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Volvo XC60 Real World MPG



  • I wish they offered a hybrid but thats a year or so away im sure. How is the fwd in the snow/ ice ? if you have that type of weather where you are. Thanks for the reply. harbour replied that they get 11 MPG in Chicago city driving in winter (t6) :cry: . This 14-15 MPG avg might be right for NYC . Damn.
  • saltsmansaltsman Posts: 4
    edited February 2011
    I logged several thousand miles last year in middle/northern Norway and Sweden driving exclusively on packed snow and ice. The 3.2 FWD did great (even started up just fine in -35C). With studded snow tires, I never felt on the edge of a skid. The traction control did a great job with starts on ice - much better than my 4x4 3500 pickup (that is a bit like a newborn antelope trying to stand).

    During our one week of winter in Texas this year I used our old AWD CR-V to venture out - not because I didn't trust the XC-60, but because I feared having the Volvo hit by inexperienced drivers on ice (the speed limit still says 70...).

    I'm sure others have more miles that I do, but I never had any issues on the packed snow and ice of Norway and Sweden with the 3.2 FWD. The traction control worked perfectly in my opinion so I never missed the AWD like I thought I might. For Texas, FWD is fine. For NYC.. I might think about AWD more seriously but the milage trade-off equates to real dollars at the pump. Buffalo or Chicago, I'd pick up the AWD. Either way, it is a sweet ride.
  • Thanks for the report. I do wonder what difference we would notice IF we went to the T6 FWD from our two year-old T6 AWD...significant change in mileage? different handling? We purchased from the first shipment two years ago and there were no FWD or non-turbo models available. I don't think I could go non-turbo but would consider FWD(might miss it during our central Texas gully-washers and yearly trip to the mountains---but at what cost/savings?). Overall, our C70 only averages 3-4mpg more than our XC60(spread is greater on the highway). Still worth thinking about as petrol heads north of $3/gal.
  • sjsmsjsm Posts: 8
    edited March 2011
    Hi Guys:

    I know this is the forum for MPG, but I can't find other forums that are related to my questions so please bear with me.

    I just got my 2011.5 XC 60 T6 fully loaded. Is the "hill Decent" feature exist for the 2011 model? I thought it's standard with AWD model (at least for the 2010 model). According to Volvo US headquarter rep ( I found out they are not knowledgeable at all), it's a stand alone option but the dealer said Volvo no longer offers this feature starting the 2011 model year. Anyone knows the answer?

    How come my door mirror puddle light (both side) don't lit up when I open the door? Is this a defect?

    Why the front LED light and rear parking light don't automatically turn off (or delay turn off) when the car was locked? This will drain the battery!!

    According to the owner's manual, I can adjust the time by turning the trip meter switch (Trip 1 /Trip2). It doesn't work. I had to adjust the time from the "sensus" control. Can you guys adjust the time from that switch?

    Does anyone has the PCC (especially, the the heart beat sensor) experience?

    Thank you soooo much for your reply!!
  • sjsmsjsm Posts: 8
    Just an update

    I just got a call from a Volvo US headquarter rep, according to him, Volvo did eliminate the hill decent feature (and the front fog light) starting the 2011 model year.


    We pay more for the car but get less feature and equipment!!
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    Yeah, fog lights and hill decent are gone. I believe the heartbeat monitor is gone too. We don't have the front camera either (I'm working on getting the dealer to install this though).

    The puddle lights work on mine. Press your light bulb button on your remote to see if they come on. If not, maybe there is a My Car setting for this? My lights don't stay on after the car is locked so this might be a My Car setting also.

    P.S. You can start a new thread in this XC60 forum anytime. No need to post in this MPG thread.
  • sjsmsjsm Posts: 8

    Thanks for your reply. The puddle light did come on when I pressed the light bulb button on the remote. I will check the my car setting as you suggested. Thanks again!
  • Interesting on the hill descent delete...Just last week I saw the Volvo ad >>>>>>>
    touting the virtues of hill descent control as though it were standard.

    Looks like one 400 mile trip last week yielded ~23.5mpg with 90% highway(65-70mph) driving...A/C on just an hour or so. 87 Chevron...perhaps the best tank of gas in 33K miles :) . Temps went from mid-50s to mid-70s during the day. 2010 T6 AWD
  • jc12171jc12171 Posts: 13
    2011 T6 AWD, just finished the tank come with the car...399 miles and re- filled the tank with 16.0 gallon of gas, so the gas milage is 399/16=24.6 MPG, while the computer on the car showing 22.9 MPG so far. This is with 85% highway driving around 72-74 miles per hour.

    I think their 22 MPG highway milage is too concervative ( I think it is likely you will get 25-26 MPG if you drive all highway at 60 mph).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    edited May 2011
    Sounds good.... but, it rests on the assumption that your tank was completely full..

    It may have been, but you can't be sure... hopefully, the succeeding tanks are just as efficient.. In my experience, the computer calculation in the car tends to overstate MPG, rather than understate it..

    Either number is pretty good mileage, though..

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  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    edited July 2011
    First long trip during the summer months with our 2010 3.2 AWD:

    27.7 computer calculated

    26.25 hand calculated

    Some mountain driving and averaging 70-75 mph using 87/88 octane. 22K total miles on the car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    That's awesome!!

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  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    I was pleasantly surprised after the much lower mileage on our winter trip last year.
  • Good numbers! I'd expect that from our C70; but I'm looking closer to 21 with our '10 XC60 T6. We'll drive about 3K miles in three weeks during August, including some mountains. Been 'wishing' we could take the convertible; but the XC makes more sense. Wouldn't mind getting an extra ~5mpg on the trip!

    I wonder what mileage folks are getting in FWD vs AWD models. I don't think we've 'used' our AWD more than a half-dozen times in two years.(Of course, it hasn't rained in two years here in central Texas!). I'm sure the day will come that we'll be really glad we have it...but that leaves 350 days a year that we DON'T need it!
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    We drove our AWD 3.2 4500 miles in Europe and averaged 24mpg. We spent a fair amount of time on the autobahn going 80 and up to 120 a few times. Up and over the alps and in and out of some big cities. I was happy with that considering the size and weight of the car.
  • rockinheadrockinhead Posts: 2

    I've had my XC 60 for 8 months now. I tend to be light on the gas, but not extremely so. I am getting 21-22 around town. I'm in Arizona, so our A/C season has started so I expect this to go down. Our streets cruise at 45-50, but it is still stop and go. I haven't noticed much better MPG on the freeway which is a bit disappointing. This is my first true luxury car (and first Volvo) and I love it. It is VERY comfortable and I love the leather. I do have two complaints which I've noticed else where on this board. The Volvo front sticker did come off. I was disappointed that it was just plastic. Also, the ride can get a bit stiff, but on a good freeway, it drives like a dream. Some of the controls are a bit quirky, but that's kind of fun once you have them figured out. Temple Volvo has been super and has repaired things I had no idea were covered under warrantee. Oh, I used regular most of the time and use Costco gas. When I use premium, I've noticed no difference.

  • woodinvawoodinva Posts: 17

    With non ethanol gas (89) and highway driving I get 23 mpg out of our T6 AWD XC60 2010 w/Polestar. With ethanol based (93) Costco gas we get 21.1mpg hwy driving and with ethanol based plus gas (89) we get 19.9-20.8 mpg in highway/suburban driving. Depends on how much of a lead foot you have and in adverse conditions expect your mileage to be less anyway.

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