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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • pdd

    Sounds like a great buy to me! As you're the original owner, you can attest to the maintenance and repair record of the car, as wel as it's accident history (if any). In Atlanta, '01 7's with 40k miles are typically going in the real high 30's, low 40's so your purchase price is in the ball park. I have heard of some owners being able to negotiate the purchase price with the leasing company, so you may want to offer a bit less and see if they bite. If you don't buy the car it will go to an auction and sell for market wholesale, likely in the low 30's for your car. The leasing company will also have the expense of transportation and auction fees as well as clean-up and detail. Offer them 35k, who knows, they may bite! Your chances are better if the car is leased through a bank or leasing company other than BMW Financial Services. BMW Financial will likely send the car to a closed auction in which only BMW dealers will participate. They can then certify the car at little or no expense as it is still under warranty and free maintenance and sell if for a premium at their franchised dealership. An open auction will have other dealers and high-line sellers present who may have interest in your car but cannot offer their buyer the BMW certification.

    As to your question of repair, my '00 740iL has crossed over 60k miles with no issues other than some of the pixels on the odometer/trip computer (not nav display) going out. I haven't even looked into the cost of repair but since I mentioned it to the dealer prior to the warranty expiring, I'm hopeful they'll cover it. No other issues at all.

    The last generation 7 is truly a great car and in my opinion a better proposition than the new 7 due to it's straightforward (for a German car) controls and sleek yet non-controversial styling.

    If you decide not to buy out the lease, post back to this forum, I'd bet you'd find some interested buyers!
  • pdd7, e-mail me at kelnjim[deletethisbeforemailing] and I can send you some info. Make sure your e-mail reminds me of what your situation is (I get a lot of mail).
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    f1buick, why not post your information here so all can benefit?
  • gumpsgumps Posts: 17
    Ok here's the scoop on sat radio via my dealer. You can get the 04 745 with the prewire but BMW is telling dealers they won't get the hardware until January. That's about another $1000 for parts plus installation. Let's hope that when the parts come it they can get it right. I checked on Lexus sat radio and dealers arn't recommending it because of installation issues as well.
  • sncvpsncvp Posts: 1
    i have a 745li and the engine /steering wheel vibrates at stop signs and lights. i also feel an underlying vibration at all speeds in the steering wheel.i actually think that i feel to much of the road in the steering wheel also. i am taking it to the dealership for the fourth time on monday. any suggestions or similar experiences that you can share will be helpful. thank you you can email me at
  • Greetings:
    I am planning on buying a 1999 BMW 750il. Does anyone know how these cars handle in the snow? One of the features in this car is that it has the all season traction control. Does this really help in the handling of the car in snowy conditions? I'm a big fan of fwd because of its better handling in snow versus the real wheel drive. Will the ASC really make a dirrerence? Any insight from you who knows first hand is highly appreciated and thank you in advance.
  • unfortunately, I can only provide second hand info. The other 750 drivers I know (I have a 1993) say the traction control (which works brakes) and asc (which limts power) works surprisingly well. this includes folks from NE US and Canada. Does the later model allow full manual control of the transmission like mine? that is another plus.

    having said this, I don't drive the bimmer in the snow, as I have a 2000 park avenue with fwd, full traction control, and more aggressive tires.
  • Just wondering what are the loaner car policies at your dealerships. Do you get a comparable car as a loaner (5 series for 5 series) or just something that is available at the time?
    Also, $75 oil change is way too much considering I can get it done for $25 or so elsewhere.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    My local BMW dealer does not give loaners unless you buy the car from him. (and he is not competitive, sales-wise) But he does have shuttle service to transport you when the car is in for service. His oil-change prices seem to vary, but he's never charged more than $49 for my 7-series.

    Infiniti always gave me a loaner even though I didn't buy the car from them - and that was for any amount of maintenance.
  • I've been thinking about getting either a new or a late model 7 Series for some time. I joined BMWCCA in anticipation of a BMWUSA rebate when I buy one. Because you have to have been a member for a year or more to get the rebate, I joined a year or so ago in anctipation of my big move. Part of the package for your $35 is a subscription to Roundel.

    For a car nut like me who hasn't owned Bimmers since grad school in the early 70's, it makes fascinating reading. Naturally there is the usual sociological tension between the true believers who still have 2002s and the bourgeois financial service types who are snapping up the latest cars. But the interesting thing is the range of tech problems and service requirements. No anal-compulsive Porche owner or even Abrams M1 crew chief has anything on some of the service levels required and problems encountered. The letters to the editor and letters to Tech Talk are filled with stories that would cause the owners of any other brand to firestorm the company plant.

    Just looking at 7 Series problems (we won't even mention the oil pump nut backing off issue on the M3s, etc.), in the December issue there is a letter from a guy with a 1997 740i who spent 10K of his own money on a new engine because a plastic (??) radiator extension broke. And the car is a CPO (see! In the Tech Line section of the same isssue a guy got banged 3.5 hours by his dealer to replace a crankshaft positon sensor. Roundel acknowledges the job would take a "very seasoned do it yourself type" about an hour, defends the flat rate time and then comments that, thank God for small favors, this this problem is "common only on BMW V8 engines."

    Wow. I sure want to go out and buy a BMW after reading this.
  • The radiator is the weakest point on the E38 7-series. But with all respect to the owner who complained, he had to be a moron as these cars have more bells, whistles and chimes than can be imagined--when something is amiss enough to potentially damage the engine the car will kick into "limp home" mode and SCREAM at you to do something.

    I'm also guessing that someone sold him a new engine, at an inflated price, when the old one just needed a bit of machine shop work. Because of the electronics and the head bolt design, it is pretty much impossible to crack/warp the block and heads on these cars through overheating.

    The present problem with buying a BMW is that the company no longer releases service information on its cars to 3rd parties such as Bentley, Haynes, and Alldata. Thus, you MUST go to the dealer for any sort of significant service. That dealer now has a MONOPOLY and as anyone with economic training can tell you, this means you are screuwd.

    I gave up on my local BMW dealer after one trip in which it became clear that I knew a lot more about the car than his "BMW certified technicians" did, and that his primary interest was emptying my bank account. I now do all my own work exclusively, except when I need special equipment, in which case I hire an independent and leave very specific instructions on what shall be done. For most potential BMW owners, this isn't an option, and the cost of the dealer's monopoly absolutely must be considered when buying one of these cars.

    Everytime my 750 breaks I complain. Then I get it running again, take it out for a spin, and say "whoa baby, now I remember why I put up with this thing."
  • Hello all. I have a 2001 740iL which has an integrated Motorola cell phone. Love the car and I don't plan on getting rid of it for a few years, but the phone is four years old and getting a little dated based on the new technology available. The BMW dealership tells me they can't re-wire the car for a new phone, but I have been told by another party that it is possible. Does anyone out there have any experience in this, and if so, who might be able to integrate a new phone in a 3 year-old car?

  • I'm not sure what you mean (or if you know what you mean) by "rewire." You could pull the entire dash and integrate in one from a new 745. Probably cost about $200,000. I'm being a little funny, but exactly what "wires" do you think will be changed, and why? What's the real concept?

    i have an old, integrated analog and any rewiring is impossible for me. the issue isn't analog/digital, it is finding a phone that has has the hardware and the software to integrate with and talk to the dash display, steering column stalks, etc. So it isn't the CAR it is the PHONE. Find out who really made your present phone (wasn't BMW, that's for sure) and ask them if there is an upgraded version. My guess is there will not be, but its worth a shot.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    IIRC, the 7 used a Motorola Star Tac, and I don't there is an adapter kit for a new phone. Which is why I no longer buy cars with integrated phones. Eventually, I trade out the phone before I trade out the car.
  • Thanks. You confirmed my suspicions. It sounds like I would have to get a hands-free system installed by one of the wireless carriers if I want a newer-generation phone. Unfortunately, that would negate the integration features of the car (steering wheel operation, automatic muting, etc.).

    It seems as though Mercedes, BMW and other high-end manufacturers would allow for telephone upgrades with some type of adapter kit.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You would think, and perhaps they will now that phones change so quickly. But so far, I've seen a drastic attachment to old phone technology in the cars, in an attempt to be universal for all markets. For example, Lincoln has been using analog phones in all their cars for years, because there are some places in the country where digital phones are not used yet. But it's a terrible phone, IMO.
  • If anyone could offer any insight it would be appreciated! We are thinking of trading our 2001 750iL for a 2004 760Li TODAY! I haven't seen too many posts with info (problems etc) with the 760's - if anyone knows anything that would help with the decision, please let us know or e-mail at: The price here in Raleigh, NC (black on black - 10miles: $116,555.00 w/o taxes/tags). Thanks!
  • 2003 745i; i-drive computer lock-up occurs in hot weather on start-up after car has been sitting in sun/heat for period of time (live in nyc). on re-start, entire i-drive is locked up or "frozen" and cannot be accessed. car went into shop for two-week period; bmw claimed problem repaired. not so. same problem has now recurred three times. i-drive eventually unfreezes after car driven for period of time. anyone else had problem? if so, what was fix? thanks.
  • 92735i92735i Posts: 25
    I love my bimmer. Dreamt of owning a 7 since 1986. Have now owned my 7 for almost 12 years and have 173k loving miles. It has been a Florida car since new but last year I relocated to Chicago (hold laughter please!) and during the first winter, had to replace radiator 163k mi., a couple of injector hose connectors, and fuel pump.

    Since at this time last year I was planning on keeping my car till the wheels came off, I went ahead and had a top-end freshen up done including a cam shaft replacement. I got to see all the internal parts to my top-end. Boy, does it pay off to change your oil frequently.

    Well, my car is great, runs like a top, I drive 20k miles a year, but am really starting to like the new cars like Audi A6, A8, and am very skeptical about the new 7.

    My car is very reliable, would like to have 300 hp engine though.

    Planning on keeping my old 735 and give to one of my kids.

    I am undecided over a 2001 740, a used 2003 745, a new A6 quattro, or a used 2004 A8.

    My purchase time frame is October 2004.

    What do you guys recommend ? I am a BMW person, my dad had '72 2002 that I learned to drive with.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    My business partner has an 03 745. It's been a horrible car. I drive problems, won't start at will. It's just way too complicated. BMW has overengineered themselves to death, and they have taken themselves off my list as a result. I'm still watching, because I used to be a fan - but not right now! Ugly and unreliable are too many sins at one time.
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