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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20

    Interesting comment on the M badge for the 7 series sport package. I am getting a MY 2000 sport package delivered in the next 2 weeks and will let you know if its true. Although not a big deal, I kind of hope you're right.
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    According to my dealer, this is not true. He says there is no M badge on the sport models. I'll let you know if I get further info when the car gets delivered.
  • Is it true that the BMW 740i standard Navigation
    system can be used as a television when parked? I read this in a post somewhere and find it hard to believe. I placed an order for 740i about a month ago and expect to take delivery in about 2 weeks. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.
  • pitpropitpro Posts: 4
    Not true blaze 95035 (that the BMW 740i standard Navigation system can be used as a television when parked). The only year nav system where you can use nav screen for TV is 1997 (first year of NAV on BMW) Bummer Huh? Get a little Casio and hang it in the center vents using the little stand on the back of the TV, that's what I do works great, stays in place.
  • bananabanana Posts: 5
    hi, i am currently in the market for a new car. i currently drive an audi a6q and was set on an audi a6 4.2 when i realized that it was in 740i price range. the 5 series is a bit too small in my opinion. my question is, why is the bmw better than audi or mercedes? i've heard they drive well and i must admit that i've never owned or driven a bimmer, but it'd be nice if someone could point a finger at what makes bmws so great.
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    hey banana,

    I also have a A6 quattro, and am getting the 740i sport package (lower/stiffer suspension, bigger M class wheels, slightly faster). My Audi's actually been a real good car - no major problems. The quattro is great too, I'm going to miss that. I love the quattro in rain - never have to worry about flooded areas or losing control in corners.

    So why am I getting the BMW? I like the more room. I agree that the 540 is small, but so is the A6. The Audi may be a little bigger, but not much. Second, the BMW is a more fun car to drive IMHO. Kind of hard to describe, but its got more soul. You should take a test drive -- you may diagree, everyones different. The A6 I have is *way* underpowered. This is probably solved with the 4.2 engine. Third, I don't like the way the new A6's look. The rear end just doesn't appeal to me -- again personal preference. Alot of people also think the 7 series look is getting old. I think the sport package gives it a very cool look though. Fourth issue is price. I was originally looking at the Mercedes E430, but you can get some really good deals on the 7 series right now. Some have been getting them even close to invoice. Given price was roughly the same, I decided I'd rather to step up to a higher class of automobile. And finally, the prestige factor. Sure BMW isn't any huge prestige, certainly not like the Mercedes, but I do think its a higher level than the Audi. Again just my opinion.

    My car comes in about 1 1/2 weeks.
  • bananabanana Posts: 5
    thanks for your feedback...i have always been curious as to why bmw's are so great. on the surface, they seem overpriced for what you get, but every single person i know who's driven one, wants one or has one.

    so i went down to test drive an audi a6 4.2 today and afterwards headed straight to the bmw dealer with an open mind and ready to drive....but they didn't have a 7 in stock. so i guess i will have to wait for another day.

    and you are right that the a6 2.8 is slllooowww but i must say that with both the 2.7t and the 4.2 , it is no longer a problem.
  • mar03mar03 Posts: 5
    Thinking about putting the Alpine NAV system with a CVA-1005 display in my non Nav '97. Any recommendations for a BMW/audio expert in the Los Angeles area?

  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    I just got my new MY 2000 7 sport package, pretty cool, really enjoying the new drive.

    Regarding the TV (getting TV reception from the dashboard LCD), I can't figure out how it works. There is no TV option as far as I can see, and I can't change language. Anyone in the US have any luck with this?

    Also, anyone have any experience with performance upgrades? Here's what I know -- "stage 1" cost almost $600 (all in cost) and is just a software (EPROM?) upgrade. Decent HP/Torque boost on paper, but the feedback I hear is that its not that noticeable. "stage 2" (another $600) is software plus an air intake system? Outcome is the throttle reponse is a lot "snappier." ANyone have any experience with this?
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    BTW: To follow up on earlier posts, the 2000 model 7 series sport packe does not have an "M" badge on it. However, the M logo is displayed on the wheels and the steering wheel.
  • Just guessing but I bet if you could bribe the right service guy at the dealer, maybe they could download the 1997 (only year that has TV enabled) software operating system for the NAV so you could use the TV. OR maybe they can just turn it on using their computer diagnostics.
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    Don't know the build date, but think it is after 9/1 -- it was delivered on 11/5, and expedited from the port.

    As far as the steering wheel, the M badge is on the center, but towards the bottom. It is pretty well embedded into the leather/plastic, don't think you could add this very easily. I really like this steering wheel, it seems smaller than the one I saw at the dealer.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Congratulations on your purchase. You'll like it. It took a little getting used to for me. I had a '97 iL previous, and this is a completely different car. Much firmer.
    Let me know if you find out how to get the TV turned on, I'll do the same
  • I heard that BMW and Lexus will introduce their new 7 series and LS model in 2001. Can someone provide me the information about these two new cars? Also, should I wait for the new models or take a price advantage by buying 2000 models? Please give me some advice?
  • I heard that BMW and Lexus will introduce their new 7 series and LS model in 2001. Can someone provide me the information about these two new cars? Also, should I wait for the new models or take a price advantage by buying 2000 models? Please give me some advice?
  • Can anyone tell me when BMW lowered their residual value on their lease. I am picking my 740iL up from the dealer in about a week and a half and the residual went from .65 to .62. This increased my payment by $80 per month.
  • Effective Nov 1, 1999, BMW has decreased the residual for a 3yr/12K mile lease from 65% to 62%. I found out about it last week and am mad at my dealer for not telling me about it sooner. Apparently, if he had told me sooner, I could have applied for a lease earlier and locked in my residual.

    My 740iL is supposed to be ready in a few weeks time and I am going to be stuck with the lower residual also. Can you tell me what part of the country you are in and what kind of deal you are getting. I have indicated the deal I am getting in one of my previous posts.
  • My MSRP is $70,070. My purchase price is $65,120.
    I am from central California. My dealer told me I could not lock in a lease deal until the car arrived at the dealer. So the deal may change again.
  • This is my first BMW so I am not aware of the dealers track record on service. But I believe I got a good price. The dealer is Home Motors in Santa Maria.
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