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Chevy Tahoe Battery Problems



  • Just to keep everybody aware, as I stated on message #139, I took my 2007 Chevy Tahoe to the dealer and after reviewing three days later I was told it was redy for pickup. GM Customer service told me that they had found the problem to be wrong wiring in the DVD's installed by the dealer (as purchased new) such that DVDs were draining power always. I told them that couldn't be because I disconnect them myself (I am an Electrical Engineer) so I am sure that's not the issue. They assure me they were sure problem is now fixed and informed us that we needed to pay $200 dlls for the labor. After long discussion I paid the $200 dlls to give it a try and they brought my car to the front and when I tried to start the ignition....YEEESSS! It did not start and made the familiar sound of a drained battery right in front of their eyes!! They were speachless after they failed to start it and apologize so I had to leave my car in the GM dealer again. That was last friday as as of today no news so far...I will update status as soon I know something...
  • I have a 2007 Chevy Suburban and have occasional discharge of my battery. I have had to have it jump about 3 times now Mechanic told me there a notice of some sort and that it requires my computer to be reprogramed Cost $85 they will work on it tomorrow. I will update then
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize that your vehicle is still experiencing this concern. I am happy that the dealer could see it happen. Please keep me updated as to your progress. If you need anything feel free to email me.
    GM Customer Service
  • smorton1smorton1 Posts: 7
    I've read a lot of other people's problems with Tahoes not starting so I figured I'd list mine. At 18,000 miles It went completely dead it lasted about 2 months and went dead again. The dealer replaced the battery lasted until about 27,000 and went dead again. I took it back to the dealer just before 36,000 miles and they reset the computer installed another battery but it still was getting drained. At about 45,000 miles they finally said they thought a output module was staying on but finding it will be impossible, more less washing their hands of the problem. Now it's got about 52,000 and went dead again today. I really like the vehicle and have always owned GM. I have a GMC truck with 198,000 miles that is more reliable than the Tahoe. Unfourtenly, I must say I'm probably going to replace it with a Ford. I would like to add my Tahoe is a LT with no DVD player I know a lot of you have mentioned this as being the problem, but I'm afraid it's something else. I will be contacting GM about the problem but will probably be ignored. Please let me know if anyone finds out the cause. :
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    I know that you pretty much deal with individual customer situations. However, given all of these mysterious battery going bad situations as reported in the forums, I'd suggest you notifiy the engineering dept that they should perhaps read this forum full of problems, and look for a real fix to what appears to be a systemic problem affecting a number of vehicles.

    If the forum is any indication, I'm sure if they looked at the warranty claims against this vehicle they'd find quite a number of situations that could be investigated and a root cause analysis performed.
  • pvuepvue Posts: 2
    In case you didn't realize...Christina is probably a dude with a comb-over and getting paid minimum wage being told by GM to just reply with a polite tone. You look at all the times "Christina" has replied to fellow junk owners...nothing has happened. At least in measurable results. Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to find a new way to harrass GM about this money pit of a problem of ours. :mad:
  • Christina:
    My car still at the dealer. After paying $200 labor for rewiring the DVDs, now they claim the problem is a drained battery and that I need to pay for it since my car has 28K miles but 4 year warranty has expired. I am sure the battery is not the problem. I got a phone call from someone at GM Customer Service and they told me they are going to talk to Ron Baker Chevrolet in Chula Vista,CA about it after I gave them all the details (since I first bought the car and 5 dead batteries later with low millage). Tomorrow is going to be 3 weeks since they have my car. This is costing me time, money and headaches. I am seriously considering visiting a lawyer to get some advising in this case. I believe more Tahoe owners need to be aware this is happening. Very disappointed.
  • smorton1smorton1 Posts: 7
    I'm contacting GM today. I will probably get blown off then I'm going to the newspapers and hopefully news channel. I want this out in the public. First I spent $35,000 for the vehicle then we all had to bale out the company. At least they can do is stand behind their (our) product.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    You haven't heard from GM Customer Assistance? Please email me so I can look into this.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    How did things go at the dealer?
    GM Customer Service
  • Cormier Chevrolet could not find or fix the problem. This cost me 3 days of car rental plus their diagnosis labor charge. I took my Suburban to a local auto repair shop and within 1 day they determined that I had a defective battery, even though it was only 3 weeks old. I switched to a different brand of battery and the problem was fixed !!! My original battery was a Bosch which was only 1 year old when the problem started. I replaced this battery with the exact same Bosch brand and model. That's when the new one only held for 3 weeks... I switched to Delta, no more problems. I'll never buy another Bosch battery!
  • I couldn't retype everything but there my link in another forum. Surely GM can figure out what's up with all the 07 for them to be the only ones having the problem
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    GM Customers,
    I understand your frustrations with your situations. As all major companies or corporations, we have standard operating procedures. GM does handle their customers individually, not all situations are the same, so they must be handled on a case by case basis. I am here to help make GM aware of your situations. The only way I can do this is with your assistance. First, I need your contact information (including a good number to reach you), VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and a break down of what you are experiencing. The best way to get me this information is a direct email. If you are unsure or uncomfortable please feel free to inquire with the host, or send me an email with your telephone number and I can give you a call. Second, the vehicle must be taken to a GM Dealer. They have a contract with GM and must look at the vehicle. For GM to know you are experiencing issues, you must contact GM; whether it is me via email or Customer Assistance via the telephone. This will help identify the problem and how large it is. I understand when you are experiencing these concerns these processes can be frustrating. All concerns, whether it be with a dealer or your vehicle, are documented in the cases set up if you directly contact GM. If you would like to call Customer Assistance and speak with someone the number is in your owners manual, or email me and I can provide it to you. If you would like me to assist you, please feel free to email me the information requested above. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • smorton1smorton1 Posts: 7
    They (Detroit Excutive Service) gave me a whole $500 coupon towards a new GM vehicle. Why would I want to buy a another one when they don't stand behind what they sell? I'm gonna have to try another brand.
  • wessywessy Posts: 8
    I agree 100%. My next SUV will not be GM. Just bought my wife a 2011 Nissan Murano instead of GM.
  • russ53russ53 Posts: 3
    Maybe your lawyer wants to start a class action suit agaist GM for this issue.
    There seems to be a lot of people with the same issue.
  • Christina:
    I did follow up your instructions and GM Customer service representative contacted me, I sent my car to the dealer and today has been 4 weeks since I last saw my car (still at the dealer since your GM customer service got involved and everything slow down because everytime somebody different calls with no clue of the case to start all over again, the last one is someone called Sharonda with an attitude problem raising her voice over the phone while talking to my wife -not acceptable-) and now she doesn't return our calls.
    The conclusion at the dealer is that the problem of my Tahoe is a bad battery and I need to pay for a new one (again) since my 4 year warranty expired. All this means your technical service has no clue of what the hell is happening. At the beggining I though it was an isolated problem but after reading so many complaints I am convinced this is something GM knows about and haven't really initiated a recall (it remind me of Toyota accelerator problem where they knew of it long before).
    I am very disappointed with all this situation (car problem, GM customer service response). It been a hardship for us and I am planning to return the car as a lemon so you deal with the financial institution...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    If you could please email me and update me on your situation I would appreciate it!
    GM Customer Service
  • tazz600tazz600 Posts: 1
    here is the technical bulletins from GM:


    Bulletin No.: 09-08-44-018

    Date: September 25, 2009

    Subject: No Crank/No Start, Discharged Battery, No Audio Output From Radio (Replace Amplifier)

    2008-2009 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT
    2008-2009 Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe (Equipped with LTZ Uplevel Package)
    2008-2009 GMC Yukon, Yukon XL (Equipped with SLT Uplevel Package)
    Equipped with Luxury Edition Package (RPO Y91) or Premium Speaker System (RPO UQS) and Built Prior to September 29, 2008


    Some customers may comment that the vehicle will not crank or start and the battery goes dead. They may also comment on a loss of audio from the radio.


    This condition may be due to an internal short within the amplifier that causes the amplifier to stay awake, resulting in a battery draw/load. This draw/load on the battery could discharge the battery to the point where the battery will not have sufficient amperage to start the vehicle.


    Check for normal sleep mode draw of less than 30 mA. If greater than 30 mA, remove the 30A amplifier fuse from the underhood electrical center/junction block. If the draw drops more than 10 mA, the draw is likely from the amplifier. Inspect the amplifier for a green dot (a green dot indicates vehicle already has the updated amplifier). If no green dot is present and draw is confirmed with fuse pull, replace the amplifier.


    Bulletin No.: 09-08-50-017B

    Date: February 11, 2010

    Subject: No Crank, No Start, Discharged or Low Battery (Reprogram Rear Heated Seat Module)

    2006-2010 Cadillac DTS
    Built Prior to February 2, 2010
    2007-2010 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV
    2007-2010 Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe
    2007-2010 GMC Yukon, Yukon XL
    Built Prior to November 30, 2009
    All Equipped with Rear Heated Seat RPO KA6

    This bulletin is being revised to add build breakpoint dates. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 09-08-50-017A (Section 08 - Body and Accessories).


    Some customers may comment about a no crank/no start condition or a discharged or low battery.

    This condition may be intermittent, therefore it is important to check if a revised calibration has been released on TIS2WEB for this concern, even if the condition cannot be duplicated at the dealer.


    This condition may be caused by the rear heated seat module (RHSM) discharging the battery by keeping the serial data bus active, which creates a cumulative continuous draw of four amps on the battery after the vehicle is shut down, until the state of charge reaches three volts.


    DO NOT replace the RHSM or the battery for this concern.

    Reprogram the RHSM with the latest software calibration.

    Select the correct calibration files for the appropriate vehicle configuration (body style) and RPO codes.

    A revised calibration has been developed to address this condition. Technicians are to reprogram the RHSM using the Service Programming System (SPS) with the latest software available on TIS2WEB. Refer to the Service Programming System (SPS) procedures in SI.

    When using a Tech 2(R) or a Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) for reprogramming, ensure that it is updated with the latest software version.

    During programming, the battery voltage must be maintained within the proper range of 12-15 volts. Only use the approved Midtronics(R) PSC 550 Battery Maintainer (SPS Programming Support Tool EL-49642) or equivalent during programming.
  • tsccsttsccst Posts: 2
    bought a used 2007 tahoe last spring loved it had a few flaws door handle rear wiper rear defogger still loved it small problems got a good deal.until 3 months ago dead battery issue started changed battery helped some then the alternator had it to the dealer they changed the bcm put updates in the computer checked everything i paid the 490.00 bill got it back and tonight i took it back to the dealer for the same problem i just want it fixed!!!! i can not believe that gm does not know what is wrong with the tahoe and cant help the dealer fix it some how the figured out that the heated windshield washer was burning down the car and houses they are parked in this will be the last trip to the dealer for pity the next guy that gets this car.i have been a loyal gm owner all my life but if you cant fix what you sell i will have to see if the others can
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