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Subaru Legacy/Outback



  • I have looked around for quite some time trying to find a roof rack for my 1999 Subaru Legacy SUS. While I have found racks on Yakima and Thule at really high prices, I would really like to find a genuine subaru rack for my car.

    It seems that all the subaru part houses online don't carry any 1999 sedan roof racks.

    Have any of you ever ran across any roof racks online for my particular car? I would love to get out cheaper than 350 for my rack.

    Thanks ~ Jason
  • Regarding: The Passat had one of the BEST crash test ratings of the time. It was one of the safest cars on the road in 2001 and one of the few to come with 6 airbags STANDARD. But like was mentioned... horrible reliability and dealer service. I traded in mine for a 2006 Legacy 2.5i SE Wagon and couldn't be happier. No more european cars for me thanks.

    The Passat is "one of the best." The Legacy is "THE best."
    Check out this link for midsized cars:
  • If you notice I said "in 2001." The Passat had better crash test scores than the Legacy did in 2001. The Legacy was not "THE best" in 2001, it is one of the top 2 NOW... pretty impressive for a car that costs under 25k.
  • jcd148jcd148 Posts: 4

    Just picked up a basic 2.5 Outback wagon today. Was wondering if anyone knew the details on the "pre-wired" satellite radio. From what I understand, it is wired, but missing the receiver. The radio has options for CD, FM/AM, Aux, and Satellite. I was wondering if I could use the pre wiring for a sirius receiver I already have. Thanks.
  • We own a 2001 Subaru Outback 2.5L with 35K miles. Recently we started experiencing surges, first in acceleration, than whenever we used things like the A/C, power windows, etc. Finally the car just wouldn't start after being driven for 20 minutes in heavy traffic. Our mechanic started with the alternator, rebuilt that, a week later dead again. Next, a new alternator and 3 weeks later dead again after driving in heavy traffic. The mechanic put in another new battery explaining that the last episode left the old new battery weak. However, we have had the car back for one day and are already noticing the lights dim when we use the power windows, A/C, etc. Any ideas? One alternator and 2 batteries down we are getting a little desperate. I am not a mechanic, but clearly something isn't working properly if the car is running on battery power when the engine is running....
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Whew, yes, that is certainly a clue! Ouch. Sounds like the manifestation is an alternator problem, but if you are going through them so fast, then perhaps there is some sort of short or voltage irregularity on the alternator's feedback loop that is causing it to go out? If you just put in a new alternator and battery, then perhaps just return the alternator as defective and try another "new" one once more to see how it goes before digging into it much further. A schematic of the alternator wiring might help an electrician diagnose the issue if the replacement alternator also suffers failure.
  • jjdatjjdat Posts: 3
    I have an led just above the vent on the right side of the
    dashboard. This led has never lit up and I can't find any
    mention of it in the owner's manual. After owning the car
    for a couple of weeks I called the salesman and he did not
    know what it was either. Anyone have any ideas what this is
  • mrk610mrk610 Posts: 378
    Can yo take a pic and post . Is it on the pass side of dash or the right side of the driver side by the vents .
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Often times those are security system "dummy" lights. Lit means the car is "armed" to keep "dummies" away. Not sure if that is what your has, but I see quite a few newer Fords with them.
  • jjdatjjdat Posts: 3
    My mistake, the led is on left(drivers)side. I will try to
    post a pic.
  • Do you have the Outback with automatic A/C controls? If so, this 'LED' is not a LED at all. It is the sun sensor which is designed to regulate the temperature of the auto A/C control. Go thru' the posts on the 'other' Subaru forum.....
  • Right, I have to sell my soul to the devil and my maybe-to-be-born-someday kids into slavery. I took my darling 99 Sube to the dealer cuz I knew it was an oil leak.

    And oh, it was sooo much more than that. Battery cables nibbled away, gasket valve leaking ALL OVER the place, oil pump and filter shot, tranny filter not looking too hot. I'll pay $2400 (on a teacher's salary, no less) to fix this.

    Am I getting screwed by the dealership? Has anyone else had these kind of problems? I still have a year left to pay off the car...would it be worth just chucking the car when it's paid off and getting a new one? I love my 99 but it's literally going to send me to the poor house.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Er, uh, what?! If they told you what you just recounted to us, then you better be careful or those "maybe-to-be-born-someday kids" could come sooner than you think! :surprise: :P

    Okay, so where to start:

    First, battery cables. Nibbled away? Mouse problem? Oh, wait, hahaha... no, CHIPMUNKS!!! (Hahahahha, juice!) So, perhaps you need to replace them. Big deal, maybe what, $60 for both stock or aftermarket cables and 15 minutes to install? Not a dealer item. You could do this yourself without even batting an eye. Really. You pull the cables off the battery, disconnect them from their tether points (each has one), connect the new ones to the tether points and tighten well, then clean your battery terminals and connect them to the battery. Viola! Not even a sweat broken.

    Next, valve cover gasket leak. Yes, this is a problem area. A quick fix again - if you were charged more than $200 in labor it would be a travesty (I cannot imagine it being more than perhaps a 2-3 hour job), but have them both replaced at the same time to prevent duplication of effort a short while down the road. THIS is probably the oil leak you noted and which prompted you to take the car into a dealership.

    Oil filter shot? Um... who cares? This is a normal replacement item that should be changed every 3-4000 miles along with the oil. Get an oil change and call it good - $40 tops.

    Oil pump shot? Really? How did they determine that? The fact that your engine still runs should mean the oil pump is working fine. I am not sure of your car's mileage, but if you have not changed the timing belt yet and are at, over, or near 100,000 miles, then get the timing belt replaced and have the oil filter inspected at the same time. The t-belt job should not be in excess of $500. Actually, that is a good time to take care of the gasket leak as well as it eliminates duplication of labor efforts.

    Transmission filter - okay, so I think the '99 did have an exterior filter on the transmission. What should that take? 10 minutes to replace? Again, depending on mileage, if you have not had your transmission fluid drained and/or flushed yet, then probably time to do it and you can replace the exterior filter at the same time. MAYBE a $150 job.

    Okay, so we tally.... have we hit $1000 yet? No way.....

    The verdict is that screws hold better than nails. Find yourself a different shop and tell THEM what you want done. Take a look at the maintenance schedule for your car, figure out what you have done and have not done, then get the "to-do" items done and address your problem areas at the same time.

    Good luck to you..... my choice would be to look to a few years of "free and clear" ownership before plunging back into car payments. ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yes, it happens. I'm not sure if they baste the wires in au-jus or something before they ship the cars out, but I caught this chipmunk nibbling on my spark plug wires:
  • does anyone have any experience with the latest GT model with Si Drive,especially with respect to actual gas mileage using the three settings,intelligent,sport,sport extra. does stabileity control make a noticeable difference.
  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    Don't have the 2007 Legacy GT, but just got the 2007 Outback 2.5 XT Limited with the Si drive.

    Remember this is a 5sp auto. With 2,200 miles on the car the mileage is averaging between 20.5 - 21.5 MPG. Premium 93 Octane is used full time. The vehicle also has TCS and VDC as does the 2007 Legacy GT. We traded a 2005 Legacy GT Limited 5sp auto for this 07.

    First and foremost the car is very tight. And you want to talk about fast - when you put it in S# it goes realllly good. It appears to operate "normally" in S and it seems underpowered in the I position. RPMs don't seem to change between S and I.

    I'm sure the 2007 Legacy GT Limited is going to perform as well - if not possibly even better. The car feels tighter than the 05 we traded in, which by the way had 50,000+ problem free miles and the mileage was averaging between 22 - 23 MPG (averaged 26+ MPG on a 2,000+ mile trip). I firmly believe the tighter feeling is due to the TCS and VDC.

    I believe this 07 will get better mileage once it has an oil change to synthetic oil at 3,000 miles. All changes after that will also be synthetic oil (Did same in 05).

    Why did we get the Outback rather than a Legacy? - the dealer did not have any 07 Legacy GT in stock when we purchased the Outback and this XT was the only one the dealer had.

    The Legacy GT will also have a Spec.B version, however that will have the 6sp manual (which should be very sweet).

    We haven't taken a long trip 1,000+ miles, but I think that is where the I in the Si drive should give some better mileage.

    Bottomline you can't go wrong with either the Legacy GT or this Outback XT. If gas goes back up you can use half premium 93 and half mid grade 89 i.e - 91 - if you have it in your area. Some areas of the country seem to treat 91 Octane as premium.

    Personally I don't think you can go wrong with either model. Hope this helps.
  • Is it at all possible to get a 2007 Legacy (sedan or wagon) on the low end of the price scale without the Special Edition's sunroof? I took a test drive, and while driving, headroom was ok, though ratcheting up the seating position would have posed problems. When stretching or entering/exiting, it seemed a bit too close for comfort. I'm not unusually tall at about 6'1", but I do prefer a more upright seating position.

    The headroom in the 07 Outback and 06 Impreza, both without sunroof, was great, but I preferred the Legacy's handling over Outback, and Legacy's interior over Impreza (and it looks like Forrester's interior is the same as Impreza's). And it looks like new 2006 Legacies are pretty much extinct on dealer lots.
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    Hi all,
    I posted awhile back about replacing the OE tires on my OB. I was wondering if anyone had experience with these tires? I know people liked the Turanza LS-H and Nokian. Tirerack had better reviews for the G-009 than the Turanza LS-H and it's cheaper.

  • dougb10dougb10 Burlington, Ontario, CanadaPosts: 185
    Hi pf2001,

    For what it is worth,here is my experience.

    I replaced the original Bridgestone RE-92's on my '05 Outback Limited with Turanza LS-H tires.

    I like them so much, I wanted them on my 03 Camry XLE.
    The dealer suggested I look at the G009's....less expensive and had the attributes I needed. Research showed they had very good reviews. I have had them on for about three months so far and have been very pleased.

    Don't think you can go too far wrong with either tire.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think you may have to special order a non-SE model. The package is priced in a way that dealers probably don't order those. You get $1200 worth for $400 or so with the package.

    A base Legacy GT would fit the bill, though they're not quite entry-level priced. Go for it for the extra performance, though, it transforms the car.

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