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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • My salesman, while very nice and respectful, doesn't understand some of the details very well...joe
  • whemmewhemme Posts: 4
    I believe that the automatic transmission in this car is a ZF unit. It has exhibited a strange behavior on at lease two occasions in the past 24,000 miles that I have owned this car. When pulling away from a stop sign and at a speed estimated at only 5 to 15 MPH, the car will jerk almost violently like the automatic transmission shifted into reverse for only a 1/4 of a second or so and then will proceed normally with its acceleration from the stop sign. It almost seems like the computer controlling the transmission got momentarily confused as to which direction the car should be traveling. Have any of you 7 series owners out then every experienced this and if so what other information about it can you provide me. I would hate to think what would happen if this problem ever occurred when traveling down the highway at 70 MPH!
  • Hey everyone currently drive a 200 740i Sport/fully loaded. We have been looking for an SUV, does anyone know when the x7 is due to come out we would love to have another one fo these babies in the garage. Also we are looking at the rr cross Country, any feedback? Thanks a lot.
  • is4b2rdis4b2rd Posts: 66
    If it were my money, I'd wait for the NEW Range Rover, which should be available next year. I like the style of the Rangie more than the X5.
  • Please post the details about the key memory, because my dealer and parts department said they know of no such thing. The details would be greatly appreciated.


  • force98force98 Posts: 81
    I have a '99 740iL with this feature. The keys were programmed for my wife and I. There is no need to have the keys reprogrammed each time you make changes. I have discovered that the particular key remembers all settings from the previous time it was used. If I use my key remote to open the car after my wife has used it, the seats, mirrors, radio, HVAC, etc., all return to my preferred settings. Also, for security, the car will lock the doors automatically when my wife uses her key, but not when I use mine. Nice feature!
  • force98force98 Posts: 81
    Hi to all you 7-series owners. My wife owns a '99 740iL, which has been virtually trouble-free over the 18 months we've owned it. The driver seat leather, for some odd reason, wore out prematurely where one's lower back is located (only had 9K on the car at the time). The dealership pulled the seat out and had it reupholstered, at no charge. Also, the transmission slips at times, then bangs into gear hard. This occurs mainly when the car is in the middle of a downshift at slow speeds, then I suddenly accelerate. BMW says this is normal, which I find odd. When we purchased the car we immediately upgraded the wheels and tires. We purchased 17" Momo Sport wheels and Nitto NT 450 Extreme Performance tires. Car handles much better than with the stock Continentals (don't have the sport package).
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    Sounds like a good price to me, depending on condition. Some '97's with that mileage are going for about the same price.
  • bwhbwh Posts: 76
    Be prepared to open your wallet. Transmissions are known to fail. If it shifts abruptly that is a bad sign. Rear shock accumulators are known to fail. Not real expensive but very common. Heater cores are prone to leaking. I looked at one that had the ASC (traction control) illuminated. Turned out to be $3000 worth of electronic parts. Not all of the power seat controls worked right. This was on a very nice looking '90 with 63,000 miles. They are wonderful cars, they are just VERY complex and getting old. If you don't mind tinkering yourself you can save some but this is a very expensive car to care for. On the plus side they are magnificent machines, king of the road.
  • vovovovo Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if/when BMW is introducing the new shape. I have seen a sleekier version of the 7 series in one of the auto mags but could not figure out if it will be introduced as a 2002 or a 2003 model.

    I am seriously looking at 1998s 740i, 749iL, and 750i. Am very interested in hearing about their perfromance/troubles (if any) from respective owners.


    p.s. any experience with BMW White Plains vs BMW Greenwich dealers?
  • BMW is going to introduce an all new 7 series as a 2002 model year. I have not been able to determine exactly when they will introduce it. Apparently, BMW launch dates are uncertain and they move a lot until the cars show up. One local dealer claims the new 330 is 5 months late. On the 7 series I have been told as early as June of 2001, and as late as June of 2002. I think it will most likely arrive in the US in the fall of 2001.

    Check this site out [url][/url]
  • I read in auto week that next generation 7 will be 2003 but who knows, I have a 95 740 il with 50k on it loaded out its for sale and has warr until june 2001 (cashemere). I would stay away from 750il who really needs a v12 the maint and resale are the down side
  • From what I can decipher in the BMW internal bulletins, new 740i due out in spring of 2003 with the iL to follow in summer of 2003. That's what BMW is saying NOW, when it comes time, I'm sure timeframe will change

  • I meant spring and summer of 2002, sorry!

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    And it promises to be some kinda car. One feature I found very interesting is "Automatic Lane Correction" and of course the "I-Ball" system (?), if you think the S-Class is techy just wait.

  • famous ky horse trainer just traded 1998 740ilbmw 25,000 miles
    $45.900 if interested contact shannon
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    Does anybody know when 7-series body was refreshed last time? I saw 2001 740il yesterday and it looks a little different than 95 model.
  • This is only one of many letters I have written to BMW and a few times I have recieved a reply from the CEO in Munich. Here it is:

    What is the epitome of driving? THE BMW 7 Series.

    BMW sets trends, not follows them like Mercedes or Audi. So what all you so called "Loyal BMW-Fans" are actually urging the complete disintegration of the 7 series. You are actually plotting against classic BMW design, even the Z8 encompasses classic design, whereas NONE of the new designs have any classic styling. If BMW wants to continue updating, that's fine but don't destroy the Ultimate Luxury Car. The current design commands respect and prestige. Where I live, five or six Mercedes S500 and S55s go by and no one turns their head, when a new 740iL or 750iL (2001) comes down the street, traffic stops and everyone looks. BMW can create a new design, but re-number it, keep the current design and call it the 740isL or something of that nature, S for sport. BMW has always set the trends, and Mercedes and all the other companies follow BMWs designs, BMW sets trends, not follows them.

    If you agree with me, please write BMWDesign Works and express your feelings.


  • I am looking at purchasing a 1993 740il with 65000 miles on it. I gather from some of the messages I have read that there is a problem with the block? Can someone expand on this and also are there any other known problems with that year?
  • I just purchased a 740IL with 50K miles. I got a great price but the car was short the manual. I've tinkered with the universal remote for the garage door opener unsuccessfully while I wait for my manual.

    Can someone give me a quick sentence on how I "teach" my beemir remote to talk to my garage door opener?
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