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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Any thoughts on a fair price for 2.0T automatic with Lux pkg 2 would be? MSRP = $30,065 and Invoice = 27,762 (both with delivery included). The local (i.e., Charlotte) dealers have sizeable inventories so I would assume a price below sticker, so the question is how much below. Barring rebates, etc. that I am unaware of, would a $28,500 price be doable? Interested in hearing what other folks are paying / being quoted. Thanks in advance.
  • Hello Forum -

    I receive invoice pricing on VWs through my work. I'd like to lease a 2007 Passat 2.0T w/ option1. Dealer tells me invoice is 25K and change.

    Quoted me $380 per month. Zero down. I pay all fees and taxes (a lot in Chicago!).

    Now, we have the dreaded 'use tax' in Chicago which is 6.5% so I was advised some type of balloon lease to avoid this.

    OK--but dealer tells me VW financing is 6.19% (?!)

    Based on other postings $380 per month on this vehicle for a strong partner of VW/Audi seems way too high.

    Thoughts? Should I go for a 2006? I don't care much about model year.

    Thanks in advance -- lots of super data points on this forum.
  • Hi,

    I doubt interest rates have changed from VW financing. I bought a passat 2.0t base model (no packages..etc) and got 2.9 financing..not a special deal or anything, just what they had at the time. Also you can get the car for under invoice, don't let them convince you invoice is their bottom line. I got mine for around 750 under invoice so I would think since the car you are looking at is about 2k more to look to get 1100-1200 below invoice for a good deal. A dealer wouldn't make a deal where they are losing money, just logic.

    Not sure aobut leasing, someone else would be better about that, but the lower the base price, the lower the lease payments obviously.

    Feel free to ask more questions
  • I'm not sure if the 28,500 is an out the door price or what, but you should be able to get this car before TTL for around 26200-26500 I would think, basically extrapolating from the figures I paid for a base 2007 passat. Again, I'm not 100% sure, but look to at least get $1000 below invoice, since on a base model MSRP 23k(around), I was able to get more that 750 below invoice for a price.

    Let me know if you have any other questions
  • I got a promotion at work last spring and started shopping for a 3.6L Passat in early June since it was on the list of acceptable cars that the company would pay for. Before I got approval to buy the car, the company was taken over and all company car perqs were frozen (probably forever). Today, out of the blue, I got a call from the dealer I had been negotiating with saying he had the exact car I had been looking to buy. It's a new 2006 leftover 3.6L gray with gray leather interior, with sport package #1, trunk and floor mats and a Sirius Radio. The sticker price is $33,815. He said if I buy it before Christmas he'll give it to me for $25,560. I am not in the market for a new car right now but does this seem like it's too good to pass up or is it pretty much a deal I can find anywhere that still has left overs? I'd like to hear thoughts from anyone that would like to add their 2 cents (just realized there is no longer a "cents" symbol on the keyboard). I plan on driving the car tomorrow but I'm really not sure I want to buy at this time.
  • I drove the 2007 3.6 Wagon Sport w/18" wheels. The dealer let me take it for a weekend test drive. I thought it was a great car. Plenty of power, comfortable and safe. The adjustable headlights are very cool. My wife and I currently own two Passats and we think they are great cars. We have not pulled the trigger, however, since we do not want to take on a car payment at this time. When we are ready I believe we will probably buy the car.

    Price wise it looks like a very good deal for you. Are there any miles on the car? It almost sounds too good to be true.
  • hstuhstu Posts: 3
    Lot's of talk of you guys getting below invoice for sedans, dealer quoted $500 over invoice for wagon w/#2. Down side for me is I like the color and there is not another one within 200+ miles in color combo. Anyone think I should be able to buy under invoice? I like the sound of at least $750 below.....I might should just hang up the color issue...
  • I think that is a deal that just about any dealer will make on a leftover '06..

    I notice that all of the local VW dealers have ads with big discounts on '06s..


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  • ynn18ynn18 Posts: 6
    After several days testing drives and negotiation with dealer, I finalized the price of a 2006 2.0T passat with luxury packge #2 and dynaudio for 24000 and it was 4100 below the invoice. The car has 500 miles on it. But I need to find the financing other than VW. Is it a worth deal?

    the point is when I was ready to sign the paperwork, the dealer tell me the horn did not work so I could not get the car today. They told me they could fix it next Monday and it was not a big problem. But I was so upset and frustrated and So I quited the deal and left. :mad:

    How should I further negotiate with the dealer? more discount on the car or just another car (hard to find the car with same options). The horn failure puts some shadow in me about the car's quality. maybe I should try other brand.

    What do you think? Any suggestion is welcomed. Thanks!
  • I drove the car today and was impressed with the power and overall quality. It has 69 miles on it, 7 of which are mine. My only concerns about this car are whether the rear seat legroom is adequate for a 14 year old that's 5'-8" and still growing and whether the reliability of the electronics has improved over the 2005 models. If it weren't the worst time of year to be buying a car I would probably have taken the deal today. As things stand I told the dealer I'd let him know Monday. The salesman claims the $25,560 price is non-negotiable and according to him it is below dealer cost. VW is making up the difference to move them off the lot but the offer ends on December 31. Anyone think I can do any better price-wise than that? There were four similar 2006 3.6L Passats still on the lot this morning but one of them sold today while I was talking with the salesman. I'm fairly certain a Passat will be my next car and I doubt the price will ever be better but the timing really stinks! :confuse:
  • The horn problem is likely just a fuse..

    You might be feeling some sort of buyer's remorse and the horn thing was just a reason to step back from the deal.

    If that is the car you want, just go back and get it.. If you had already agreed on a deal, I don't think the dealer will feel any need to lower the price for a horn that can easily be fixed.

    Just the view from here...

    Good luck,

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  • ynn18ynn18 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply and I really appreciate it.
    Well, I dont think it is a easy problem to fix. The dealer told me they needed to updated the computer in the car, which sounds a bigger problem.

    I like the car. But just worried the potential problems down the road.
  • Looking at 06 3.6l 4Motion MSRP is $37,780, Dealer is offering invoice of $35,266 less $3500, or $31766 plus tax and fees. Are dealers going much below invoice?

    May move in the next few days, any feedback is appreciated.
  • I think you should be looking somewhere at least $1000 less than that...

    My local dealer was advertising $7K off MSRP on their leftover '06 3.6 models...

    The last week of the year? I might shoot for $30K even.. :)

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  • Hi, we got a quote for 20098 with 100 miles on the car. Is it a good deal? We are in NJ
  • what is a good deal for 36 mo., 15,000 mi./year? on a lease? is the driver option worthwhile (other than avoiding sales tax that Chicago kills you with)??
  • What is a good price for 3.6L With Option #1 + Rear Side Air Bags?

    Is there a hesitation on the 3.6L's? Do I need to get the "Update / Patch fix for the hesitation problems on the 3.6? The one I am looking at arrived at the dealer's lot in the last week of October?

    Anything that i need to check before I 1)buy 2)Take Delivery?

    Thanks for your Help. Thanks
  • Anyone get any competitive quotes for the 07 3.6L with Luxury package?? Particularly in southern california??
  • Thanks for the advise. Was working with one dealer in Western Suburbs of detroit, he was going $1000 below invoice plus the $3500 rebate on a 06 4Mothion Pkg II and floor mats, howerver he would not come up to the blue book number on my trade I got off the VW web site. (about $1500 apart)

    Found and Identical car on North Side of Detoit, two phone calls and 30 minutes later, had a verbal deal, was offering $1250 more than dealer 1, sight unseen for my trade. Drove out there and 30 minutes later was driving home, best purchase experience ever (30 years)

    Dealer 1 tried to sweat me by calling on the 30th to let me know programs were expiring,,let him know I picked up my new Passat.

    Thank you Edmunds forum for the input to target $1000 below invoice


  • Congratulations on the new car!!

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