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Hyundai Azera Engine Problems



  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    so your azzy got a new brain....glad it's fixed if it wasn't a TSB, it would have been expensive maybe?
  • I have 2007 Azera with 85K. An engine noise similar to a loose valve train started about 3 months ago. I took it to the dealer and the timing chain tensioners were replaced under warranty.

    Next morning on a cold start a similar but decidedly different noise occurred. Took it back. They disassembled the engine and the FWC warranty inspector looked at it and neither he nor the service manager could see any part that was out of spec. As a result, FWC is not going to do anything. Dealer will reassemble the engine all on their dime. I am thinking about having them replace the bearings as that is what they suspect is causing the noise. Any advice?
  • I have an Azera Limited V6 2008.
    My "Check Engin" light came on.
    What kind of problems turn the "Check Engin" Light on?

  • The light comes on when the engine computer receives a reading from a sensor that is outside the range of readings that sensor should have. It's usually a sensor problem. If the car runs OK, drive it for awhile and see if the light goes out on its own - mine has reset often by itself.

    IMO, if the light stays on for a week or so and never goes out, take it to the dealer or a shop that can read the computer code and determine what sensor input is bad.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    u need to scan the computer..if u don't have a scanner, Advance Auto, Auto Zone etc can scan it for u at no charge...sounds like u need service....maybe crankshaft positioners
  • Thanks guys.

    I have had good luck with my 08 Azers so far.
    I plan to bring it to the Dealer next week.
    My car only has about 28K.
    I do my own routine service (oil and filters, etc).
    Hope the dealer will work on my car, even though I do my own service.

  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    should not be a out for price gouging and non-essential add-on cabin filter replacement $30 or more....takes 2 minutes
  • Has anyone had a problem with getting warranty work done at a dealer, if they do their own service (eg change oil, filters, etc..) on their cars?

    I was concerned that a dealer would give people a hard time, if they don't get the car service at the dealer.

  • Have not. And if you do, change dealers or call Hyundai Corporate.
  • No kiddin'. On two separate visits to the dealer, my service rep brought out the same filthy cabin filter with a dead bug on it - to show me how bad "mine" needed to be replaced. Oops, my cabin filter is a furnace filter that I bought at WalMart and cut to size to fit the Azera. Easy to do, and much cheaper than paying the ripoff tab for the factory filter....obviously not a glowing commentary on the morality of the service department.
  • penzfanpenzfan Posts: 12
    But the dealers only want $50 for that cabin filter...RIPOFF!
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    and another $50 to install!!!!
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