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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I have sat in the new 7-series and they actually look very nice. Rather bold and powerful.

    Personally, I like its shape more than the current Mercedes E-class, the BMW 3 & 5-series. The current 7-series look so dated next to the new 7.

    Don't just repeat everything from magazines critics, be your own judge.
  • I go back on forth on the appearance of the new body style. Overall the car looks okay but the rear is a real turn-off. Who wants to pay $70K+ for a japanese-styled rearend. I could see this styling on a Lexus or Infiniti but never would have imagined BMW to go this direction. Even dealerships in the SF Bay Area (the Land of Overpriced everything!) are taking deposits on the vehicles at MSRP. I think they know the new styling is questionable and may be a tough sell. Not sure if still possible, but local dealships were offering $10K+ off on the '01 740il. This could be the right time to get into a classic style BMW.
  • Re: rjg96:
    Thanks for the clarifying comments on the i-dirve rotating mouse. Not having had the chance to see the new 7 in person, i'm relying on the comments of others. I recall, however, that one commentator mentioned that the HVAC and entertainment system can be controlled through either the i-drive rotating mouse or thru traditional buttons on the dash. In any event, it will be interesting to see how the market (as opposed to auto mag writers) react to the car.

    Re: merc1
    Yes, you're correct, the prose got a little 'overboard', but I plead a long day and a late hour. Just as the Quandts and the other shareholders who hung on through the Rover mess are hoping for better times, I suspect that the potential financial damage caused by market non-acceptance of the new 7 series will be less severe than what happened during the Rover debacle. A similar error with the 3 series replacement would be another matter.

    You also made an exellent point about RR. It's tough to envision a car company that (in the view of some German magazines) has built its success around "..producing the 'same sausage, just in different lengths" moving so far upmarket.

    Shifting upmarket to the RR product level will require more than just a longer cut of the same sausage. It will have to be perceived as an entirely different cut of meat. BMW's success with the new mini bodes well, however. It's a delightful, if cramped and somewhat overpriced, car that captures the fun flavor of the original but in a modern iteration. If BMW could successfully jump down market to an iconic fwd fun product, perhaps they can jump upmarket to an equally iconic rwd luxo barge.

    I've not yet run across any comments in the press regarding this project, other than having seen photos (@ of disguised prototypes undergoing hot weather testing @ the Furnace Creek Ranch.

    BMW's execution of this new RR product line has all sorts of interesting ramifications. BMW is still selling the silly liner-less aluminum engines to VW for the current RR; it'll be intersting to see if they decide to upgrade the block with some proper steel liners and make other similar upgrades from the 7 series (such as dumping the inexpensive mcpherson strut front suspension and employing some modern interior and ip lighting arrangements). Those improvements will cost a couple of marks, but at the probable price target, the new RR would look a bit silly if it employed those cost-saving shortcuts.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Always interesting talking with you. I do believe that if the new 7 doesn't go over well the next 3-Series will be yanked back for a redo before the public ever sees it. I can't imagine them styling the 3 in the same manner if the 7 doesn't do well. Though I think the car will.

    As for Rolls Royce, BMW is going to have to let go of their sporting philosphy this time. The RR01 car is rumored to be so tall that a 6 foot man can't see over the top of it! Giving new meaning to a "big" car. BMW and VW are going to bitterly split these brands up Jan 1st, 2003. That's the reason why VW brought back Bentley's old V8. They know BMW isn't going to supply engines for them and the BMW V12 was no good in the Arnage anyway. Rolls-Royce is going to have a hell of a time with one brand new model to sell. As I understand it the entire like of current Royces are gone Jan 2003. The last Corniche last for over 10 years, the current one just two years! It should become a collectors item. I'm sure the RR01 car will be up to snuff.

    Mini is a hit. It's cheap and cute so it'll sell out all over the world, but in the long run I'm not sure how long that popularity will hold up. All cars of that vein, PT Crusier, Beetle, Thunderbird etc all loose steam after a while. BMW was smart to see it at existing BMW dealers instead of going the new franchise route.

    I guess, into every life some rain must fall. I guess the next 18 months will tell all for BMW.

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    You mention the styling of the next 3 will mimic the new 7. My understanding from articles I've read, and I could be mistaken, was that starting with the new 7 BMW wanted to visually separate their higher end cars from the lower end. I thought the next 3 would look little like the new 7. There would be no more "same car, three sizes" strategy.

    Please let us know if you know more about this.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    So, according you you, GM should be having good shareholder results, and bmw and VW ought to be having bad ones?

    Someone going on such a long pontification about busines practices ought to look up stock dividends.

    I know you're a die-hard "sneaky" GM booster, but you should try to come up with some realistic arguments.

    I do not car for the looks of the new 7 either, bit some of the engineering is mind-blowing. Wish they could drop the new valvetronic engine into my e36! :)

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well I've read what you're saying too. So I guess at this point all the info is conflicting. Some say the new 7 is the "direction" BMW is taking. Judging by spy shots in Autoweek of the upcoming 6-Series that would seem to be true. It has the same rear and front end treatments of the new 7, but I hope BMW isn't really going to mess up the 3 and 5 Series cars with this look. One controversial car in the lineup is enough. Guess we'll have to wait and see. The 2004 5-Series should answer this question.

  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    My hope is that the reaction to the 7-series styling will be so severe that they will can chris bangle. Honestly, i really don't like what he's doing to the cars.

  • tkntkn Posts: 3
    Really, everyone talks about the rear hump which is awful, no one comments on the Buick Rendezvous style eyebrow turning lights or the fact the car is almost as bloated as a Lexus LS430. I have nothing against solid looking German cars, I preferred the old Mercedes S-classes massiveness over the current ones generic swoopy coupe lines, but the new 7 is an abomination
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    The styling of the aztek/rendesvous has been beaten to death. But i expect GM to make ugly cars, not BMW.

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I went to my local BMW dealer this past weekend to pick up the 7 brochure. The salesman said a very high number of people that had placed deposits within the past year have cancelled due to the styling. He has been with BMW for 20 years and said the cancellation rate since the pictures were released was the highest he'd seen for a new car and took the dealer by surprise. Of course, many like the look as well.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I guess a part of me can't believe that this is happening at BMW. They aren't supposed to mess up and make an ugly car......Say it isn't so! Yeah they're saying Chris may go the 7-Series hits the ground with a big thud. Oh well it may very well be that BMW fired the wrong man back in 1999.

  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    I am also surprised and disappointed with the styling of the new 7, but think some on this board may be exaggerating a bit BMW's prior alleged infalability in that area. The current M coupe is among the ugliest cars on the road today IMHO, an abomination MUCH worse than the new 7. The 7, after all, is nothing more than a big Passat with a Volvo double-decker trunk lid and a few after-thought bits like the eyebrows up front.

    I think this car has two problems that, combined, may well be its demise. First is an unfortunate exterior design that looks (but plainly wasn't) slapdash. This will keep a sizeable number of potential customers out of the showroom altogether. Second, is the hideously complex mess they have made of their ergonomics. Among those potential buyers who actually make it in to the showroom, a significant number of folks will become frustrated during their test drives with being unable to figure out how to redirect the vents or turn up the treble. A company locked in fierce competition with formidable foes like MB and Lexus simply can't afford to alienate any significant portion of the market. I don't think this will be the death knell for BMW by any stretch, but I do think it will be seen as a regretable gamble from which BMW will ultimately have to distance itself.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I think the m coupe looks super sharp. Too bad i don't fit in it very well.

  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    I was reading in a UK car mag at the airport that BMW's CEO or Chairman (i can't remember which) said of the next 5-Series that it will be a 'radical' departure from anything they've done before. I can only pray this will be positive, though I think it might go the other way. I too don't like that back end on the new 7-Series. It looks like someone went to the junk yard and patched together a backend after a wreck...
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    butt ugly.....ugly dash, ugly rear, ugly grille, ugly sides.

    meanwhile, the current 3 and 5 series and z8 continue to look stunning.

    upcoming Audi A8, now there's an attractive car!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Do you have a link/picture of the upcoming A8 or are you going by the Avantissimo concept car as being the direction of the next A8?

  • Folks,

    I think BMW is taking a HUGE risk with the new 7-Series that will be arriving in the USA early in 2002.

    The reason is simple: the interior design is TOO dramatic a departure from previous BMW's. Between the totally new steering column controls and the iDrive control system, this will just bamboozle current BMW owners (let alone any car owner) to no end, to say the least.

    I mean, look at the latest Mercedes-Benz models; the traditional gauge set of speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature gauge are still there, along with console shifter for the transmission, even on the new SL500 convertible that will arrive in the USA this coming summer.

    I think the next-generation BMW 5-Series will not likely incorporate iDrive because 5-Series cars tend to be more "sporty" and that means no radical departure in interior ergonomics.
  • My mother has one year left on her 740iL. She loves it, but she would also love a Jaguar, MB, or Audi. Basically, she does not know what she drives. She just likes the shine on the wood on the dashboard. I showed her a picture of the new 745i. She says it looks the same as her car! She is obviously clueless. But, I love her car, and use it quite a bit. Now the new one is too complicated for her to drive everyday. I think it may be too complicated for even me to drive. I think this new system will be a disaster for BMW. As for styling, I love the front end. The side profile doesn't bother me either. BUT the rear end. What the hell happened there? And the dash is butt-ugly. I hope the designers for this car get fired. Nothing personal, but know we will have to get my mother the dreaded S-class.
  • I am looking to buy a 740iL (still some new/domo units left if you look hard enough). Does anyone know how many versions of standard features are there in a 2001 740iL? Some 2001 were manufactured as early as 5/00. Some comes with Startac cell phone and others Timesport cell phone. Some 2001 cars has a smaller on-board navigation system monitor, with a cassette player to the left, just as the pictures in the official brochure. However, I have also seen wider displays that span almost the width of the center console. The display pivots to a horizontal position for access to cassette player. The confusing part is that some dealer told me the wider displays are on newer manufactured cars. However, the 5/00 manufacturer car has the wider display, but a 8/00 manufacture car has a narrower display!
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