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Honda Accord Crosstour



  • wemburkewemburke Posts: 5
    edited February 2010
    My concern is not so much the need to install new pads - that is relatively easy and cheap. I am wondering if the brakes are too small for the weight, would this lead to: a) reduced stopping ability/performance; b) too much heat causing premature rotor warping - meaning re-surfacing or replacement (something that is not so inexpensive).
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Since this is the first year for the crosstour the brakes may or may not be matched properly. You are usually better off waiting until the second or third year to let the bugs be worked out. Having said that unless you plan on towing a trailer, I wouldn't let that issue from preventing me from buying. A lot depends on your load and how you drive.
  • I too thought it was time to look at a Subaru however after close inspection including user forums, I went to my Honda dealer, ordered a Crosstour and even had change left over!

  • The Subaru lease is not good as the Crosstour. Honda has much more confidence in the resale value.

    I tested the 10' Subie Outback, a loaded Venza, and the AWD Crosstour w/Nav. The Crosstour is miles ahead of the others in terms of style, comfort, and quality.
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    I would agree. I drove the Outback and while it was a nice car, quality was not as good as a Crosstour. Monthly lease payment on the EXL 4WD was over $100 less than the Outback LTD (4 cyl) and the Outback had $1500 out of pocket at lease inception while the Crosstour was a sign & drive (no trade either).
  • I also drove all 3, Subie, Venza, Crosstour. I believe you drove a 4-cyl Outback. That being the case, of course you would like the Crosstour better. You need to try the 6 cyl Outback. It's like night and day. You might change your mind. Also, the nav in the Outback actually works, and works great. On the other hand, the nav in the Crosstour is a dud that can't understand voice commands (yes, different persons tried), and the click-and-press manual commands are frustrating and not as user friendly as the Outback's nav. If Honda makes some refinements to the Crosstour, I'll take another look. Venza w/o 4wd is squirrely when accelerating after a turn, so its off my list because I don't need a 4wd and not willing to loose gas mileage to get it.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Albert72, did you post the details of your lease? Sounds like you did it the right way with sign and drive.
  • Hi Car_Man,

    Please provide March's residual and money factory for a 36 month lease of 2010 Crossover EX-L, based the following criteria:

    1.) 12K/yr with Nav
    2.) 12K/yr without Nav
    3.) 15K/yr with Nav
    4.) 15K/yr without Nav

    Thanks in advance!
  • The Buying Experience-Prices Paid in Chicago NW suburbs...

    We recently bought a albaster silver metallic 2010 Crosstour 4WD EX-L with NAVI. Since I have benefited from this forum, I wanted to share our experience as well. We got a decent deal from Brilliance Honda in Crystal lake, IL(another NW Chicago suburb) for around 32250 before TTL and dealer protection package(which is not worth 399 they charged). The clincher was the 1.9% APR for 60 months.The guys(esp. Sales guy-Chris Payton) were great and everything was negotiated via emails. No pains there. We also traded in '01 Grandam GT for around 3K. Honda is apparently running a dealer incentive for Crosstour..But where we got hit were the ext. warranty($1400)+ whole bunch of protection packages except alien protection & UFO abductions. We wanted complete piece of mind for 7 years at least and since it was a good deal to begin with, we decided to tack on the extras....

    The BackGround- Why? Why? Why?

    We loved the car at the Chicago auto show and shape(yes! we are weird) in our opinion was unique and gave it an unique flair not seen on other cars except the Porsche Panamera....Also, CT reminded my wife her parent's AMC Eagle growing up..

    Ownership Experience for past 3 days

    We have already put in 400 miles in the past 2 years of ownership and we LOVE the car..The most smoothest, least noisest Honda I have ever been in.. My other car is 2007Honda Civic Si Sedan...So I do care for dynamics and CT doesn't disappoint....The kickdown from auto transmission is very quick and you are NEVER shortchanged...And I am impressed, coming from a Si... Ride is great compromise.. Wont win slalom races with Si, but holds in own.. handles much better than SUVs....It behaves like a car and has most of the utility one needs. We transported whole bunch of plants from my aunt's place...And space is more than adequate for me and my wife and out future 2 kids...The best part is the ECO mode. This is awesome. On a car with 10 miles, we averaged around 25 mpg on the highway. And its very non-intrusive... I think Honda is very conservative with these numbers...Also the navigation is quite user-friendly, voice friendly...The rear view camera is great...

    The CONS

    -Lack of power-adjustable steering. It has memory settings for seats and mirrors but not for steering. That is a total bummer...Honda went cheap there..And also the lack of internal rear-view mirror needs to be adjusted as well... No power settings for that...

    - My wife misses the panoramic sunroof her mom's SRX has.. But with Honda, sunroofs are like a source of rattles and I am glad, it is not bigger than the current size...

    - EX-L without NAVI and reversing is a PAIN. It should come with rear parking the very least.. And the BIG SCREEN for EX-L without NAVI is stupid...If my dealer had given us parking sensors,we would have got the one without NAVI. With the parking sensors installed, the difference between NAVI and non-NAVI is only 1400. I think the reverse camera and NAVI is well worth the 1400.

    - No automatic wipers...Well I am being a snob here...


    - Drive Crosstour even if you plan to buy an Accord Sedan.. Once you get over the looks, its a great car and difference after the dealer payoffs and Honda promotions.. is GREAT...!

    - Even though MSRP is HIGH for a HOnda, I think at the current prices, it is a STEAL...! BUY ONE BEFORE IT BECOMES POPULAR...

    - Also, I called Geico to add my car.. And the Customer rep at geico was mentioning it was her 20th Honda Crosstour she was adding in the past 2 days. Geico had to put in a req to IT department to add the Crosstour to the list of Hondas. ..

    - 5 stars out of 5.
  • blue_boyblue_boy Posts: 52
    I can speak to my 2003 Pilot bought new. It has 88,808 miles on it (last night) and the original brakes are on it. No noise or squealing either. Hope this information helps.

    ps I don't abuse brakes.
  • believebelieve Posts: 74
    I don't want to start anything here, but this guy is full of crap. IF he has any kahoonas, post your vin # !
    I can't stand these trolls!
  • I have tested two CT's with Nav. One unit had parking guide lines and distance markers the one I tested today just had the maskers. What gives? :confuse:
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    Does anyone have any thoughts on the bra cover for the front of the Crosstour. I read the installation instructions and it indicates that the bra needs to be removed if it gets wet. I will cause discoloration of the paint otherwise. Any help would be appreciated. I just ordered it and I am considering cancelling the order for the bra.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,597
    Personally, I'd pass on the bra.

    Instead look at getting the clear stone protection made by 3M.
  • The line Feature can be turned off or on at will
  • I bought My Crosstour with the nav for the camera because of the rear visibility. after driving it several days I'm very happy that I got the nav, but not because of any visibility problems. There is absolutely no visibility problem, you can see as well out of the crosstours rear window as any other vehicle.
  • alan338alan338 Posts: 5
    Thank you for your posting #225, piper1233, expressing your view on the visibility issue of Crosstour. This was my big concern when I visited my local Honda dealership to look at the car. With all the rear headrests up the view thru the rear windshield is blocked as much as 50% in my estimate. The salesman immediately lowered the rear middle headrest and the view improved somewhat. I was so unhappy with the visibility thru the rear windshield that I declined a test drive.

    What you posted here just gave me new hope. I probably will go there again later this week or next week to have a test drive. However, another issue comes up. The financing incentive expires tomorrow 5/3/10 and I don't think I would be ready to buy this car tomorrow. :cry:
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    Hi Piper1233 we purchased a CrossTour 3 weeks ago. I too had reservations regartding the view out of the back of the vehicle.Turns out because it is just my wife and myself that we just drop the back seat down and the view improves. Granted it could be better however this seems to work for us. Of course if you are more than two, that indeed is not an option. Hope you are able to purchase one, it is truyly a luxury car...............
  • alan338alan338 Posts: 5
    Thank you, ewysocki, for your valuable information on the visibility issue. I use my car by myself majority of the time and so lowering the back seat should not be a big problem. When I test drive the car I certainly will do the comparison: with back seat up vs with back seat down. At the very least the rear middle headrest would be lowered all the time because hardly there is a 5th passenger in my car.

    I live in central NJ and don't mind travelling up to 100 miles for this car if the price is attractive. Can you please share your purchase experience with us so that we can benefit from it? Where did you buy the Crosstour, what options were on the car and what was the out the door price you paid? Thankssssssssssss a lot.
  • c650c650 Posts: 8
    Have any of you tried to set up your Crosstour for light towing? I'd like to have the ability to tow a utility trailer, which would weigh about 1,400lbs loaded. Strongly considering a Crosstour, this is my main concern.
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