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Real-World Trade-In Values



  • Terry,

    Welcome back. How was the soiree ??

    If I may re-post. I'm hoping for an opinion from a dealers point of view - and pricing on my Sub

    Well, I still haven't taken the E320 out back and shot it. I need to wait until our business gets a little more wind under it (and we can pay ourselves and not live off savings) I hope to replace it in the next couple months -- and hope to get $5-ish for it running up my own flag. Reminder - this was the White '94 E320 w/ 143K, grey hides and all the bells - pretty clean too.

    Here's where I need the advise. My wife's Suburban is a 1999 LT 4x4, white, "K1500"-type with the Marketing Package (Southern Calif)with 91K miles, it has heaters everywhere ( mirrors, buns. etc) Tan leather, 3rd seat, rear air, all power, CD, alarm, towing, etc - decent rubber, blows cold, etc. The bad news - my wife kissed a Toyota on the freeway 3 years ago to the tune of $8K worth of work. Had it done at the best possible shop - but it is what it is.... Reading the posts, I'm guessing a private divorce is worth $13 ?? and if I expect a dealer to do the act, I'm looking $10-ish?? Am I close?

    To replace it....
    I'm looking at the heavy deals on a Denali or Denali XL ( except they look like they have "design by Pontiac cartoonists" all over it) I like the power pack and brakes they come with mainly.

    An alternative would be a 3 year old Lexus LX430 on the theory they both will end up lasting another 6 years or so and the Lexus may blow up less than the GMC.

    Another thought is to buy the wife a new DC T&C and just get a used 3/4T Extra Cab P/U to tow the boat. I figure a 3 or 4 year old Dodge or Chevy. This may cost more but provide more utility.

    What is going to be the least painful on the wallet and keep me away from hydraulic lifts and NAPA parts?

    Your advise - from your side - on my next car choices and the pricing on the Sub are appreciated.

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    Not in Alaska you can't. The used ones that were for sale were the 2002 Coleman 10' no breeze no nothing (less options then we have in the new one) for $5800 at a shady dealer who refused to set it up. A 1991 Coleman 10' for $4k, not in good shape at all, and a 1992 Palomino 8' that was on its last legs for $1k.

    We are happy with the one we bought, its prepped for a/c, so $600 or so and it will have a/c. The generator can be bought later too, right now we have use of one from the base, so its no hurry.

    Nothing is cheap up here, least of all RVs. I guess we could have waited and driven out to the states in the spring and saved a couple grand, but it wasn't worth it to us.

    *snaps fingers* Why didn't I think of having you pick me up one and drive it up?? hehehe
  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    I am looking to buy this one:

    1999 Acura 3.2TL
    73,279 miles
    4 speed auto (was this transmission troublesome?)
    White with gray leather
    No spoiler, no other extras
    At a Honda dealer in Birmingham, AL
    It looks good in the pictures, but I haven't gone to see it yet.
  • Hi Terry

    Been awhile since I posted in here. Quick question. The wife's Silver 2000 Solara is about at the end of it's lease. The buyout for the lease is $9300. Wondering what you think it's worth. Here's the specs:

    2000 Solara SE (silver)
    4 banger - manual
    40,000 miles
    all options EXCEPT leather, alarm, and cd changer
    new rubber
    new rotors/brakes
    1 door ding
    a few small scratches (which could probably be buffed out)

    Pittsburgh, PA area.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ......... I'm sure my eyes are a little strained from lookin' at all those tattoo's .l.o.l.. thats it, tattoo's ...

            So I'm sure I missed it in your post - so, you paid how much for that base 10ft Jayco .?

  • drpobdrpob Posts: 11
    Hello Terry,
    Please help with fair auction/dealer price for:
    2002 Lexus LS430(Chicago):
    Silver/ash(grey) leather
    NAV/ML package
    Car has 14K miles and asking price is $43,500
    Thanks in advance,
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    That's classified information, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

    I know we probably paid too much, do I care? Nope, cause today is the reason we bought it and my daughter's health is worth a few extra G's.

    We paid $10,945 or something like that, that's with freight (they charge extra for that since they barge them up) and dealer prep. Asking price was $12,119 or something like that.

    Yeah, it was spendy, but listening to my daughter cough in all this smoke and not have a way to get her out of it is far worse than spending too much on a camper.

    I'm leaving the house in a little while, heading south, driving as far as I have to until we run out of this smoke. She is having a rough time. Then we'll camp until the smoke clears, after that we'll think about coming home. Hubby can't go, has to work, so this is all me.

    Catch you all when I get back.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ..... **Welcome back. How was the soiree ??**

                 Soiree ..? that's one word for it ~ how about: truly amazing.! .. You really get to see stuff your Mom said you should never see .. but Mom wasn't there (at least not my Mom) .l.o.l.. another nice thing was riding thru the Badlands and the Black Hills, that is really quite a spectacular ride, I mean bad to the bone and the weather was puuuurfect, 75ish during the days and 55ish at nights and no humidity .. it was coming back early and seeing all the damage from Charley that was the no-fun part .. me, I missed it all, but some folks will be lost for months .... :(

                     Anyway, back to reality ... $8,0 big ones in repair.? .. without seeing/knowing more about the Burb it's hard to say, ya know the finished product, stuff like sand in the paint, overspray on all the windows and the 64lbs of bondo on the hood, ya know the little things .l.o.l.. but if it's nice, finished right, all OEM parts, no plastic fantastic, then trade side, in and around the $8's ... down Retail Rd with a great Ad, artistic detail, deep round things, all serviced, lookin', feelin' and driving like 50k, $11,900 *asking* and drop kick that dude at the first $10,5/$11,5 ...... depends on the finish work - hopefully Mathias will read this and drop the "what to look for" and you can get a better idea of the value.

                3 year old Lexus LX430 is a pretty good idea, there is Tons of these out there with 150/160k with little or no problems .. the Denali or Denali XL's are a great buy with all the incentives ..... what kind of boat.?

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ...... There's some hurtin' people that got hit hard from Charley .. contributions are needed and will be greatly appreciated.

    Red Cross Donations: 1-800-435-7669

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .. **I am looking to trade a 04 Pontiac Grand Prix GT v6, 200hp, pwr everything. The car is black and has been kept well with 16,000 miles**

               16k.? on a 04 .? .. your another one that needs to get a better dating service .. what, do you drive around the block every night til' you run out of gas .?

                Well, the color is good for the area, it's a Grand Prix GT and we have power everything .. the miles are going to kill ya here, plus GP's aren't burning down any bridges right now .. if it's super clean, deep sneakers, looks/feels like 8/9k, then trade side, in and around the mid/tall $12's, "might" "could" "maybe" on an "if" get reeeeal lucky and have a dealer drop the low low low low low low low $13's in it, maybe ............ :)

                        Let me know how it goes ..

  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    "what, do you drive around the block every night til' you run out of gas?"

    Guilty - just trying to wring all my value out of the car!
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348

    Grannys car to settle estate....Trade value only.
    (Finally pulled it outta the garage, washed it, drove it, oil change etc., and the correct year !)

    1997 Buick Skylark 2 dr.
    4 cyl. auto.
    White with grey cloth guts
    Power goodies and cold AC
    NEW tires
    Spotless in and out !
    19,xxx miles...YUP 19k !
    Syracuse NY

    Thanks.....You may need rest from your vacation!
  • Terry,

    Well I heard there was more to look at than Heritage Softails and the Black Hills -- unless we are re-defining Softail.....

    We had a shop do a complete teardown of the front end (frame perfect, no balloons went off) and replace the fender and other parts - no bondo, factory paint. I did read Mathias's reference url on what to look for.... It is difficult to tell work was done. your humble opinion are my dollars better protected with the 3 year old LX or a new Denali if I'm looking for a 6 to 8 year hitch???

    Shouldn't these both be around $40 big ones ??

    Oh, yes, the boat. It's a Teal and White Searay Signature 200 -- which is a 20 foot bowrider -- with a Mercruiser Alpha One pushed by a 5.0 litre V8. It tops at 4300 lbs with trailer on the local truck scale. Love going to the Colorado River with it.

    I'd move to your side just for the boating, but my wife would have a hard time with the humidity....

    Welcome back - thanks for the help....
  • Hey Jolie,

    You know, 3 years ago my younger daughter had a liver fail and Children's Hospital in LA swapped it out. We needed extra clean air in our house and the CHLA experts advised us on the electronic (not electrostatic) air cleaners. It is a $500 to $600 unit by either Honeywell, Trion or AprilAire that sits under the furnace. It'll cost a few more $$ to get installed unless you guys are handy. They clean down to sub-micron size. This removes all smoke easily, but also viruses, germs, etc.

    We run our furnace on "fan only" now just because we like the crisp clean air it creates.

    If you have seasonal smoky or other bad air - this might make a difference.

    CHLA tested our indoor air late last year and said we were close to clean enough to make computer chips in our kitchen LOL

  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Here is a listing of some crazy asking prices by private owners.

    1990 Plymouth Horizon, 137K, warm a/c, 5spd, bad tires, runs good, some rust, needs work, $900. What, maybe $250 top dollar. Local Autotrader.

    2003 Hyundai Elantra GT, fully loaded, excellent condition, 33K miles, $16,545. Is this person buried in a loan or what? Local Paper.

    1995 Chevy Lumina, $2,000, well maintained, excellent condition, like new, 245K miles. Yeh right, like new, in his dreams. Local Paper.

    And for the two that tops them all:
    1988 Olds Ciera, 4cyl, auto, 4dr, 193K miles, driven by Grandma, asking $2500 firm. Local Autotrader.
    1984 Plymouth Reliant Wagon, 85K actual miles, some rust (total rust bucket with no paint left), needs some work, appraised $1150, asking $1100. Been in the local autotrader since March, I wonder why. I have seen this one, the needs work is a headgasket and cooling system problems. The vehicle belongs in a scrap yard.

    People can ask what they want, getting it is another story. As to the TT, I am in agreement, if you had an offer of 25% over your ACV trade values, you should have taken it if it was a real world money offer.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    2003 Hyundai Elantra GT, fully loaded, excellent condition, 33K miles, $16,545

    About $10k worth of buried, if they're shooting for payoff...

    Amd somehow "like new" and "245K miles" just don't seem to match...
  • As previously stated. Not bad but too easy -- makes me worry about price but best I could have dreamed of was 2k more (impossible perhaps). The only problem now is wresting it from my wifes hands -- she adopted it and drove it for three hours tonight.
  • spatulamanspatulaman Posts: 157
    Yeah, it was spendy, but listening to my daughter cough in all this smoke and not have a way to get her out of it is far worse than spending too much on a camper.

    Wow. You're really really good at justifying this stuff. You know what kind of air purification equipment you could've bought for 1/10th what you spent on a camper?
  • spatulamanspatulaman Posts: 157
    As to the TT, I am in agreement, if you had an offer of 25% over your ACV trade values, you should have taken it if it was a real world money offer.

    Based on what Terry said earlier I felt that private party offer was low, as were the trade in values, that's why I said bye bye to 'em all. I'm waiting for somebody else to twaddle up and buy it....I mean it is the lowest priced 2001 225 Quattro in Texas (on AutoTrader at least).
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    Before you hammer Jolie on this, bear in mind that her daughter has a serious disease, and being cooped up isn't a great place to be - being out in the fresh air somewhere is 100 times better than being in a clean-air environement, but imprisoned in the house...
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