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Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Minivan Problems & Solutions



  • Not that this is the type of advice you were looking for, but I might as well say it before someone else does....if you can, take it to another dealer or even pay a small fee at a trusted independent mechanic to have the real problem discovered. It's pretty obvious the dealer is just throwing parts at the car at your expense.

    Having the car checked for error codes at the local Auto Zone, etc wouldnt be a bad idea either.

    good luck
  • I had the same problem when we had some body work done and the battery had been disconnected for a few days. I took it to the Dodge Dealer. The service writer said that the module had lost its programming. He was able to fix it while I waited, so it is easy to fix, but I think you are going to have to go to a dealer to do it.
  • I backed my 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan LE into a parked truck, breaking the tail light lens on the driver's side of my vehicle. I replaced the lens cover and light bulbs, but now when I use the turn signals the lights blink fast and if I push on the brakes, the blinking speed increases and the rear tail lights look like they are alternating. Is this another computer needs resetting problem or do I need to replace all the light bulbs again because I have a bad one somewhere that is causing the system to act like it has a short? All the light bulbs light up, but the problem occurs when I'm driving and using the turn signals or brake lights. Has anyone run into this problem before?
  • The service engine light came on 2 weeks ago and nothing was wrong ... yet now it
    shakes when its idling and today the fan wont turn off ... eeeeeeeeek what do I do? help :confuse:
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    A fast blinking turn signal is usually a sign that one bulb is burnt out.

    Also, some bulbs are dual element bulbs, one element used for turn signal, the other used for driving lights when headlights are on, and/or sahred with the brake lights.

    My guess is you may have swapped your bulbs or connectors, or something like that. Since you did not do anything to the passenger side, I would take a look at both sides, and make sure everything is connected identically and the bulb part numbers are the same on your driver side as it is on the passenger side.

    I really doubt this is a computer problem.
  • Shipo - As a former mechanic, maybe you can help. 91 Grand Caravan, is there a horn relay anywhere? I hear clicking noises when pressing the horn switch, just above the fuse box, but no fuse to be found for the horn. Any ideas??
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, a former mechanic. Yup, like thirty years ago. ;-)

    Regarding your 91 GC, while I've never worked on one (hell, I've never even been in one) I have no idea how the horn is wired. That having been said, a few things come to mind:

    1) I would bet lots of money that the horn is fused somewhere. I've seen some cars with two different fuse blocks, one in/under the dash and a second in the engine compartment. Maybe you have two. Yes, no?
    2) The fact that you hear a clicking noise when activating the horn leads me to believe that your fuse is probably okay.
    3) Do you know for a fact that the horn itself is working? In years gone by (many), I've seen horns that just quit. That said, it would be unlikely that multiple horning devices would quit at the same time, and my guess is that you have at least two.

    So, where does that leave us? A short? Hmmm, probably not, otherwise the fuse would probably blow and you wouldn't hear the clicking noise. This is a strange one, strange enough that I'd probably be inclined to ask a good mechanic to look at it.

    Then again, someone around here might have more experience with your version of GC and might say, "Oh yeah, that's a common problem. Simply replace the gheezastat and you'll be good to go." Keep us posted. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • Hi, I bought a used 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan in June of '05 (bought with 21K miles, now has 25K miles). Was noticing some unusual noises under the hood and when I make right hand turns. Just found out that the rack & pinion is bad....major fix. It is under warranty but I'm wondering what could have caused this in such a new car....carfax didn't report any crashes. Thoughts anyone?? Anything I should watch for after the fix? Thanks everyone!
  • Hi,
    I bought a new 2005 Grand Caravan in August of last year and it now has 21,000 miles. I took it in for an oil change last week and they said that the bushings where loose so they replaced them. 2 days ago the front end started to knock so I took it back in today and guess what!! The rack & pinion has to be replaced at 21,000 miles.

    The van is still under the original warranty but thank god I bought a bumper to bumper extended warranty.

    I also have electronic sliding doors on the van and I have had to get the wiring harness replaced already.

    No problems so far with the Stow and Go seating...thank-god!!
  • lastarlastar Posts: 30
    I'm looking to buy a 2006. I need the tow package and these look identical although Dodge seems a little less expensive. Am I missing something as to why the Chrysler costs more?
    Thanks for replying
  • I beleive it is the trim packages and mouldings between the Dodge and Chrsyler. I ran into the same thing when I bought my Dodge Grand Caravan last year. The Town and Country priced out higher but the engine, transmission and features where the same expect for the body mouldings and interior trim packages.
  • eighteight Posts: 1
    I own a 96 Plymouth Grand Voyage S.E. I believe I am having transmission problems, you see, I can turn it on and it runs fine, but when I put it into gear, nothing happens. It doesn't go anywhere. I changed the fuild and the filter and still nothing. Please Help.
  • I recently bought a 1996 T&C :lemon: , shortly after buying this van i noticed the left (drivers) tail light & front parking light would not work with the headlights on..I changed the bulbs, still not working.. :confuse:

    a few days later I noticed the turn sig's didnt work all the time and now the dash cluster cuts in and out and the alarm light comes on..

    once in a while it will start and then stall after a few seconds..

    Common sence tells be bad ground wire , but I dont have the a clue where to start looking...

    anyone else had these problems? any ideas where to start looking for these electrical gremlins? :sick: (the Gremlin was a kick [non-permissible content removed] little car, wish I had one now)
  • What if it's not the bulb? This afternoon I was out running errands in my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan. Everything was fine until I left the last location. I turned on the van, and the right turn blinked fast. I got home and saw that the right-front turn signal and the right-front running light were off. I pulled out the old bulb and saw that both its filaments were intact. I installed a new, unused bulb (also with good filaments), and it did not work either. No turn signal, no parking light. What else could be the problem?
  • i am currently having ,the same problem with my 1995 grand ply.voyager..just last week it stopped running on a friday,and on that sunday,i went out to crank it and it started right up..i drove it all week long back and forward to work and then the following week it after i had pumped some gas,i could'nt start it back..the guy that works with me,who also fixes the school buses where i work seems to think it could be the fuel pump or the injectors..not to mention since the price of gas has went up my tank has been on empty latly which may have played a part in it..i hope maybe this help a little..image
  • Just to follow up - the mechanic is an old friend, he wanted to change the fluid and filter again just to go thur things. He did, problem was still there, he call Chrysler. They finally told him it was a computer reprogram, but they couldn't explain why. Just said it happened sometimes. He reprogrammed, everything is cool.
  • kkovakkkovak Posts: 16
    Not exactly a problem but was wondering if anyone knows where I can get OEM front floor mats for my '99 Grand Caravan? All the stuff in the auto stores just doesn't fit very well.

  • khoakhoa Posts: 64
    Read post #3167 by theburl. Your problem may be the same. My brother's Caravan has similar problem and yes, a whack on the steering column near the ignition key does solve his problem :)
  • kkovakkkovak Posts: 16
    My 1999 Grand Caravan would stall intermittently also. After a fair amount of diagnostic work, at no charge by the dealer, it was found to be a faulty engine computer module. Simply jumpering past this module and then replacing it, allowed th car to start again. The modules costs ~$400 but it was covered by my Federal Emissions Warranty, even though my 7/70 warranty had run out.

    Good Luck,
  • I have always found a junk yard or E Bay is a good place to body and interior parts
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