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CVT fail to shift after replacing the battery

mozomozo Posts: 2
Hi all

My 2006 4WD murano had a problem last week. I drove my MO on the highway and everything was fine till I parked it for like an hour, then started the engine but did not start
I tried may be 5 times but nothing happened. The lights were weak and about to go out. I checked the battery and the little round window on it was black, it was empty. wasn't a big deal, I bought a new one with appropriate model that fits my MO. I installed it, then started the engine. But..
I noticed something..I didn't see the (P) on that little screen

..also the (N)

..but (D),(R),(1,2,3,4,5,6) appears. i didn't know what's wrong, I thought it was due to short circuit.

I drove the car on the road and I felt something was not OK, after a while I discovered the gearbox does not shift to the 4th gear. I was like Oooooh my god

it really creeped my out.

I took it to the dealer, and they gave me this short report:


and said my CVT needs to be replaced..


they said there's a an internal part is malfunctioned and can not be fixed or replaced by it's own, the whole transmission must be replaced which it costs about $7066

by the way, the odometer reads 94000 k = 58408 miles

guys, is there any other solution? Do you think that the battery had something to do with this?


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