always nice to have a "new" car rather than a used car.

    • I think over the long haul, the Subie will be less expensive to own, especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

    • I think the interior ergonomics with any Japanese car is better than the ergonomics of European cars. I just like the way switches and gauges are, especially the secondary items. The Japanese, by and large just think things out better, IMO.

    • I think either one will offer a rewarding driving experience.

    • I think the Audi is better looking, but that the Subie is still good looking.

  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Subarus don't do great on initial quality , but by 2-3 years they hold up very well to the other brands who slip and start to have major mechanical problems as opposed to little cosmetic things on the initial quality surveys.

    Well, lucky JD Power doesn't have a checkbox for head gaskets.....
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm sure they do, actually. Those are most definitely factored in.

    HG were an issue mostly from 99-01, and Subaru covers them with an 8/100 warranty anyway.

    Not to mention the head gasket issue *NEVER* affected the EZ30, only the EJ25, a completely unrelated engine.

    I don't see how that should affect anyone shopping for a VDC in any way. The H6 engine has been near bullet proof. If anything, the fact that even the common problems you point out did *not* affect the VDC is perhaps the strongest endorsement possible to buy the VDC.

    Other common issues:

    Wheel bearings on '98-'01 Forester and Impreza (Leg/OB not affected)
    Clutch chatter pre '03 (N/A for automatics)
    '02 WRX manual tranny gears

    None affect the VDC.

    Now, shall we list the things that affect Audis? Sludge, ignition coils, electrical gremlines. We don't have enough time for that. :lemon:


  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    I had the dubious privilege of doing a JDP for my 02 WRX, pretty sure the initial quality one did not ask questions as specific as headgaskets though there was quite a lot of detailed questions about various pieces of trim.(I was stumped as to whether the 3 scratch marks all in the same place was 1 or 3 defects!)
    the 3 year survey had more details on engine drivetrain etc but I don't specifically recall headgaskets per se.In fact it wasn't that much more detailed than a consumers report survey.
  • ebony5ebony5 Posts: 142
    Well, back from the service dept, I told them about the play in the steering wheel and I had to replace the inner tie rod end on the passanger side,( I could feel play when gently swiveling the tire when the car was on the lift on the passanger side wheel). This of course made it necessary to have the wheels realigned. They have a Hunter alignment machine in the shop & I was given a printout of the before and after specs.Secified Range-Camber,Caster,Toe, angle etc. For what's it's worth, while talking to the Subaru mechanic I mentioned the infamous "Head Gasket" situation and he mentioned that only Subaru Coolant should be used that other brands could cause damage. I mentioned this to the Service Rep. and he said Subaru had sent out a service advisory to that affect. I also the changed the oil, fuel filter, air filter, air control valve and rotated the tires. Those Subaru Bucks sure come in handy.
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    So I talked to my dealer again and he said that they went to some subaru meeting and he claimed no cloth interior option for the 2006 Legacy GT anybody else heard this, or have an opinion or know for a fact about the interior options for next years Legacy GT? I am not as concerned about the leather but I don't want a sunroof (tall need the headroom?).. I would LIKE cloth just because I feel like I stick to the cloth better then the leather and Leather just costs more!

    thanks again for input!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We were hearing the same thing. But I'm not sure if it was just on the Outback, or also on the Legacy GT.

    Basically we expect the turbos to come only with the Limited package. In a reversal, the H6 will offer a cloth option on the Outback.

  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    Now why would they do that? first off they make the car more expensive? they (if the limited package still forces a sunroof) make the car too small for taller people, and there are tall people here!.

    on top of all of this the new Tribeca which has about a 30K starting price is going to be offered with cloth?? or is their a smaller engine also?

    BUT at the same time I am not a car economist either!

    so how sure are you guys about it no cloth carrying over both outback and legacy? I understand now that the Legacy and the Outback are completely different cars now right?

    how much carry over does subaru usually do with new model year stats out and old model year still being produced?

    anybody know how long until concrete stats are out?

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    anybody know how long until concrete stats are out?

    Should really be anytime soon. Subaru apparently has already started production of the 2006 models so somewhere, somplace are the concrete stats. Unfortunately, most dealers often have to be informed by enthusiasts on this forum as well as other owners groups.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Keep something in mind - they will shuffle the option packages to get people that would not buy a 2005 to buy a 2006. In 2007 they'll probably come up with yet another package strategy to woo a yet another customer.

    This year they're selling to the tall folks that wants the H6 with cloth.

  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 795
    they (if the limited package still forces a sunroof) make the car too small for taller people, and there are tall people here!.

    I am 6-0, and find that there is more headroom in the 05 Legacy GT Sedan, than my 99 Legacy GT sedan. Rob M.
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    Ateixera? they are putting an H6 in the Legacy Sedan next year? so why does subaru only want to appeal to a few types of people at a time.. wouldn't it make sense to appeal to as many as possible at a time? or am I misunderstanding what your saying?

    rob_m. I am 6-3 and I have JUST enough room in a legacy with the limited package. (but plenty without the sunroof) but I am guessing in the mornings and the nice cold winters with more clothes on I am going to be a bit cramped... However, before the redesign it didn't matter what the Legacy was equipped with I wasn't fitting!

    Please let me know if you hear anything.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I had the dubious privilege of doing a JDP for my 02 WRX, pretty sure the initial quality one did not ask questions as specific as headgaskets though there was quite a lot of detailed questions about various pieces of trim.(I was stumped as to whether the 3 scratch marks all in the same place was 1 or 3 defects!)
    the 3 year survey had more details on engine drivetrain etc but I don't specifically recall headgaskets per se.In fact it wasn't that much more detailed than a consumers report survey.

    NP. My post was really tongue-in-cheek. The Cheerleaders point out that not as many of the newer Subarus have had head gasket problems. Of course, they also don't have as many miles on them.

    It's a durable engine that has to work hard in this application. I kept my '97, despite having to replace the headgaskets, a wheel bearing, and an axle, all of which were expected because of others posting on Subaru forums.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,392

    Out of curiosity, at what mileage did you need to replace the axle? I had to replace both of my fronts - one at 112K and the other at.... well, I replaced it at 144K, but it really went out at 135K and I stubbornly pushed it until I was able to do the engine work simultaneously.

    Anyway, I thought the first one went out pretty early, but this is also the first car I have had that has CV joints.

    Is this something that other owners have found as well, or is it more likely that my extreme climate (dry, cold) took its toll on the boots?

  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    The axles seem to go in the range of 125-150K miles. The automatic transmissions hold up well also. There are some advantages to having less power.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru is a small company and can't do every possible variation like, say, Toyota can.

    But even Toyota doesn't offer a manual tranny with a V6, for instance.

    You can't win. ;)

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,392
    Unless you get a Tacoma.... wait. About what were we talking again?! :D

    I saw that the Subaru website finally has the Tribeca listed in the model lineup, but it looks like all the other models still have 2005 specs. I'd like to see the '06 (or maybe for '07?!) Legacy lineup have the mahogany red exterior - maybe even with a two tone (my preference, though obviously not real popular since they seem to be going away from it). Other than the atlantic blue, and that one is marginal, I can describe the '05 exterior color options on the Legacies in one word: boring.
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    I hear you! I don't know why they are taking away options..

    I am just going to wait till the 06 specs come out..I should have a couple weeks to make my decision on 05 or 06 when I know 06 specs..

    If they get rid of cloth fine but I need to be able to not have a sunroof, that is the major concern.

    good thing is that 05s seem like they are pretty sturdy and rattle free, so that is all a plus!
  • derf4derf4 Posts: 1
    I spoke with a Subie sales manager today and she was in the middle of her first 2006 Legacy order. For 06, at this time, there won't be a 6 spd manual tranny (she call her Subie rep and he confirmed this). The factory options are also unchanged and the exterior color aren't changing either. She did tell me that Subaru is making a special run of 500 Sedans. Platinum silver exterior and Burgundy interior no other changes, once again this was confirmed by her rep. She didn't have full spec so some of these things might change.

  • masteryodamasteryoda Posts: 41
    Hey everybody, I'm just about ready to do the 90K service for my 98GT wagon and I was wondering if anybody had this service performed in the denver metro area and how much did they pay for it. Also, is there a list of things that need to be done for this service so that I know I'm not getting charged for something I don't need?

    THanks a lot.
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  • mikenkmikenk Posts: 281
    I have a 2001 VDC wagon with 35k miles and need to replace the OEM tires.

    I prefer to buy tires at either Costco or Discount tires. Based on initial research on tirerack, the following seem reasonable choices and in similar price ballpark. Any experiences or comments on them? or other suggestions?

    In increasing price:
    Kumho 716 Ecsta HP4
    Yokohama Avid V4S
    Goodrich Traction T/A
    Bridgestone Turanza LS-H

    The Goodyear Tripletred appears also to be excellent but is quite a bit higher cost.

    Thanks for any thoughts,
  • kat95kat95 Posts: 49
    Do you have the 225/60/16 or 225/55/17? Is price a factor? I have purchased my tires from my local Walmart Supercenter or you can purchase tires @ I have purchased the Douglas Performance GT-H (Goodyear makes them) for $71.86 per tire, they are a 40,000 mile tire, wear evenly, stick to the road in downpours. I love them so much that when I recently purchased my 05 Legacy sedan, I replaced the OEM Bridgstone Potenza due to bad reviews from tirerack with new Douglas tires. I had my first set and experience with an Impreza, I did not use winter tires and got around just fine in VT winters. Though I do feel winter tires are superior than all-season if you really need them. Unfortunatly, I can't comment on the tires you are currently looking at. Just my 2cents

  • reblack_jrreblack_jr Posts: 57
    There is a black plastic shield below engine that is cracked. Should I be worried about it might brake off?
  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    Remove the whole thing.
    No more worries :)

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Those 500 special edition sedans will be Legacy Spec B. You can find photos and a little more info over in the Future Models II forum starting at post #16803 here:

    kens, "Subaru Crew - Future Models II" #16789, 11 Jun 2005 5:08 pm
  • kevin13kevin13 Posts: 12
    Hi all. About to purchase a Legacy GT Premium 5 speed. I've heard about air conditioning problems, i.e. the air starts blowing hot when the target temperature is reached instead of blowing temperate air before the a/c needs to cycle on again. Are folks having that problem?
  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 795
    replied in 2005+ Legacy thread. Rob M.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    I have the T on my wife's minivan for a year and have the V on my Legacy since I took off the winter tires in April ( I plan eventually to have it as a spare set on my WRX which is why I didn't get the H for the Legacy). They are excellent tires. My dad has had the H on an Avalon for almost 2 years in FL and loves them. I got those for him back then after reading the Tirerack reviews. Got my Vs at Costco when they had a 100$ off sale then.
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