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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • harry0harry0 Posts: 42
    I really enjoy driving my BMW. I actually look forward to my monthly 7 hour drive to New York. The cup holders are the one thing I feel need some improvement. I stumbled across this website the other day and ordered a couple of cup holders. I spent less than 5 mins. installing them and they work great. I highly recommend them.
  • don't need an $80k headache. after 1 month of research it appears that the 745 is a wonderful car if you're lucky enough to get a good one. gotta wonder if all the consumers posting on message boards that the car is a 10+++ aren't dealers touting its greatness to offset the problems reported by others? so my question i buy one or not????? has bmw corrected all the 02 issues in the 03 models? dealerships in Illinois have a lot of used 02s with 4,5,6000 miles on them....manufacturer buy backs??????
    who would turn in a car in that price range with so few miles????
  • mike331, I bought a 2003 745Li in November and have only had one minor problem - the NAV disk got stuck in the player and the player had to be replaced. No, I'm not a dealer. I still would redesign the car if I had my druthers, but I will say that the car is phenomenal to drive. I've been a BMW, MB and, for 7 months, a Lexus driver. Now, you're going to have a few valets who can't figure out how to get it into gear, but you won't pass yourself to and from the office and everywhere else along the way like those who drive Lexus or MB. I heard that everyone was having issues with the 2002's, and I passed up my slot to take delivery on a 2002. I bought a LS430 instead, and I hated it. Boring doesn't even begin to describe that car. iDrive is as easy as working the mouse on your computer. A monkey can do it. I love the magazine guys who complain about it. Did those guys even finish high school? I bought, love it and have no regrets.
  • The dust seems to really coat the front wheels on these makes. I wonder if the pads are defective or this is common to other cars, but I just don`t see it. It looks like every car has beed driven in a marathon. Tony
  • I have an old 89 735iL and am contemplating get a more recent, used 7-series. The v12 has my interest, but I am also a bit afraid of it, maintenance-wise. I can do all the little 7-series stuff (corroded relays, etc.) It's that silicon impregnated, all aluminum engine that I fear.

    Does anyone have a view of the useful life on the engine? My 735, 6 cylinder is basically indestructible... not so the transmission however, but that is a different story. I bought the 735 from the original owner with 77,000 miles on it, and now, many years later, have about 130,000. I fully expect the engine to outlast 200,000.

    I have been looking at 750s with miles between 70,000 and 90,000. Can I expect the same life out of the v12? Or when do they tend to go out to pasture?
  • I'm no expert, but I understand that excessive brake dust is common to BMW and Mercedes due to the softness of the brake pads and it is intended to be this way. My E320 has terrible brake dust problems on the front wheels. I had heard this was common to German cars, but my wife's A6 doesn't seem to have the problem; could be something to do with the shape of the wheels.
  • I am considering the purchase of a 2000 740iL with about 70k miles on it through ebaymotors.

    Does anyone have insight into what I may want to consider with this model/year? Any particular issues I should be looking for? Concerns I should anticipate around the corner?

    I'd expect to hold on to this car for 3 to 5 years.

    Also, what about purchasing on ebaymotors? Never quite sure about buying through this channel, but very intrigued by the prices I'm seeing.

    Thanks for the help.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Buying the car you're referring to is more of a crapshoot because it's out of factory warranty. If the dealer (assuming it's a dealer) is including an aftermarket warranty then you have a little more protection. If the dealer is advertising his own warranty then you have to consider how distant he may be. "As-Is" will probably mean no warranty.

    In any case you should view the carfax record for that car (usually provided free by seller on the item page) to look for a salvage title or frequent title changes, which might indicate a problem. Dealers generally do not sell salvage vehicles, but the laws vary by state.

    Generally I would say not to buy unless you can travel to the site and inspect it. Sometimes an overriding factor is the fact that you may not be able to find a specific car locally, but the car you're looking at is fairly ubiquitous right now (3-year olds off lease).

    One suggestion: if you see some cars you like and it's inconvenient to inspect them before the auction ends, you may still be able to acquire one if the car does not meet it's reserve. Just contact the seller after the auction and make arrangements to see the car first. You can even negotiate the price of the car before you travel, "pending inspection".

    Buyers are acquiring a lot of vehicles on Ebay these days, and I have no doubt most of them are satisfied, so it really comes down to how much risk you wish to assume.

  • rds4eyesrds4eyes Posts: 1
    Had a lot of software problems with my 2002 740i. They were corrected but the 2003 supposedly has fixed these. Only 4000 miles on it. The crux of the situation is to have a great cooperative dealer, attentive mechanic and BMW to back you up. I am very satisfied with Preston BMW in Niles,Ohio as they and BMW have been nothing but great to help me out. If your dealer isn't interested in keeping you as a customer,find someone else. The 2002 in my opinion was not road tested enough. Otherwise a magnificent car in stlye and performance. R D Shapiro,MD
  • Jkim2121Jkim2121 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my vehicle and had to shout to the world what an incredible aftermarket job I had completed on my '01 740iL. I finally found a company that was able to turn my standard BMW factory navigation screen into a #!@#$%^& DVD/TV screen!!!! I have the later '01 longer nav screen (as opposed to the more square smaller screens) and it looks and works awesome! I also had a rearview camera installed and it comes on my screen as well.

    If any of your BMW dealers tell you that it can't be done, tell them to do more homework. Not only can it be done, but it is unbelievable.

  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    Where can I buy a well designed quality cup holder for my 740. Would prefer one that is not permanently mounted or that interferes with any of the controls. Thanks.
  • SergeyM I believe that for 2003 they are making the much discussed and debated 745 only.
  • Jkim2121Jkim2121 Posts: 2
    Here's a website to try. I just placed an order yesterday. They seem to only have black or gray. I happen to haven a tan interior, but oh well.
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    Found one at
  • jtuotijtuoti Posts: 12
    I don't understand why KBB values a MY '99 540i w/30,000 miles and sport package about a grand more than a comparably equipped MY '99 740i w/sport package. Because a new 7 series style came out and the 5 series is still current? Anyone have any ideas? I think the 740i w/SP is a smokin' deal - I'm on the hunt for one w/low miles. Wish me luck...
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    The resale values (as a percentage of original cost) on the 5-series in general have always been better than the 7-series. The 540 holds it's value better than most cars in it's class, and the 7-series, like most large luxury cars, drops in value like a stone. KBB prices tend to be wildly optimistic in my experience. They do not accurately reflect market prices in most cases, but the 540i/s should be worth more than the corresponding 7-series (especially after 3 years).

  • Hi.
    I am contemplating the purchase of an 1991 BMW 735i with 186K miles, "but" it's absolutely immaculate. All maintenance was done at the BMW dealership and everything is documented. Including a brand new BMW transmission put in at 160K miles. It even smells like new inside... I never owned a 7-series before and I heard both horror stories and praises for them. This one looks beautiful and the maint. records are impressive. I don't know is what specific things I should look for in the maintenance logbook, or what particular items I should feel for in the test drive...

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • greddygtrgreddygtr Posts: 54
    To anyone who was considering purchasing a 745 but can't stand the err, controversial styling, BMW is already working on a redesign of the front headlights and rear deckid. Check out _code=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=02012541 for details. I guess even the "ultimate manufacturer" admits to making mistakes on occasion.
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