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Hyundai Azera Engine Problems

So I have put about 10 K on my 07 azera limited. The engine makes a whining noise that seems to get louder as you accelerate. It is a constant noise and I am almost out of warranty but the dealer is less than freindly. Has anyone had this problem and if so what was it?

I was thinking of going to a private mechanic to see what it is then go to the dealer with more evidence (what is the deal with huyndai dealers).

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


  • as a side not for more info the car has around 48K and I am the second owner. From what I understand I only have the warranty until 50K.
  • No, you have warranty of 5 Years/60k miles. So, you still have 12k miles of warranty.

    Take your car to your local Hyundai dealer. It should be covered under warranty. (Unless the previous owner didn't maintain it properly, like not changing oil, performing the required 15k, 30k services done etc.)
  • My problem is the dealers (went to two of them) completely ignored the noise and played it off as if it was normal. It is loud and intrusive. A friend said it may be the flywheel (admitting I really have no clue about mechanics). Do you have any suggestions as to what that noise may come from. If I go to a third dealer what should I say to them to have them take it seriously?
  • Yes, you may need to go to a 3rd dealer. But before you do it, maybe you can get it checked independently at a trusted mechanic shop & let them say what could be wrong. Then, go to a 3rd dealer & say that 'a friend suggested that there might be a problem with this.'.

    If that dealership also doesn't seem to care, it is time to move up the ladder. Talk to Hyundai regional manager & call up the Hyundai customer service.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    Do you hear the whining when the car is parked and you rev the engine a bit? Does the steering wheel position have any effect on the noise?
  • The noise is constant. It does it when the car is sitting still (in any gear) and it gets louder as you rev the engine in park or neutral or accelerate in gear. The steering wheel position does not have any effect on the noise. :sick:
  • Had the same problem with my 06, it's the belt tensioner pulley. I put some grease on it, went away for a while, but came back. Had dealership change it out. Traded this POS in this weekend. I will never buy one of these cars again. Every single problem on this forum I had with this car
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    It does sound like one of the accessory bearings.
  • I have a 2008 Hyundai I just purchase 1 month ago, 17,000 , Great Car! ,Problem that jsut started is that when you get to about 45 MPH its Misses or Hesitates.. Only does this at about 45 to 50 MPH.. HAs anyone ahd this problem? Plan on taking it to a dealer , but just curios what is wrong.. Thanks
  • This is why (and has been discussed at great length under the Genesis forum) Hyundai is going to have to get their dealers in line if they are going to be successful with the Genesis and Equus. My Father owned an Excel in mid to late 80's and I had 2 Sonatas (one totaled). The last one I forced Hyundai to take back as a lemon for full costs in 1998. I swore I would never own another Hyundai also due to dealer in Dothan, Alabama.

    Hyundai has come a LONG WAYsince then (I LOVE my Azera!), but their dealers have a TREMENDOUS WAY TO GO (of course, there are exceptions :) )
  • I have the same whine. When I took off the belt it went away. I checked the idlers and alt bearing and they all seamed to be ok. Sounds like finnwolf found the problem. Was it taken care of under warranty? We like the car and our dealer has been very good so far.
  • Wow- Mine is doing the same thing, for about a month now. It sounds more like a growling noise, but is constant with the ngine running and louder when accelerating, and no difference between being in gear or neutral / park. I am going to the dealer here in LA next week to have it looked at. I'll let you know what happens.
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    Sounds like the fanbelt idler pulley- warrantied for 5 years or 60,000 miles. Piece of cake to change- your dealer should stock them.
  • 101649101649 Posts: 192
    not part of drivetrain???? 10/100,000 coverage
  • Just spoke with the dealer service rep- He knew what I was talking about soon as I mentioned it, and said the whine or whirring noise was from the belt tensioner pulley.
    Taking it there tomorrow for that and the dash- The burst panel on top of the dash that covers the passenger airbag module is separating along the seam. Service rep told me they will order and install a new dashboard.
  • The dealers and service managers are trained by Hyundai and respond to their experiences with Hyundai HQ. I have used two dealers and both have been excellent. It was the Hyundai district parts and service managers who denied on the problems.
    Dealers are ecstatic when they can do warranty work on a car. Why wouldn't they be? More money for them. However, they know they have to get Hyundai to OK the work or they won't get paid.
    Bottom line. If dealer SM does not acknowledge the problem, immediately call Hyundai's Consumer Affairs and open a case. Get the case number. Also, tell dealer SM that you want an appointment to see the district parts and service manager from Hyundai. He/she may deny it, but maybe not. I got two sets of front struts free this way. Unfortunately, they didn't help the problem.
    What is going to kill Hyundai as a luxury brand is too many niggling problems with their cars that cannot be fixed. People who buy M-B, BMW, Lexus, etc. may be willing to accept some things because of the prestige, but Hyundai has no prestige.
  • 144tap144tap Posts: 44
    It starts, but runs too ruff to drive. Had the problem before,R&R'd the battery 1k ago. Ran fine till yesterday. Checked the batt.- OK, discnnected the batt. for a bit, no
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    Check Engine Light on???? Get the dealer to do a diagnostic check.....Maybe crankshaft sensors??? There are 2 : inboard and outboard....Just a thought.
  • 144tap144tap Posts: 44
    Yes my eng. lite is on. BUT, it runs now. Will take it in and ask about the sensors- the GM motors have those too(1). Thanks.
  • 144tap144tap Posts: 44
    My dealer showed codes P161B,P1295,P2106 stored, there was a TSB 10 for a "ECU" upgrade, was performed, driven, no codes after that. N/C. WHEW!!
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