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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wow i really admire your ability to get such a great deal. could you please share some tips on how you achieved your goal? it seems like i was too naive to bring in my research folder with the msrp, invoice, tmv written all over my papers.
  • My wife and I pick up her 2008 Passat wagon tomorrow. We paid $29,000 for it. Its sticker price was $30,200. Probably could have done better given that a 2009 wagon had just arrived but we also got the 60 months at 0% financing so that was good. This is the Komfort with heated seats and the floor mats and mud guards option. Only had 13 miles as the sales manager said it was the last 2008 he had ordered. Would have loved a manual but my wife preferred the automatic and there were only 2 2008's left.

    I bought my 2001.5 1.8t Passat (manual) at the same dealership and have 145,000 miles on it and virtually no problems. A few headlights here and there (better since I pulled the fuse on the DRLs) and a couple vacuum hoses but other wise just wear and tear issues. Only had to replace brakes front and rear once and original turbo still going strong. Dealer service has been great. Always use 93 octane and always use full synthetic Mobil 1. Even when dealer provided service I brought my own oil. Best car I have ever owned. :D
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    was the 0% for 60 months normal? i thought it was 2.9% at 60 months according to edmunds...
  • Yes, as far as i know. That had it at 2 different dealerships that i was at. Perhaps Edmunds hasnt been updated.
  • 2008 Passat Turbo Sedan Manual + seat heating and ipod adapter.

    23374 OTD, close to Philly. Have to go through the dealer's finance so that they get the commission from the loaner. The loan can be paid off any time without penalty.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    huih, what dealer was in the philly area.
  • I'm shopping in Houston to buy a new 2008 lux edition passat with no additional options and got an offer for one with a 30,790 msrp for 26500, so more than 4k off the sticker. It already has 500 miles on it from being driven from an out of town dealership, but was not a demo and they of course are still calling it new. my question is, does this sound like a good deal seeing how many miles it has? They're reminding me that the warranty still starts at 0 miles.
  • i think you can go lower. look for at least $500 below invoice then take into consideration $2500 dealer cash and that it has 500 miles. but i believe there is also advertising fees, reserve fees and a port fee on every vehicle...almost $400 more than edmunds listed invoice. i'd have them drop it to $26k even as the selling price and be happy.
  • VW in Wellesley Mass. is offering this car at 25K, down from an MSRP of 28.8, and an invoice of 25.5. Nothing special on financing. Any reactions would be appreciated, especially ideas for how to bring that number down. (I am helping my Mom with this, and I know very little about VWs.)

    Relatedly, I heard that these dealers have 3K in "dealer cash," giving them an extra 3k in cushion. Is this correct? If so should I be looking to get this car down closer to 22K? Thanks very much.
  • invoice on that is not 3.3k below msrp...its only about 1.2k or so if you include the advert fee, etc. so with an msrp of 28.8, i'd shoot for $500 below invoice + the $2500 dealer cash. offer $24k
  • Thanks very much! How do you know that the dealer cash exists and is 2500? Is that general knowledge? And when you say to offer 24K, is that inclusive of delivery fee and all that, or would you assume that would be added on to the 24?
  • well it depends on the area but im pretty sure its 2500 for the 2.0T and 5500 for the vr6. and the 24k includes the delivery charge
  • I’m looking at a 2006 4motion Passat (base model 4motion; ie, V6, vtex, 6-speed auto, sunroon, 6-disc CD changer, 17” wheels) with 13k miles for $19.5k. It’s VW certified (hence a 2 year warranty extension). Is this a good deal?
  • I see the Volkswagen Passat Komfort has a 0.0% APR Term: 36 months

    I hear that only about 10% of people can actually get that deal? Is that correct?
    And that usually will not deal on price if you take the 0% APR. Is that true?
  • That's been my experience, with two dealers in MA. Both are offering discounts on an 08 Komfort (23.8K on one, 25K on the other), but they're saying no to the 0% APR. Would be interested in hearing your experiences. I'm trying to evaluate whether to take the 25K offer, notwithstanding the situation with the APR. (The 23.8K offer is on a particular car in an awful color.)
  • That seems like a good price.
    What kind of options are you looking for?
    If you build through edmunds here, what are the costs?
    If I build, I see
    MSRP Invoice
    $27,900 $26,064

    Then I pick
    Rear Side Airbags
    Heatable Front Seats

    the final numbers are
    MSRP $29,165
    Invoice $27,263
    TMV $27,948
  • Hi Guys,
    I was at the VW Dealership for a 2008 (new) Passat Turbo 2.0T.

    The sticker MSRP was $25,500
    Included Ipod adapter, heated seats automatic transmission AT and one other option

    The dealer offered 72 months 0% financing, but was only willing to come down to $25000 EXCLUDING TTL.

    Also they wanted $2995 for the extended warranty, and wouldnt talk about the maintainence plans.

    Any ideas? Is this a good deal? I was thinking since these are the close out 2008's we could get it for 22-23k..
  • davec8davec8 Posts: 4
    Those are the same options I'm looking for, and it is a good price against what's shown on Edmunds. But I would have expected an ever better price given that these are 08 cars, the 09s are out, and the economy is suffering. I have been surprised at how rigid the dealer is being.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    speedy, look for about $500 below invoice plus the financing OR the additional rebates/dealer cash.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    $500. OFF LIST?? Walk away -or better yet run away - fast. It's a lousy deal/
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