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1995 TownCar ABS Light

texastowncartexastowncar Posts: 1
edited March 25 in Lincoln
My anti-lock brake light comes on in my dash while I am driving and stays on. Sometimes when I stop and restart the car, it does not come back on. At times the brakes act like the calipers are not gripping. My pads are fine on all 4 wheels. Does anyone know what needs to be replaced if at all?

The brake pads are all good, but when I depress them, it kinda feels like they will not stop, but when the 'Anti-Locking" lights come on the brakes work ok.


  • Had the same problem. The computer said my right front sensor was bad. Replaced it four times in three years. Finally had a mechanic take the sensor off and check the whole assembly and he found a magnetic piece of an old sensor that was stuck to the reflector. It moved around and periodically would block the wheel sensor and the ABS light would come on which caused the compiuter to indicate that sensor was bad. Since he removed it everything is great. If it happened once it can happen again. Just a possibility to check out.
    Good luck.
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