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Chevy Tahoe Battery Problems



  • buygmbuygm Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    I've owned my 2007 Chevy Tahoe since new and it has under 50k miles on it. I have drained the battery 3 times while using the radio with the vehicle off in under 20 minutes and chock it up to an undersized battery. In the last 3 weeks however, the battery has gone dead 4 times without using it. Three of the instances were found first thing in the morning and the last happened when we went out to dinner. We were in the restaurant about 2 hours and when we came out the battery was dead. We had an individual that was driving behind us tell us that our backup lights were on once, but I couldn't get it to repeat right after that. A few days ago, a family member told us the backup lights were on and the Tahoe was sitting in the driveway, turned off. The vehicle had to be started and shifted into gear before the lights went out. It went to the dealership yesterday and they found nothing. I know it has to be a stuck switch or relay, but the "Users Manual" does not have a wiring diagram. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi,
    Sorry, don't have any info for you on wiring....we have been lucky now since ours went back to dealership and they supposedly changed the battery cable out - we haven't come out to a dead battery in over 2 months now - this is first time since we've owned the car (also original owner's) that we have gone this long without a tow truck being called. I really can't believe that a battery cable was the culprit - since it started on day 1 of bringing the vehicle home. I think they know what the problem is, that they fixed it, and just don't want to say so because it's going to be a huge recall if they acknowledge it. I agree that it is probably a wiring issue. Wish you the best of luck. Somebody from GM will probably contact you via email.....
  • I simply cannot believe that I have a bad battery after only 32K miles. I am the original owner of this 2007 Tahoe LTZ and have now had my battery jumped twice. AC Delco used to be the best on the block when it came to batteries, but now I would not give you 2 cents for one. I took my Tahoe to the dealership for oil change and tire rotation. They did a good inspection and told me that my battery was going out. I said really, I have not driven that much. Their response was that this happens sometimes and all I could do about it was replace the battery. After reading the posts on this site, you can bet that I won't be buying a battery from Chevy. I will be going to Sears for their Die Hard Battery. I have had great success with them and they last a very long time.

    Chevy really needs to do something about these problems with the 2007 Tahoe LTZ. A $100 for the heated windshield washer disconnection is not the answer. Make it work, like the product was sold.
  • mlee5mlee5 Posts: 1
    I own an 07 tahoe and have issues with battery, leaving radio on while cleaning interior or leaving key in ignition for 5 minutes battery is dead. I just googled issue and seems other people have same problem. Another issue is the hinges have rusted out and been replaced and are rusting again.
  • I sent an email to you (or what's listed in your profile) and hope to hear back from you as to what my options are for getting this fixed. I'm hoping GM realizes this is a major issue that borders on being very unsafe (stranded motorists, especially female like myself!).

    Please see if my email made it to you and let me know what you think should be done!
  • I've experiencing the same challenges as everyone else here with my 2007 LTZ, and maybe this has been covered, but it seems to me that this may be as much of a software issue as it is a battery issue. Case in point, we continue to be cursed by the dead battery scenario after leaving a door open for 5-10 minutes. I mean seriously, you can't leave the rear hatch open to load it full of whatever it is you're wanting to carry without having a dead battery? Dare I digress. But that is where we are at. Just turned 40K miles, have had this issue into the dealership a few times already where it supposedly was "addressed" and the issue still continues. The reason I think it is software related it because after getting a jump start to revive it, I can immediately turn off the truck, and turn it back on. Now if it were a dead battery, with all of the systems running, and less than 10 seconds of recharge time, there is no way the battery would start the vehicle. So I am starting to think that the computer software has a fail-over circuit that is supposed to protect the battery from being drained from all of the systems that run (like the NAV that spins up when you open a door) that is shutting down the power to the computer and causing this issue. I owned a 2002 Tahoe before this and loved it. When this truck is running, I have no issues with it, but within the last week I have had this issue 4 times as we were loading and unloading things for the holidays on numerous occasions. For the GM Customer Service person monitoring this forum, I'd love to know what my options are to resolve this once and for all. To add insult to injury, my rear defrost cable disconnected from the rear window last night, connector and all. Can someone point me in the right direction other than another brand?
  • I have a 07 Tahoe LT Flex Fuel and have had nothing but dead battery problems. It has left my children and I stranded many times and I always have to call AAA for a jump start. If I leave it parked for more then one day it will not start and the battery is drained. I thought the battery was the culprit but just bought a brand new one and I am having the same problems with the battery going dead. It is !00% stock and I make sure everything is turned off and I still keep getting this problem. Obviously this is a huge issue as I have read so many people having the same issue. They need to make a recall and get this problem fixed. I have been a loyal Chevy and GM customer but if this problem isn't resolved asap I will definitely not buy or recommend Chevy or GMC again. I will let you all know if this problem does not get resolved.
  • This 2007 model seems to be the culprit - and after thinking about it, you are right on the battery issue - it is stone dead when they jump it, but it starts right back up if you turn the car off - that doesn't make sense. Like I said in earlier post - they claimed it was a corroded battery cable and we haven't been jump started since the last visit to the dealership when the "repair" was done. And again, problem started day 1 when we brought it home so the battery cable was brand new - so it wasn't the problem that day - which makes me think you are on to something.... I still think they did a different repair and just aren't saying so.....
  • sly906sly906 Posts: 1
    By reading all of these posts, I see that I am not alone in the dead tahoe battery issues. I currently own a 2007 Tahoe LTZ, which occasionally does not start. I have a new battery, new alternator, and new battery cables all replaced, only to have it not start again. Once boosted it can be turned off and started right up again. You can listen to the radio, or lock and unlock the doors, but all you get is a click and the clock re sets itself and you can hear that there is power to the vehicle. The dealer has said they did an update to the (BCM) and now say we should change the fuse panel box!! I am very frustrated and have no intention of changing this! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done??
  • mogas1mogas1 Posts: 1
    I have an '07 Suburban that if you leave the key in even for as short of a time as filling the fuel tank, it will need a jump. I hope GM addresses this. I came from Toyotas and I may just go back.

  • Man, I had no idea that so many people were experienceing the same problem.
    About a month ago, I was waiting for my wife, the car was off with the keys in the switch. Everything on the dash blinked and then it went dead. I could net get it started. I finally got a jump/ however, it took some time before it would start. After is started I too it to the dealer and they said the battery was fine, however, they said I needed to change a relay switch wich would cost me about $400. I could not do that at the time, but they did charge me $110. to chech out the problem. WOW, this is a rip off. Please any suggestion what I can do to get this fixed?
  • My 2004 Chevy Suburban has been draining the battery to dead overnight if I leave it unstarted for about 12 hours. Have jump started successfully. Replaced battery with brand new one. It too went completely dead overnight. Suspect an electrical short so I dropped it off at the Chevy dealer who has had it now for 3 days. When I get it back, I will post here what they found out. I just hope it's not something stupid like a loose wire in the door panel or something. I have only 89000 miles and this headache pops up? Other problems I've had with this Suburban is a faulty dashboard instrument cluster panel which had to be completely replaced. Also an electric swing-door under the dash for the ventilation ducts failed so I had no heater !!! That was a $400.00 repair. Also the anti-sway has intermittent grinding noise at front left wheel well during curvy roads and cold weather. I've had to push the button on the dash to bypass it which temporarily cures the problem. Still I love my Suburban for its size, trailer hauling, and can seat 9 passengers.
  • To all others that have posted, I am also having the same issue. I sat in the car with the key in the on position while on a phone call for about 10 minutes. When I went to start the car again it wouldn't start. Later in the week while loading the car for a trip out of town, by the time I got the car loaded and closed the hatch the car wouldn't start again. It will immediately start from a jump, and if you turn it off it will immediately start again. So the battery seems to have juice, but the car will not engage the starter and turn over if the battery has been used briefly while the car isn't on. I called the dealership and they suggested to bring it in. I am tempted to replace the battery, but not sure that is the issue here. DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION? PLEASE REPLY. We love the car in all other areas, but when you can't drive it and get stranded, it's a bummer!
    Thanks, sH
  • I need help. I am the original owner of a 2007 Tahoe. On many occasions, it will not start. The starter does not engage. It appears as though the battery is dead. At first I thought I must have left a door open or left something else “on” resulting in a dead battery. After a few times, I confirmed that this problem was not caused by something like an open door or something else left on. On several occasions when the Tahoe would not start, I noticed that I could turn on both the radio and the headlights, so the battery was not completely dead. I only drive this Tahoe for about five months per year. Almost every time the car won’t start, I am stuck in a very remote spot in the mountains of Montana without cell phone coverage, so it is a serious problem. This problem started within three months of purchasing this car. Sometimes the car runs without a problem for weeks.

    Is this a known problem? Have there been recalls for this problem? Should there be a recall for this problem?

    My GM dealership: They have been great, but they don’t have a fix for me because they don’t know what is causing the problem.
  • Well I got my Suburban back. The Chevrolet Dealer said they tried but ultimately, no luck at all finding the electrical short. However, they jiggled some wire under the hood, said their meter spiked for a second. And the battery did not go dead anymore for the 4 days they had the truck. They were honest and did not charge me too much for the exploratory repairs.
  • pvuepvue Posts: 2
    Holy COW! I was just gonna replace my Delco battery, but went on a hunch and decided to google this first. And I must say, I didn't think it'd be like this. I bought the car used and thought that it was an original battery and just needed to be replaced, but after reading this I don't know what to think. Sounds like thats what folks have been doing and still no confirmed solution. I don't want to go and spend $100+ and have it happen again the day after. Another thing is the rear defroster tabs have been broken and replaced but it still doesn't work. What's up with that? Oh yeah, my car came with the stock engine starter, and guess what.....that doesn't work either! When I go through the process that is on the back of the FOB, it opens my rear liftgate glass instead. This is not my first GM car but it is my first Chevy. I'm kind of regretting the trade-in with my Jeep Commander. GM! Please RECALL! :sick:
  • wessywessy Posts: 8
    Add me to the list. 07 Hoe bought new. 11 months later battery would die after for no reason. Made dealer replace battery under warranty now two years later same thing is happening. Dealer still insists they are unaware of any battery issue with the 07 Tahoe's. They must have been told not to let on there is an issue to customers from GM reps. One thing I have done to reduce the possibility of the battery draining is to never leave anything plugged into the cig lighters and take the key out of the ignition everytime you turn the truck off.
  • 1st battery acted up with a bad shoted cell within the first year , dealer replace it with another AC Delco and with in 4 month same thing. Put in a Duralast from Auto Zone no more problems. GM has charging problem and battery problems. I would pull my truck out of the garage shut it off come back 5 min latter and everthing would be dead.
  • wessywessy Posts: 8
    Don't know what Delco did to thier battery design but my 01 Tahoe Delco battery lasted 6 years with no issues. I will replace the Delco battery with an Interstate next time it goes dead. I have noticed lately the engine doesn't spin over as fast.
    I have a spare battery I'm going to strap in to the other tray and use as a backup.
  • Delco has changed their manufacturer of their batteries around 2000 , that is when they started having problems. Mainly the side terminal batteries (Positive terminal rotting off).I had 2 of these! 2007 new body style trucks is when the started having problems with the top terminal batteries(Cells shorting out).
    007 truck also originally had charging problems, (dealer would have to reprogram charging system).
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