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Chevy Tahoe Battery Problems



  • smorton1smorton1 Posts: 7
    I like you have been a loyal GM customer. They defentily have a problem with the 07 Tahoes. I couldn't get them to fix mine, all they would do is put new batteries in and reset the computer. I traded it with 52,000 miles, I hated to get rid of it because everything else worked great we just couldn't depend on it. I did get GM to give me a voucher towards a new product which we now have a new Tahoe. This is their last chance if I have problems with this one I won't be getting another GM product. It seems to me they should own up and recall them and fix them right. They told me that I was the first to call about the problem. Maybe everyone should call the GM headquarters in Detroit I listed their number but my message got pulled.
  • wessywessy Posts: 8
    I took insurance off my Tahoe for a month and a half and drove my daughter's car just to save on gas. I put stabil in the gas and pulled the keys out like one service advisor told me to do. I needed to drive it the other day so put insurance back on and went in to start it. I was shocked it started (slow cranking so battery was low but not dead). All these bulletins they have out saying the drain issue is with the rear heated seats and the DVD are bogus. My truck has neither. The issue in my opinion has to be with the switch or keys or something. If I leave the keys in the ignition for more that two days without starting it the battery is dead. The last time I had my truck in for the 50,000 mile service they said my battery was bad and needed replacing but I did not replace it. Try pulling out the keys every time you park it and see if that helps.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Has the dealer involved Technical Assistance? I apologize for your frustrations. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • smorton1smorton1 Posts: 7

    Gm will not do the right thing and make this issue a recall. My friend has a Nissan that had a recall on a sensor that made the gas gauge read incorrectly. They gave him a donar car and fixed the problem. My gauge wasn't reading correctly either, but that I could live with. This problem of the batt. going dead was too much. I couldn't get any satisfaction from my dealer or GM. I don't own the vehicle anymore. It aggrevates me to no end that a company that I have defended to so many others has let me and many others down. Your company deserves to go bankrupt. No more BAILOUTS and the way you're going you're going to need another.
  • tsccsttsccst Posts: 2
    yes my dealer jerry hagg motors in hillsboro has fixed my tahoe at first i thought that they where guessing and was mad that they put a bcm on it and did not fix it dont think i still should have to pay for that but. the second trip to the shop it was fixed i have had no more problems total bill was around 800.00 they did not need any parts the second time just glad it is fixed love my tahoe glad i did not have too get rid of it !!!!!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Thank you for your feedback. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it; however, as all major companies or corporations, we have standard operating procedures. GM does handle their customers individually, not all situations are the same, so they must be handled on a case by case basis. I am here to help make GM aware of our customer’s situations. The only way I can do this is with the customer’s assistance. My first step is to gather their contact information (including a good number to reach them), VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and a break down of what they are experiencing. The best way to get me this information is a direct email. The next step in the process is the vehicle must be taken to a GM Dealer. They have a contract with GM and must look at the vehicle. For GM to know their customers are experiencing issues, they must contact GM; whether it is me via email or Customer Assistance via the telephone. This will help identify the problem and how large it is. I understand when customers are experiencing these concerns these processes can be frustrating. All concerns, whether it is with a dealer or your vehicle, are documented in the cases set up if GM is contacted directly. Any customer that would like to call Customer Assistance and speak with someone the number is in your owner manual, or email me and I can provide it to you. Any customer that would like me to assist them, please feel free to email me the information requested above.
    GM Customer Service
  • north360north360 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I found this thread while looking for battery problems with the Yukon. We have a GMC 2007 Yukon that was bought new at the dealer in late 2007. From day one, it had electrical problems: the battery would suddenly be dead, the computer would lose its setting (probably due to intermittent loss of voltage) even if the battery was not dead that time and electrical accessories would stop to work intermittently. We ended up driving around with a power pack in the cargo area so that I could boost our new vehicle when it would not crank.

    Eventually, after several trips to the dealer, they replaced the fuse fox (under warranty); they said it was "fused". The problems stopped though we did have some concerns in retrospect that such a situation might have created an overheating and possibly a vehicle fire in the garage.

    Jump forward a few years of essentially problem-free operation. Then, earlier this year we did the recall that involves removing the heated windshield washer module. While this is a very useful option, we definitely wanted the module removed, as per the GM recall, because the GM recall notice states that "it is possible for the heated washer module to ignite and a fire may occur". Again the fire hazard.

    When I started the vehicle at the dealer's place immediately after they had done the recall service, I noticed that the engine hour display on the dashboard showed 0.0. I had not taken note of what exactly it had read before but I know for a fact that it had been a meaningful number. I pointed this out to the tech. He went to the shop area, came back and said "the battery must have gone dead while they removed the heater". I pointed out that this did not make sense because the battery had gone dead many times before (and many times after, as I was about to find out) without resetting the counter. Anyway, I was informed that nothing could be done because this is the way it is now. I was upset at this, and still am, but the vehicle was serviced and running (and presumable so without this risk of electrical fire).

    However, since that day we have again ongoing (though not daily) problems with the battery losing its charge overnight or in 2-3 days.

    One time after the battery had gone dead again, the shifting points were all weird. The engine ran at high rpm and did not shift up. The indicated fuel consumption was very high, not surprisingly so. I called GM Customer Service from the vehicle and after a long chat with a friendly and knowledgeable tech, we came to the conclusion that the vehicle was not at immediate risk of damage if driven at low speed for a short distance. I had to continue my drive to work and did so at low speed, and in fact the shifting problem disappeared by itself. This scenario has happened twice, which is certainly not every time that the battery has gone dead. Because many functions are controlled by the computer, I would not be surprised if the high rpm and failure to upshift were also a result of the dead battery.

    During that phone call to GM Customer Service, I also mentioned that the hour meter had shown 0.0 after the heated windshield washer recall service had been carried out and that I had been told that this was "because the battery must have gone dead". While not commenting directly on that statement, the tech did mention that the recall procedure called for the service tech to reprogram the actual hours if required. Obviously, this had not been done. Why do the they tell me that "the battery must have gone dead" when they know better? Or perhaps they did not know better!

    Anyway, that brings me to the current status of the vehicle. The battery still goes dead overnight or in 2-3 days.

    I was looking at replacing the battery and will do so if needed, but I don't want to replace the battery if the problem is with the vehicle.

    That is when I discovered this thread with GM Bulletin No.: 09-08-50-017B with the clear GM instructions "Important: DO NOT replace the RHSM or the battery for this concern". The solution according to the GM bulletin is to "Reprogram the RHSM (Rear Heated Seat Module) with the latest software calibration". I certainly will NOT rush out to buy a new battery.

    It's Sunday night and tomorrow morning I will call GM Customer Service and perhaps the dealer about this. I am somewhat reluctant to do the latter considering the fact that the problem started to happen after they did the recall service where I was told that "the battery must have gone dead" and where the actual engine hours were not reprogrammed (and perhaps not even recorded).

    It's ironic that, as I am writing this, I have received the monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostic by e-mail. That message informs me that no technical issues have been found with our vehicle (all green). Looking at the time stamp, it is clear that these data have been collected while our vehicle sat idling in the driveway to partially recharge the battery after having been boosted with the power pack because of a totally dead battery. I know, I should not let let it idle, instead I should drive around (with the power pack in the vehicle for sure), but I do not have the time nor the inclination to do so.

    I still drive around with a power pack in the cargo area and I have had to use it on many occasions. In fact, we have replaced the original power pack with a new one with higher capacity. When we want to use the vehicle, I usually get ready 10 minutes earlier to allow for the boosting, if needed. My wife is reluctant to use the vehicle because she does not want to have to go through the "boost with power pack routine". Should we be concerned again about the possibility of an electrical fire?

    It's a great vehicle when it runs, but this is not what we expected when we bought a new vehicle that is maintained regularly at a GM dealership. We wish they would fix these electrical/computer problems once and for all.
  • My daughter has a 2007 Tahoe with issues.
    Randomly the car will shut off while driving. All electrical functions dead. Wait a few minutes the car will start again.
    I replaced the battery and made sure the "Super fuse" on the firewall have tight connections.
    So far the dealer has replaced the ECM, BCM, the main fuse block and the ignition switch. Each time the car comes back from the dealer is operates fine for about 1 week and then starts to act up again. The last episode found the clock reset after the car sat idle, (not running), for a few hours. this has happened twice since the last service when they, (Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose) replace the fuse block and ignition switch. My Daughter sure could use some help on this one.
  • We purchased a 2006 Tahoe LT in Jan. 2010.  Since then, on numerous occasions the vehicle just won't start.  This happened several times in the winter months.  The vehicle at this point would at least start with a jump.  In the past 6 months, when the vehicle dies, it won't even start with a jump.  We've had to have it towed 3 times.  Each time the towing co. checked the battery and starter and said both were fine.  This first occurred May 27, 2011.  I had driven 18 miles to pick up my son from school and the vehicle just would not start, even with a jump.  We had it towed.  Our mechanic agreed after checking that it wasn't the starter, battery or ignition but it "appeared" no fuel was getting to the engine.   It was determined it was the fuel pump.   After spending over $900.00 to replace the fuel pump, sensor and filter, we were stranded again for over 5 hrs. on  Sunday, June 26, 2011 and we were over 200 miles from our home.  On this occasion, after 2 tow trucks attempted to jump it and were unsuccessful, we finally found someone who told us to disconnect the battery, let it sit for a few minutes, then reconnect the battery.  Once we did that, we were able to jump start it and everything was back to normal.  The vehicle ran fine again until Friday, Sept. 1, 2011 where it once again was completely dead after having driven to my son's school to pick him up.  We had it towed again!  And, again, the battery, starter and ignition checked out fine.  They replaced the fuel pump again, saying it could have just been a faulty one put in the first time.  Then on Thurs., Sept. 15, 2011, it does it again!  It's like there's a kill switch or something on the engine so that the vehicle just won't start no matter what.  Our mechanic is so frustrated he doesn't know what to do.  This last time, Sept. 15, 2011,  they let it just sit over night then jumped it the next day.  It took the jump immediately and so they had us come get it saying they couldn't replicate the problem.   Their head mechanic said he could continue to work on it but it would be very costly because they can't find anything from Chevrolet acknowledging this problem or a supposed fix for it.  We are so frustrated.  I want to just trade it in and get a regular car (one that I can count on to at least start every day) but my husband likes the Tahoe because we take a lot of trips home every year (approx. 200 miles) and it's a large vehicle with a comfortable ride.  That's all well and good and I do agree about liking the vehicle with its comforts, capacity and all the bells and whistles,  but if I'm going to be stranded every other month in a vehicle we paid almost 20k for (fully loaded) then I'm willing to give all those extras up for a vehicle I can depend on.  We need some answers and help here from Chevrolet.
  • Contacted GM Customer Care at their 800 number. Now a proud owner of my own case #. Summary of the conversation: no known issues; they have never heard about battery/start issues on the 2006/2007 Tahoe's; unaware that GM has any customer care rep's on this site and stated GM does not monitor this site. (She stated they only monitor their own site. She also said she would look into it after our call after I gave her the screen names of the GM Cust Care rep's on this site). Because we purchased our vehicle in a private party sale, no help, assistance or aid to be offered. She did offer to set up an appt. for me at my local GM SALES/service office. After our first (and last) foray into owning a GM vehicle, I guess it's back to Toyota for us.
  • I am at my wits end here. I purchased a 2008 Chevy Suburban about 6 months ago. Up until about 10 days ago, it ran like a champ. The last week in a half, however, it will not start. I go out in the morning, and the lights, radio, etc. all work, but the car just will not start. Once it is hooked up to jumper cables, it starts right away. However, when I get to my destination, I cannot turn it off, or it will be dead again. It has the backup camera, navigation screen, DVD players, heated seats, etc. Obviously something is draining the battery, but would the lights and such still work if so?

    One thing I also wonder about is the remote start. We just started using it about 2 weeks ago for the first time. Now all of the sudden, my car won't start.

    Has anybody ran across a problem like this with their car? I am at my wits end..I am a traveling photographer, and have gotten stranded at a handful of shoots because of this.

    Any help is appreciated greatly!
  • Update on this issue. Battery was replaced. 4th fuel pump replaced and vehicle has been starting daily without issue. It's been 3 days since I got the vehicle back. Holding my breath.

    However, for those of you with similar issues that the engine won't turn over and it appears no fuel is getting to the engine, and BEFORE paying your mechanic to replace your fuel pump or anything similar, go to youtube and check out this video that was recently sent to me. Just type in "Stories from the Road, GM Passlock Issue from Hell" I believe this may be the issue with many of these GM/Chevy vehicles.
  • First a question, if the engine wont turn over then you are saying the starter wont engage and even spin the engine electrically. Why are you changing fuel pumps? How would the engine start if the starter wont even spin it first. A simple fuel pump ressure test can tell whether it is working or not.

    Anyway, my 96 Tahoe is doing something very similar. It does not have onstar, does have a code alarm security but it is pretty basic. If the battery is even a little weak, you can turn the key hear the solenoid click but the starter wont spin. With a jump it will and the engine will start. With a new battery it will start (hope it continues.) The alternator tests perfect, AAA can't detect any meaningful battery draw when car is off. Yet old (6 mos old) battery still seems to weaken a little and then be incapable of starting car in just a few days. HMMM. Haven't figured it out, but I suspect there maybe some low level battery draw when car is off and If it is not going to be run for a week or two AAA advised to disconnect neg battery wire. But, batteries that test with still a decent charge may not start it. Original starter/solenoid still in it. Battery wires, connectors, posts clean. Startign to suspect the original 15 yr old starter is getting finnicky and takes alot of voltage to get it to initiate. A recent ECM readout showed no faults. Well, if my new replacement battery (convinced retailer it was battery problem as AAA also thought)starts being incapable of starting it, I will probably go ahead and replace starter and starter solenoid. Don't know what else to think at this time and that is not a big repair. A do it your selfer.
  • Any luck getting this fixed? My 07 tahoe started doing the same thing.
  • Have you found a solution to this problem? Has your vehicle been fixed? I just started having the same issue on my 07 Tahoe
  • Chevytahoe,

    Please email me the last 8 digits of your VIN and I can check to see if there are any open recalls on your vehicle.

    GM Customer Service
  • I don't know that it is fixed...i don't use it as I did because I don't want to risk it. However, my dealer did "turn off" a lot I codes that MAY have been the problem. This vehicle has had a TON of issues.
  • thanks for any help.....i have automatic seats for number one driver and the second driver my question is they are going hay wwire when you shut off the car the seat goes all the way to the back position and the motor uder the seat keeps running and it will not keep the memorray stored from one driver to the next...has any one run into this problem and how do you fiix it thanks for any help...
  • I went thru 3 battery's in 1 1/2 yrs. tested all the fuses to see where the drain was coming from. found some wires under drivers seat that had gotten drug into the track and chewed up the outer casing. so we loosely ties up those so it could not happen again. but after months another dead battery. I had 3 battery shops looking into it. and another 4 mechanics trying to help. but it came down to a girl at auto zone who figured it all out!!! she told me to replace the bolts of the battery. they are made of pot metal and guys get all macho tightening them down and they can strip. I told her come to think of it there were several times that my cables were loose! and because it is a side mount battery they can vibrate themselves loose! have not had a problem since!!!!
  • Bought new 09 Suburban if you have radio or lights on without running engine for a few minutes....IT WON'T START!!!
    Used to Own 07 Tahoe new from showroom If you have radio or lights on without running engine for a few minutes....IT WOULDN'T START!!!
    Same with 04 Tahoe Chevy saying they have never heard of this problem shows they are liars!!!! This is a design fault that they dont want to admit and pay for.
    My Wife and 5 kids just got stuck in the middle of nowhere again!! Last GM (Government Motors) vehicle for us!
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