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02 dodge caravan possible fuel injection problem

jtljjtlj Posts: 5
edited August 10 in Chrysler
i own a 2002 dodge caravan with a 2.4 liter motor it is not getting fuel to the throttle body when the engine is hot it has to sit for one hour before it will restart cam and crank and oxygen sensors have been replaced fuel filter has been replaced fuel pump and fuel pump relay checked out okay asd relay checked out ok the van only has 32,000 0riginal easy miles on it i purchased it new does anybody have any idea what is wrong with it i had several mechanics work on it they are not sure how to fix the problem


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,508
    If everything should run properly (you are getting spark, etc), perhaps try to run a hot lead directly to the fuel pump to see if the vehicle will run if you bypass the circuitry of the van...
  • mazizmaziz Posts: 2
    I have a '02 dodge caravan with the 2.4L engine that idles rough with a lot of vibration at idle only. The vehicle cuts off when slowing down to a complete stop. Everything is normal once u get the car moving though. I already replaced the idle control valve with a new unit with no change. Vehicle starts up fine and drives through all gears with no vibration. Only at idle the car shakes and wants to cut off. I had to adjust the idle screw to keep it from cutting off at idle but still have a lot of vibration at idle. Vehicle has only 70k miles. Replaced idle air control valve, battery with no change. Car starts right up and car doesnt die until u come to a complete stop which leads me to believe fuel pump is working fine. Any comments will be helpful.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,508
    Does it have any problems idling when you first start it... with the engine cold?
  • mazizmaziz Posts: 2
    Same problem when cold. When starting it takes a lil while before the car to settle to normal idle speed, so the vibration is not there when u first start the car cold, until it settles into normal idle.'m while in park the idle speed is slightly higher so the vibration is not as rough than it is while it's in drive.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,508
    I am leaning toward suspecting a mass airflow sensor (MAS) malfunction (or perhaps the element is just dirty), but that sensor is not in the loop before the engine is at operating temperature. It could also be a knock sensor acting up, but I would expect more issues than just a rough idle (pinging on hills, etc) were that the case.
  • howierollhowieroll Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    My 2000 3.3L Voyager: had Fuel pump & Filter replaced. Now, engine requires 3 attempts before starting. Fuel rail valve sprays air 1st try, Fuel-Spray 3rd try. When cranking 3rd/4th time; engine catches, revs appx 400RPM, for appx 3 seconds, then goes to normal 800RPM. Drives fine, but burning lots more gas. Havent tuned up in 4 years. Black Plastic cylinder is connected to fuel rail, and it has 2 wires to it. I want to avoid expensive dianostic charges. Anyone know where to start? Thanks!
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