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Jeep Wrangler Transmission Troubles

I used to have a civic manual and I can do heel-toe downshift very easily.

With my current wrangler, the brake pedal and accelerator pedal is kind of too far away vertically.
(not horizontally)

So it is kind of hard for my right foot to control both of them at the same time.

Any tip, suggestions?


  • I have a 1998 wrangler 4cyl 5 speed. at highway speed it just quit pulling in 5th gear all other gears are fine has anyone else had this trouble . thanks
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    When you say, quit pulling, what do you mean? Can you engage it? Any noises? Do you just feel like you have no power? Have you done any mods to it?

    The AX-5 is a decent transmission for the 4cyl, albeit a bit weaker than the AX-15 found in the 4.0L engined Jeeps. But it is reliable in my experience.

    I had no power in 5th gear either, but 33's will do that. So I regeared to 4.88.

  • Yes I can engage it but it will not pull the jeep its like it is out of gear. and only in 5th gear . I was on the highway around 60mph when the motor just reaved up like the jeepwas out of gear. thanks
  • Your 5th gear snap ring came off and the gear slid down the output shaft. Mine did this too. This eventially causes the 3/4 syncronizer to separate if it is not fixed.
  • m5vitem5vite Posts: 1
    I have a 97 jeep wrangler, 4cyl. 5 speed. I just got back from college and my sister has been driving my jeep the past few months. I noticed a whining sound in first, second, and third gear today. My origional thought was power steering fluid, but that all checked out. Has anyone else had this problem? Fourth and fifth geer are fine.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You might want to start by changing the transmission fluid if it hasn't been done recently. Make sure you use the correct GL-3 (not GL-5) spec.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    That's what it sounds like to me too. I've used Redline MT90 in my 97 2.5L manual transmission and it REALLY made a smoother shift and quieted things down.

  • shanejshanej Posts: 1
    My transmission on my jeep slips when I start in first gear and sometimes kills the engine. When I stop at red lights it acts like the clutch is closing, the car will try to forward while I have the brake on which sometimes kills the engine. Once I get around 10 MPH everything is OK. As it warms up its starts running normal with an occasional slip from start, but does not try to engage clutch and kill the engine.
  • Anybody take their 07 Unlmited in for an update on their transmission following the TSB that was issued. Mine is going in next week and wondering what to expect.
  • jesseajessea Posts: 2
    :mad: I don't know what a TSB is, but I have a 2007 Unlimited, 3 months old and only 2,000 miles on it. Yesterday the transmission blew! Had it towed to a dealer (the dealer I bought it from was too far away) and was told something broke internally in the transmission and they would have to break it down to find out what. When I called the dealer bought it from there response was "these things happen, call us when it's fixed." Wouldn't give me a replacement car or pay for a rental. Thank god I had it towed some place else. They gave me a replacement car and said they'd take care of everything. I don't know exactly what went wrong yet but I'm not too happy. First time buying American and now I know why everyone told me not to.
  • When I was looking online at the TSBs (Techical Service Bulletins) I saw directions on there for the dealer to dismantle and rebuilt the engine. I thought it was wierd that was posted, but maybe its normal procedure.
    Your dealer sounds like they suck. I cracked the windshield on my o7 and took it to the dealer for that, the recall and tsb for transmission and they gave me a free rental car. Your dealer was wrong and you should call chrysler and explain to them you are not happy and not taken care of properly. And for the don't buy american part, its pure opinion not fact as the toyota camry has had more transmission problems than they can count.
  • jesseajessea Posts: 2
    Thanks, I found the TSB on transmissions and thought the same thing. Why have it on a 2007 car if there hasn't been problems? Makes me wonder. I'm going to wait until I've everything taken care of, then make my complaint. Fortunately the dealer the car was towed to is great, so far. I also saw a TSB on leaking Hard Top Freedom Panels. I have the dual top and had a leak when I first got the car, but since I took out the softtop and put the hard top back on I've had no leaks, but something to keep my eye on. I guess I've been lucky. I buy a new car every years and have never had anything go wrong within the first year, it I've only had this car 3 months.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You have a first build of a completely new model, and whether it's an 'american' or an import (the definition of which can be vague at best), you shouldn't be surprised that problems have arisen...............upset yes, surprised no.

    ALL first builds from ALL manufacturers have, to be nice, 'teething troubles'. In reality, the first purchasers are always the last stage of product development and reliability testing.

    The problems you shouldn't be having are those associated with original dealer.

    Finally, "...I guess I've been lucky. I buy a new car every years and have never had anything go wrong within the first year.........". I guess you have been lucky! :)
  • Looking at the 07 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. Initially going for the manual but have read 2 posts on other boards about problems owners have had with the manual tranny. Has anyone else encountered problems with the manual or automatic transmission. I would also appreciate any recommendations from current owners ie...likes, dislikes. We buy and hold our cars so I am trying to avoid buying a vehicle with maintenance problems. Thanks
  • To clarify why I had my 07 Un transmission computer updated was that the shifts, while no where near harsh, were noticeable and going down a hill it would hesitate to downshift, but not always and not a real problem. Now that the computer has been reprogrammed it shifts seemlessly and seems to have more power. If I didn't get it updated, I would still not be concerned. These things are build solid, so don't worry buy it, enjoy it, and (like me) look to the weather everyday to try and take the top off as much as possbile. ;)
    As far as likes/dislikes: I kinda wish I had the Sahara instead of a loaded X with S package (means just like Sahara except you get the Sahara's standard 17's and no YES! seats) because I think it would be nice to have the Yes seats, but so far haven't had any need. Have you decided on a top yet? The softtop works for me in snowy ohio, once you get the hang of it its easy to use. The only thing that needs improved is my gas mileage which is a measly 17 mpg, but i think i broke it in too hard and others have recorded better. Go for it!
  • I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler X, 6-speed with the 6 cylinder engine. Since I bought the jeep new I have been having a problem with it popping out of first gear. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it happens often enough, usually when pulling into traffic. I have let my brother and other people borrow the jeep and all complain of the same thing. I have not done any custom work to the Jeep, this is a factory stock vehicle. When I bring it into the dealership, they either say they can't duplicate the problem or they can duplicate it if they really try but it is not a problem with the car but with they way it is driven. I have had stick shift cars all of my life and never had this problem before. Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what I can do to get the dealership to acknowledge there is a problem and look into it? Thanks. :mad:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It shouldn't jump out of gear, no matter how hard you accelerate. Your easiest solution is probably to take it to a more customer oriented dealer.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    You say you bought it new, but was it bought brand new or just new to you? I wasn't sure.

    This is a commonly reported problem if a body lift, motor lift, or suspension lift was installed.

    I would look at the linkage under the body and make sure it is all good, and I'd check to see if the transmission mount is bent, damaged, or broken.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    This is a commonly reported problem if a body lift, motor lift, or suspension lift was installed.

    True, but the usually reported problem is with the t/c rather than the main transmission. Most manual transmission problems that occur when the relationship between the transmission and the body has been changed, are concerned with an inability to engage a gear because the gear lever strikes the hole in the tub or the console.
  • The Jeep was bought brand new off of the lot. 13 miles on it. I have not done any custom work to it, I have read somewhere else about the problems when lift kits were added, but mine is factory stock. I will take your advise and try another dealer. My full warranty expires in about 2000 miles, (36000 miles). But I still have the drivetrain warranty, (70000 mi?). Thanks for the help.
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