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Malfunctioning Powerlocks in 02 Forester

mwcoxswainmwcoxswain Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Subaru
Today my power locks suddenly started rapidly unlocking on their own over and over. I was in the middle of driving so it was not my key fob. I then locked the doors using the switch on the door and a few minutes later it unlocked itself. Now the switch on the doors do not work at all. Anyone know anything about this?


  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILPosts: 693
    Just because you were driving when this happened does not necessarily mean the the key fob did not fail. Have you put a new batrtery in the fob?
  • I haven't and when I got in the car this afternoon it did not do it. Maybe the battery in the fob is dying?
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