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Subaru Legacy/Outback



  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657

    All Subaru manuals use a viscous center coupling to distribute power front to rear, On manuals the power split is normally 50/50, front to rear. That can change depending on road conditions, or whether you are braking or accelerating.

    All Subaru automatics use a electronic center coupling to distribute power front to rear. On most models the normal power split is 90/10 front to rear. I believe the WRX's normal power split is 50/50(?), and the Outback VDC is 45/55.

    Only the automatic VDC model has the ability to control power to each wheel. However, some Subarus also have a viscous rear LSD, which can distribute power to either the left rear or the right rear.

  • I have had both a 2000 and now a 2001 GT wagon and never had a leak. Seems odd actually as they fit so snug when closed. Perhaps just a problem with the rubber seal. It may be a leak around the roof rail too and just finding its way to the map light. You say it is a left over so I assume it is new. Definitely a warranty item though. Since the OBs can have the moonroofs too it seems this is a rare problem as I have not seen another post about it before.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    John: that dealer should re-read his notes from dealer training.

    All Outbacks (except the VDC) now have a rear limited slip differential, but an open front differential. So if a front wheels slips, all the power to that axle will leak out the slipping wheel, no matter which tranny you have.

    Only the VDC "manages" both front and rear axles (with traction control), and would therefore have an advantage over other Outbacks in the really slippery stuff.

    With an auto you don't have to slip the clutch off road, so that would be an advantage. It's also better for towing, and easier for those bumper to bumper commutes.

    A manual costs less to begin with, so resale is a wash. It tends to be more fuel efficient, at least in the real-world cases I've heard. I find them far more fun, offering better control, plus you get 5 ratios instead of just 4, and it's quicker to boot.

  • vincer2vincer2 Posts: 97
    I haven't seen any pictures but a Subaru dealer told me there will be no changes of significance either mechanical or cosmetic. I did read somewhere that Winestone will be dropped and replaced by a different shade of red.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Brian-- forgot to thank you for your comments back on post #1807 ...they were appreciated :)
  • Two issues with my GT, hopefully someone has an answer or some input.
    1. My gas mileage is lousy. I have a/t and I have been driving fairly slowly with a mix of freeway and city. I usually have the a/c on, but I am only getting 18-19mpg.

    2. Steering wheel jerks. If I am going around a corner and I hit a bump, the steering wheel will try to jerk back toward center. If I don't have a good grip, it would likely get away from me.

    any ideas?
  • I have a 01 GT but not the steering wheel jerk problem. Just drove 10 miles on a twisting 2 lane road with very old pavement and lots of potholes and uneven surface but it handled just fine. Is it the same if you are turning left to right?

    I average 24-25 in mixed driving with air on and off but I have a stick. How many miles on your GT?

  • I love my '01 St wagon with 15k miles on it! [doesn't everyone say that?...]
    But in the mornings, when the car is cold, I get clutch chatter. I don't burn the clutch [too much] I drive it kinda hard, but only after the clutch is all the way engaged. Dealer asked right away if my chatter was in the mornings [like they have heard of it before] but could not recreate it. Has anyone else had this problem? BMW Subaru manta crux has always been great!

    thanks - steve-v
  • I had it on my 00 after about 10k miles or so. Only at first use in the AM and very slight but noticeable. I've seen similar posts on the board too. So far at 4.5k miles my 01 is chatter free.

  • vincer2vincer2 Posts: 97
    How do I access the board you referred to?
  • It is an email list and you need to subscribe by sending imail to with the following line in the message body:

    The list as indicated by its name is made up of GT owners. Not a lot of traffic but what there is comes from knowledgeable enthusiasts. There is an archive but you have to be a member to access it.

  • bit,
    thanks for the response. It seems to do it more when turning right, but I've experienced it in both directions.

    the car has 1700 miles, so it's still pretty new. I got the oil changed at 1000.

  • francophilefrancophile Posts: 667
    Steering: get the alignment checked, front AND rear.

    Mileage: give the car another few thousand miles to loosen up. Subies are famous for being "tight" when new. My mileage improved 2MPG after 7K miles or so, and the shifting is much less notchy too.

  • kmcleankmclean Posts: 173
    Greg -

    I picked up a tidbit from the Maxima board (I own a 2000 OB Ltd wagon and a '97 Maxima SE) - a fellow with a Max had a leaking problem like yours. The Max moonroof both pops up at the back, or slides back into the roof, as I believe yours does. Turns out that despite the apparent "tight seal" of moon roofs, they are actually expected to let some water get in - and there is a drain system (at the four corners on the Max) in the housing frame that lets the water drain out. This fellow's problem was that somehow one or two of the drains had become blocked with some kind of "crud" (parks under trees that drop seeds, etc.?) that had accumulated over time. As your car is new, there's likely another explanation, but it's worth checking out (perhaps the drains were blocked with paint?).

    Good luck, let me know what the answer is.

    And to all - a happy (and safe) fourth from the Pacific Northwest!


    Ken M.
  • Interesting about those drains. Never heard of it before but it makes sense. Have to check it out. Thanks for posting that info.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    1700 miles is still very green. Let her loosen up and you'll probably improve to about 20mpg. My Forester improved by a good 2mpg once it had 15k miles.

    I've seen better on the 2.5l, but that's acceptable for a mid-size AWD automatic wagon. At least it's regular fuel.

  • ddtyddty Posts: 12
    My $26k LAB came only with all standards.
    It does include 4 tires, Greg. -:( 4 Firestones. -:)
    So far, it works well, except for its 'native' brake noise when driving backward. The dealership service man told me the correction will soon be available from Subaru. It doesn't hurt anything except for your ear, maybe.
    I bought the car from Kirkland Nissan&Subaru, Washington. The sales person is John Simon.
  • sbennett1sbennett1 Posts: 3
    thanks for your response. I was advised by a subaru tech to turn off the a/c and run the vent for a few minutes before turning the car off. frankly, i don't think that's what one should have to do with a brand new car and i can't tell you how badly the vent stinks after the a/c is turned off!!! i have to then open the windows and hold my breath. your comment about the puddling was right on target for me because i have been saying for weeks that i don't see the normal puddles under the car after the a/c is used and i suspected a faulty evaporator. of course, the dealer's service people never looked into this and acted like i was imagining the odors, so they just sprayed a "fungicide" into the system. i will be going back for round two shortly, but i will demand that they now look at the evaporator and the conpressor to ensure that they are not defective. thanks again.
  • johnmeijohnmei Posts: 44
    OK you folks who have been lamenting that there isn't a pop-up camper made for the Outback Wagon. Well, NOW there is one. See hit floorplans and look at the last one listed the "ltw". Looks pretty neat. When you get to the "ltw" floorplan, click on it and you will see a photo of an Outback Wagon with it.

  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    my 98 GT has started to have this incredibly loud high pitched squeak, comes on after you brak and then you release it. I thought it was the pads going and took it in , of course it was just fine when it was there and the pads were great too. Seems to occur more when its very hot or you've had your foot on the brake a long time like in traffic etc. Is the caliper not releasing? Anyone come across this, the guy I brought it to is a very good mechanic, he thought it was just the semi metallic pads acting up.
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