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2010 Chevrolet Equinox Transmission Fix



  • wallyuwl,

    It sounds almost like the print out that I got, but with a printing problem. Like maybe the printer wasn't formatted for the size of the document or something. As a matter of fact, if your papers were printed vertically, I would guess that's what happened. My Controller page was printed horizontally with the word "Summary and my VIN at the top.
    The page with the picture of the car and computer was the last page that stated "programming complete" and gave the warranty claim code number S1AB5. It also contained that line I wrote about Clearing DTC's will erase all stored history.
    I think the 2 TCM Cals are, one for up shifting and one for down, but I'm guessing.

    While I was driving up the fairly steep freeway to my moms today, I noticed that, while in cruise control @75mph in ECO mode, it wasn't downshifting like it used to do before the calibration. Very low revs in 6th and when I took it out of cruise control and slammed the gas, it downshifted and revved to almost 5k before shifting to 6th. It was a nice smooth burst of speed. It was at this time that I thought that this isn't some $60,000 Benz ML350, this is a $23, something Chevy and for what it is, it is really remarkable.

    I don't look at these cals as major revisions, just tweaks that probably most people won't even need.

    It's not a perfect vehicle in every way and may have had a few bugs at the starting gate, but it is a very well balanced piece of machinery that I have no remorse over purchasing.
    And I'm the king of taking things back and complaining, so if you knew me that would mean something ;-)

    Hopefully 10-20K miles down the road, I'll feel the same way :shades:

    Btw, I see that you were the guy that probably got the engineers attention about this, so bravo to you :)
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Our papers with the pictures are the same, then (different warranty claim nos). Wish I hadn't thrown those out. So you're saying those are for the TCM? The ECM print out with the controller IDs also printed landscape, but just had the ECM stuff on it.

    With the 5th and 6th gear thing, that is new with this new tranny cal. They made it less likely to downshift when accelerating (or pushing on the gas going up a hill even w/o acceleration), but the RPMs do increase while still in 6th for more power.

    I am also pretty happy. I think the tranny cal could still be tweaked some with the downshifts from 5-4 and 4-3 (wish they'd just keep it in high gear and go down to 1 at a stop like trannys used to instead of downshifting on the way down), but overall I'm content with how it drives. And the rest of the vehicle is superb, especially for a mid-$20k price point.
  • All my ECM and TCM info was printed on one page. Five columns.
    Controller - ID - Current# - Selected# - Description

    ECM -1
    - 2


    If I have a way to send you the info, I'll scan the sheet for you.
  • When did you purchase your Equinox?

    I received mine in late August and when I took my Equinox for an oil change today (it had around 2,500 miles on it) the service guy told me that there were no new calibration version numbers for my equinox. I even printed these pages out and gave it to him too.

    Do you think I was given the run around and they did not want to take their time and install the calibrations?
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    If you have a FWD 4 cyl and you are in the USA, it is possible they were being dishonest with you. I don't know how things are in Canada or with other versions of the Nox. All Chevy dealerships should have the same systems available to them to access updates such as this from GM, unless it is not an up to date dealership in terms of their equipment.

    On another note - why are you getting an oil change at 2500 miles? :surprise:
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    No need to scan. Mine was like that only it just had the ECM updates. I'll see what I can do about verifying I have the newest TCM versions (could you post those? Maybe you have and I missed it.). I don't even know if the new ECM ones work without the new TCM (thus leaving the vehicle undriveable) since it says specifically to update the TCM with some of hte ECM. Anyone else have an idea?
  • I guess I'm old school and like to have the first oil change at under 3000 miles if it is a new car. Also, the lower weatherstripping (on the body) on the drivers door was coming loose so I had them fix this too.

    Mine is a FWD 4cyl and I live in the state of Maryland, USA. This is a large Chevy dealership in Gaithersburg, MD (Criswell Chevrolet) and I think they are being dishonest with me.

    Do you have any suggestions on how can I find a dealership that will update the calibrations for me?

    Thanks in advance.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Just find another dealer and tell them you want your vehicle checked for the latest cals. Print off the list of cals from the forum, but don't show them to the dealer. But, tell them that if you have the latest cals to print off a list of the cals on your vehicle from their computer. Then if that list doesn't match up with your list, ask them about it. Although sometimes dealers will treat you better or worse depending on whether or not you bought the vehicle from them, they still get paid for warranty work the same from GM, so really you could just try the next closest one.
  • I'm with wally, (just call me beaver ;-), I think any Nox on the lots or delivered in August would have some upgrade numbers for them. Your service guy is mistaken; I'd bet.
    Here's the summary from my flash. The marks on it are from the mechanic.
    Have a mechanic hook your Nox up to the GM computer and have a look for yourself.
  • Thanks for all of your help (rocketent, wallyuwl) I did not purchase my Equinox from this dealership (because they could not get one for me to take advantage of C4C). The dealership I bought it from is over 70 miles away and not convenient for service. I will try another dealership and will keep you update.

    Thanks again!
  • So I called two dealers today (the one I bought my vehicle from and another which is close by) gave them my VIN, and both claimed there are no service bulletins or calibration updates for my vehicle which has a build date of Sept. 9, 2009. I offered the TSB # to both (09271A) and both pretty much refused to look it up. They both had that sort of mild annoyance in their voices like who does this guy think he is telling me what TSB applies to his car? What gives? Is it possible I have the latests cals and these guys are being truthful, or do they just not know what they are talking about? And why do all these guys seem like they don't want the work -- I mean, they are ultimately going to get paid for the warranty work by GM, right?
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    They are trying to get rid of you. If your build date was Sept. 9th, you have the old tranny cal. I am not sure if it was a bulletin or not since I got mine from the engineer directly. And I got it literally the day after it was approved (something like Sept. 22).

    Basically you just need to tell them you want them to hook up your vehicle to see if there are any updated cals. On this forum in one of the tranny cal threads (maybe this thread, I don't remember) there is a list of updated ECM and TCM cals (for 4 cyl FWD). Print these out and don't tell them you have it. But if you take it in and they say there aren't any updated, tell them you want a print out of what cals you do have. If they are lying, call them out on it. Especially if it is the dealer you bought the vehicle from, tell them you will give them a bad post-purchase consumer survey if they don't take care of you and respect your wishes in a thoughtful and courteous manner. Those surveys are a big deal to them and how they as a dealer are evaluated by GM. And yes, dealers do get paid by GM for warranty work regardless of if you bought the vehicle there or not.
  • I've had the exact same trouble in Kansas City! Once I have time to go and sit at the dealer I will have them hook up my 2LT, 4cyl 2010. Just to make things more interesting, my build date was Sept 21st! Pretty much as close as you can get to the official date! :confuse:
  • I'm waiting for my Nox (FWD LT) to come in. I was wondering, What's the going price for an extended warranty for the major guard and the value guard?
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    It's been 3+ months, but if I recall Major Guard was like $2Gs.

    A little story - I had my Trailblazer 6 years. When I bought it, the top warranty which extended bumper to bumper to 5 years was $1600 and I declined. Over the 5 I never needed it. At 5 years, 3 months the fan clutch went to the tune of $900.

    From my experience, after market warranties cost less but you have the hassle of haggling over who does the work and how much they will fund of the repair.

    About 15 years ago, I bought an extended warranty for a 2 years old Pontiac 6000 wagon because the price was an unbelievable $250 with $200 deductible for 5 years. Blew a head gasket on it, had it towed to the dealer and they picked up the full cost of their share for an engine replacement with no haggling.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Our first new vehicle was the Nox we bought a few months ago, and we didn't get the extended warranty. If you do want the extended warranty, one thing I read in an article (might have been on Edmunds even) is that dealers make about a 50% profit on them. So if they sell you one for $2000, they are making $1000 on that deal. So the article said you should be able talk them down quite a bit.
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