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Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Minivan Problems & Solutions



  • jrblevjrblev Posts: 3
    Thanks again, I did what you said and no more flashing lights. My repair manual gives instructions on removing and replacing the entire control system but says when the new system is in you must take it to a dealer to get it calibrated. Like you need some special equipment to do it. I guess it is ok to fix it your self as long as you go and pay the dealer anyway.
  • colorado1974colorado1974 Posts: 177
    Anybody have a low speed engine knock when lightly accellerating? Happens around 20 mph or so.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286
    You are welcome!
  • arthurkingarthurking Posts: 9
    I have a 2006 DGC SXT. The car will give me a single chime one out of probably 8-10 times when I park the car and apply the park brake. I think the computer system in the car try to warn me about sth.
    Since the car is only 1-month old, I took it to my dealer and the mechanics can't find anything wrong with it. But then we found another issue: according to the service information about this car, the car will give a chime if the park brake is on and the vehicle's speed is over 1 mph. The mechanics intentionally drove some short distance twice while the park brake is on, but neither time did the chime come out.
    I spoke with different dealers and mechanics and got different answers. Some said it is not a big deal as long as you see no further warning signs. Some said the car shouldn't chime when you normally park, and should chime when you drive with the park brake on, and you should have the car serviced.
    I am hesitating because this is a brand-new car and I am afraid that having it serviced maybe won't do me any good, or maybe make things even worse(the mechanics in my local dealer insisted there is nothing to be worried about). What's your opinon on this issue? thanks.
  • dc_buyer2dc_buyer2 Posts: 5
    "Service Engine Soon" light went on - 1996 Caravan - 3.0L

    Brought it to the dealer and he found a faulty front oxygen sensor. I know these are about $80-$100 for the part, but they are charging me $325. Does this sound right. Also, they just called because I needed an inspection and the rear lights aren't working so they said to replace the rear switch (because it's in a tough place) it will cost another $200!

    Am I being had?
  • tjcintjcin Posts: 4
    Just wanted to post this info. After 7 visits to the Chrysler dealer, that's right, I said 7, the satellite radio is finally fixed. The Sirius receiver was changed, the the radio itself, and finally the culprit, the antenna. I have never dealt with such incompetence in all my life. Such a minor problem has soured me with this brand of vehicle. I now see why people buy vehicles produced outside this country. For what I paid for this Limited minivan I could have bought something much higher in quality!! So long until my next problem. TC
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    It should never of taken up to 7 visits to fix a simple radio problem. But, you shouldn't sour on the vehicle just because of a radio problem. That's the same thing as asking for a new van because of a dash rattle.
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    I have a '94 Pymouth Voyager with a 3.0. I have a haynes manual, but I still can't find where to insert the beaker bar into the tensioner pulley. I've felt all around the pulley and the bracket, but can't find the 1/2" square hole anywhere. Any ideas??? :confuse:
  • mrbizness1mrbizness1 Posts: 85
    On my 3.3 you pull down on the nut that holds the pulley on the tensioner to remove the belt. There isn't a place for a breaker bar.
  • gpeternggpeterng Posts: 1
    I had my battery replaced and now the lights on the Heating and A/C panel flash like light show. How do I fix this problem. I took it to a Chrysler Dealer and they told me that it would reset after 15 min and it did, but each time I restart the Van they start flashing again. Please Help. :confuse:

  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286
    Here you go:

    #321 of 642 Re: AC/heating lights on dashboard [rebellady1964] by crackerjax May 30, 2005 (3:36 am)
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    Replying to: rebellady1964 (May 15, 2005 5:22 am)

    I had the same problem and the Dodge House where I lived wanted 500 dollars to fix it! I found someone on the internet who helped me out and I pass this on to you and others to save you some big money as this you can do for free. Here is what you do:
    All you need to do is start your van. Then slide your temp lever all the way to full cold. Then turn the Mode Control to the one that sends air to your face only. Then turn the 'blower switch' to all the way to full. Now go to the leftmost three buttons. Press the top one (rear wiper on constant) and the bottom one (rear wiper washer fluid). Hold these two for a few seconds. Once the lights come on solid then begin to flash, you can let go. The AC will now calibrate. You will feel the air blow out of all the different zones at different intervals and see lights come on and go off. Then after a minute or two the top button you pressed will be slowly flashing. This means it has been completed. Press the last flashing button and you are done. Turn off the van and started it back up and see now you don't have those infernal blinking lights anymore! Hope this helps! Oh, be careful with the battery, it is very touchy on Dodge Caravans and can blow out any electrical thing so it is better to take the battery out and charge it and don't charge it directly. One guy mentioned it blew his on board computer just accidently touching the wrench and grounding the battery so be careful with the battery.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    Those of you with the older van with weak headlights. I wonder if it's the bulb and not the head light shield, like it was on my old Eagle Vision. The shield would cloud up and I also had weak lights coming from them. I got a plastic scratch remover and put it on. It took most of the discoloration off and improved the light coming from them.
  • rvnurse2brvnurse2b Posts: 1
    My husband tried to fix a fuel leak in our 1997 T&C. He did it ok, but then the tank and hoses, and seals and whatever went everywhere.
    Do they boobie trap these things so you have to bring them in to the dealership? He thought he found all the parts, but the fuel return seems to be missing a part and it is leaking profusely. It is not drivable. Chiltons and Autozone, as well as the dealership in town show no seals or anything on the diagrams. We don't know where to get the part, how much it will cost or if we can even fix it ourselves ( Gosh I hope so!) Do we have to buy a whole fuel system or something? Please help! :sick: :cry: We are trying to take a drive to New Mexico next week to see my grandfather before he dies, and we don't know if he will last longer than a week or two.
  • My Grand Caravan just started ringing for low fuel on a full tank. How can i fix this problem.
    Thanks JP
  • ntbillntbill Posts: 20
    Is it new? Because I had this problem on my Honda Civic. The gauge was showing Full, but the light indicating an empty tank was on. In fact, the tank was near empty. The problem was with the gauge, it was jammed. My Civic was new and it was my second tank. After filling the tank at a gaz station, the problem never came back.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    The 1996-2000's were criticised for weak headlights even when brand new. Not that they have bothered us that much on our 1996-and on our 1996 the headlight lenses are just as clear as they were new.

    I have yet to figure out what people have done on their older vehicles to get the lenses so cloudy, are they driving a lot in dust storms in the desert Southwest, or are they misapplying rubbing compound or some other abrasive cleaner or solvent? Cloudy lenses have never been a problem in our vehicles.
  • sterrellsterrell Posts: 1
    The power steering on my 2001 DGC fails when the engine is cold. It happens in the first five minutes after starting, but after that it is fine. I brought it to the dealer, but they could not duplicate this. I am going to drop it off again, but this time will let it set overnight as this is when the problem consistently occurs. I was wondering if any other DGC owners have had similar problems.
  • jfgolf3jfgolf3 Posts: 15
    Should an EGR valve be replaced free under the extended emisions control warranty on a 2004 Caravan with 40,000 miles.
  • mrbizness1mrbizness1 Posts: 85
    The r/s headlamp on my 98 has started to cloud up just below the top edge. I use Mequires plastx on it every few months. Some people have wet sanded them. My left light is almost new looking which makes me think the damage is caused by sand being thrown into the lense especially during the winter months. I notice alot of Neons with very bad lights and wonder how they drive at night.
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