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Chevrolet Blazer Brake Problems



  • Umm first off im not trying to take anyone down on this just going off my own experence most shops are idiots not relizing they can use the same brake bleeder they already have that they hook up to you car and walk away now for the secound part bleeding out the ABS isnt as difficult as most will say and you dont need special tools and etc.... ive done this my self with just another guy takes a totall of 15 mins to bleed out all the air
  • Ok im going to stop u right there you dont need a special scan tool ive been doing this for peopls ABS on there chevys for years now and only takes 15 mins with one other guy to help out to bleed out the ABS system :D
  • hi, I have 93 chevy blazer s10, 4.3 lts. i check my brake sistem, everything looks good. sometime when i apply the brake the rear wheels grabbing. usually does when the vehiculo is cold or take more than 12 hours parked, after three or four braking the sistem is normal

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