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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    The rear of the car looks like a hybrid version of the 5-Series and the S-Class MB.

    Not too happy with the styling that they did with the 7.

    IMO, They are taking the styling on the 7 the wrong direction....too modern. I hope they dont bring the styling cues to the 5. I have only seen preview pics of the new five but its not official yet.

    They have also damaged the next E46 3-Series making it look a bit too japanese. I hope they dont change the E46 M3 before I get mine
  • Hi guys, I've been visting this site for months while i decided whether to lease a 98 7 series. i've owned three bmw's in my lifetime but nothing compares to the performance and luxury of the 7 series. After reading nearly every message, i decided to take the plunge. Last week, i leased a 98 740il offlease with 50,000.00 which was fine with me since i will only drive the car on the weekends. certified warranty is included for the term of the lease. payments in the low five hundreds which fit perfectly into my budget. the dealership replaced the rear seat, radiator, new cd changer, new headlight covers and a set of new tires. they are quite anxious to get these cars off the lot before the new series comes out in january. car drives very tight engine is powerful and silky smooth. the il gives you almost limo room in the rear. the radio system is so so but i didn't buy the car for the radio anyway.
  • Does anyone out there own a 1997 740i?
  • I just bought a 1997 740i in June of this year...I have to say I love it
    Has anyone had any real problems with this year before or after?
  • crow72crow72 Posts: 9
    I did exactly what you are considering. I grabbed a Titanium Silver 2001 740i as soon as the rebate was announced on 9/1. Paid 55k and that includes 2k of options - convenience pkg, cold weather pkg, heated steering wheel. MSRP was 65.560. I have no regrets since the 745's will be very difficult to get for the next year or so and will sell at (or dare I say above) MSRP. MSRP has not been announced but I expect very close to 70k without options. The way I look at it I have a beautiful car at a great price ( 15 - 20k less than the 2002) and I will be able to get 35k in a few years to trade up. By then the 745iL will be out, production will catch up with demand and they will have added a few more options into the base version of the 745i. I look at it as 20k to drive the 740i for 3 years. Good luck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have you seen's recently published First Drive on the new 745i? If you haven't, there is a link to the article in the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar of this page.

    Check it out.

    Sedans Message Board
  • bgkannebgkanne Posts: 25
    After reading the 740i test in the latest Road and Track, the left over 2001 appears to be a great bargain. But if you are considering one, read the article carefully; the car should ONLY be purchased with the comprehensive sport package, regardless of what replacement tires may cost later. This option really transforms the car. It also looks like for most people there is little need for the extra length of the L version. The i version is a relatively compact 196.2 inches long.
  • gsegse Posts: 1
    Looking at a '96, 114K miles for $19,900. Price seems pretty good. What is the history of the car for the next 75K miles?
  • I have test driven a 93 740il that I can purcahse for $7k under blue book. It has 141k miles. It runs excellent & is in great condition with a smooth idle. My question is I am planning on driving this car until the wheels fall off since resale with high miles is tough. My BMW dealer told me the M60 engine on this car has not been recalled. Does anyone know if an M60 engine with no issues @ 141k miles is good to go @200k miles? Also how about the tranny on the M60 engine? Is it solid for 200k miles or ?
  • Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....., You know what I was visualizing.

    I was thinking of how funny it would be if most valets that are not car enthusiast were attending the new 745i, turn on the key and thinking that he or she had killed the battery and did not know what to do since all you have to do was press the button to start the engine after you turn the key and vise versa in reverse to cut off the engine, he or she will think that the key thing was broken and all the have to do was just by pressing the button on the side to stop the cranking engine.

    Also, they would be dumbfounded of how to change gears from reverse to drive to park since the gear selection is behind or beside the right on the steering wheel.

    The 7 series is just plain ugly all over. I don't know which end is the worse looking, the front or rear. It is an overgrown 3 series compact that gain more pounds. For a car to be this darn technically advance, it does not look all that luxurious looking back of the S class and LS 430. Park this car beside the LS 430 makes the Lexus a Rolls Silver Seraph.

    The current 7 will be a classic in years to come. The 7 series is a lot more elegant and greater looking than the new 7. BMW drop the ball on the new 7 in terms of styling.

    However, the new 7 series is king of the hill for right now until someone credibly matches its qualities from one of the big luxury automakers.

    J "CaddyLac"
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    How're Cadillac sales these days? At least you can get a "deal".
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    Come to think of it, I never liked any BMWs on their first year of introduction but they tend to grow on you after a while.

    The Cadillac? The new ones look so horrible and dated! I prefer the ones they had a few years back.
  • Carman et al:

    Do you know what the fair residual value is for a CPO BMW 740i? Looking at a 1999 740, w/18k miles, priced at $ far so good..

    Dealer is quoting 50% from BMW, which seems way low, with a payment of $780/month/36mos..... seems to me this is overpriced.... your thoughts? Given the new model on its way, have you seen any good 740 deals around the country?? Thanks..
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    I'm a Lexus LS430 guy but I can tell you that in NJ you can lease a 2001 740il (brand new - not a demo) listed for $68k+ for that money or less or buy it outright for around $55k. Don't get ripped off. Typically the residual on the new cars is 60-62% of list price after 3 years so. But when its that heavily discounted I'm not sure that rule holds. Maybe check the market price of a 95 740il on Edmunds to get an idea on a used one. But regardless that lease price looks way too high to me.
  • lazuralazura Posts: 43
    I am looking at the same car (1998 740iL with 50 to 60K miles). What kind of money factor and residual % did you get? Also, did you get 15,000 miles/year? I figure I can get the car for 30 to 35,000. How much did you pay?
  • Yes. The purchase price of $19,900 is great. The lowest I have seen. Spend $19 and run CAR FAX with the vehicle history info which will tell you every detail accident, salvage, or owner/location this car has lived. The miles are high but this is the first year (96) with no V8 recalls on the engine block. Have your mech. run a compression check on the engine. it should be 175-180 range.
  • Hi - I have the opportunity to purchase a 1997 740iL for around $33K. It has 42,500 miles and was driven by an elderly woman who took impeccable care. Although she's no longer with us, her car is. Besides a tire replacement, are there any nagging problems with this vehicle? Another person I know has had a series of issues with his '98. I don't want a vehicle that is going to be in the shop every month. Don't have the time or patience for that. Never owned a BMW before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hello folks,

    I've never owned a BMW, but recently I came across one that has 120K miles that looks interesting. According to the current (second) owner, the car had its engine replaced in a factory recall at 80,000. Something about gas additives in the New England area harming the 4.0 Litre V8. Sounds like the car has been impeccably maintained - oil changed every 2500 miles, new water pump, brakes, and belts. Car is loaded - ABS, 6 Cd changer, etc. I've been looking at brand new V6s (Acura 3.2) and if the 4.0 Liter is a good engine and the BMW has a long life, I could pick up up for a fraction of the cost of a new 3.2 TL.

    Owner is asking $14,900, but seems flexible. Kelly Bluebook has it @ $11,500 max. ANY THOUGHTS ON THE CAR'S RELIABILITY, MAINTENANCE COSTS, OR ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD BE AWARE OF??

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Stick with the Acura. BMWs are known for high maintenance costs, and you're buying a car with 120,000 miles!

    The gas additives harming the engine enough to warrant replacement seems fishy to me. Why would the additives harm the BMW engine and no other car's engine? Either the BMW engine was so bad it had to be replaced, or one of the owners (or both) did not properly maintain the car.

    I think if you buy the BMW you are in for a LOT of extra maintainence costs, so factor that in. The Acura will probably cost less in the long run.
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    BMW agreed to replace a lot of V8 engines several years ago due to a problem with the cylinder walls, I believe. The cause was related to the fuel quality in the US. Maintenance can be high on the 7 series cars but there is still nothing to compare with the driving pleasure of a BMW.
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