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Kia Borrego Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kb9nvhkb9nvh Posts: 4
    He has a trade involved to complicate the issue.
    Sounds like you have a good deal for an EX less than 23K. Are the rebates still in place and does your price include rebates/incentives/trade ect.

    I paid, for a base 4X4 with floor mats, LX for 22.5K after 4.5K rebates. l Guess I got ripped...dang!! The price sites showed me about 900 bucks lower than average.
    Oh, to complicate my deal I traded a 2005 town and country with 125K miles and getting worn for 5K. Price before tax was 17.5K. Tax will be paid by uncle sam when I do my taxes.
  • Sticker price was 32,000$, traded a 99 honda crv (145,000 miles so-so condition) walked out the door for 20,135$. I dont know why all of you want a V8, the only difference is for towing, really the gearing is better in the V6 and has better pickup. Almost identical gas mileage. Have had know for almost a year, only problems have been, a bad tire (which they replaced), the rear mirror was loose.

    We have been really happy with the purchase have used it on a 6 hour trip, the ride was very comfortable. Overall the borrego EX V6 has been roomy, sporty, and easy to drive. We have not experienced any major problems at this time and still love the dark blue kia we now own.
  • kb9nvhkb9nvh Posts: 4
    So, what do you think they gave you for the CRV maybe 2 or 3K. Sounds like a heck of a deal..wish I could have gotten an EX for that kind of money.

    Trade in's always fog up the deal but it seems like you got yours for 22K or 23K. I think I paid 22.5K and then got 5K for my van..if the van was worth more then I paid more but I really think 5K for a 125k mile 2005 van was a reasonable trade in price and I doubt they would get any more than that at auction (unless someone wanted to turn back the odometer..).
  • alswoalswo Posts: 1
    Congratulations!! Both you got an awesome deal@@.
    I've been just offered 25,600$ OTD including tax and fees for EX V6 w/ no option which has around 29,300$ price tag from dealer at LA last week. The price was [INVOICE - 3,000 customer cashback - 1,500 competitive bonus - some dealer incentive + tax and fees].
    I think that is not a decent deal, much above yours. Please let me know where did you get it?
  • kb9nvhkb9nvh Posts: 4
    The other dealer I called was at 24.7K for an EX +tax and was about 23.6K on an LX like what I got for 22.5K. For me, I'm in the indianapolis area
  • Got an 09 Borrego LX with leather, DVD, backup camera, bluetooth for $25600 out the door. Great experience at the dealership in Cincinnati - felt right at home. Liking my deal, but wondering if I could've done better? Wanted the premium package but too expensive for my tastes... any comments are appreciated, thanks!
  • Where in Cincinnati?? Did you have any trade in, extra rebates?
  • Kings Kia at the Kings Auto Mall. Paid cash, and got a $3K rebate to boot. No trade-in.
  • Thanks, I'll check them out (about a 40 min drive). Sent them an email to see what installed options, if any, are in there LX's. According to web site the only EX is an 8 Cylinder.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    FYI... the running boards (which I hate) are removeable and quite easy to remove. They just unbolt. I had the dealer remove them and I sold mine on ebay.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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