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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • simcaddysimcaddy Posts: 1
    Anything special about the maintanence for BMWs? I remember a friend was complaining that he could not do oil changes at regular shops because those shops could not reset the warning lights after the oil change or brake pads change.

    Is it still true that owners have to take cars to dealer for all the maintanence? like the $100+ oil change. I hope things have changed somewhat. Thanks for your comments.
  • jadeedukejadeeduke Posts: 4
    I see they have modified the idrive for the 06 model 750. I'm in limbo between the GS430 and 745-750. I have seen all the writings about the idrive causing some problems for some people,I was just wondering have all the issues been worked out since the earlier versions?

    I never been a big fan of gps systems. Do you need it for idrive to be complete? :
  • jadeedukejadeeduke Posts: 4
    I'm glad to hear that! I am looking at one 04.....745il and that is good to hear. I'm not an electronic guru but some of the stuff I read seems like I need a degree in idrive to get it to work. Have you had any hang ups on anything?
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    I simpy read the manual once and all was simple with the iDrive; other than the navigation which I had to review one extra time. Once done that was it and never looked back.

    Some options you never visit more than once and the rest are simple to use. There are plenty of 'old-fashioned' knobs and dials for the day-to-day stuff. To this day I just can't understand all the noise over iDrive because anyone with two brain cells touching could figure it out.

    The car is amazing in every way.

  • jadeedukejadeeduke Posts: 4
    Cool because I really like the 7 over the gs430 but I'm not trying to be too stubborn if everyone is saying there is a flaw and the gs will not be in the shop as much as the 7. I will go and drive it this weekend. I have been putting that off cause I know I will like it. Have you had to put on more tires yet? Can you get 50k on a set or is that dreaming? I heard it was hard on tires???
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    It's not the figuring out that bugs people JR it's the inconvenience of using it.


  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Originals are at 18K now and I suspect that 35-40 is the best you'll do on the 18's. If you go bigger it will likely be less mileage per set.

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    To each their own. There are redundant switches and steering wheel controls for the stuff used regularly so again I just don't see the inconvenience factor of the iDrive.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    It's distracting when you are driving I think.

    Or perhaps if I may quote a friend---it is technology to no useful purpose.


  • Hi,

    I recently had a battery replaced at the dealership. After taking the car back home and out to dinner, the car started acting up. Several check engine lights came on, the radio wouldn't work, and the navigation screen would come on and off intermittently.

    After taking the car back to the dealership, the service manager said that the code must not have been punched in correctly. They re did the code, and as I got into the car to go back home, the car had the same problems. lights on in the dash, radio not working all the time as well as the nav. screen.

    I left the car at the dealership for a couple of days, and they got all of the check engine lights to stay off.

    Now when I start the car, the steering wheel may not come down on it's own as it should, the radio may not come on, or even the screen may not come on.

    The steering is also tight sometimes on first start up when these other problems are going on.

    Any ideas???

  • 92735i92735i Posts: 25
    I just sold my 2001 740iL. I had spt pkg rims but not the spt pkg. 56K miles and a local dealer paid me $29k (not a trade in). I had many options, small screen navigation, 6CD, rear shade, conv seats (not heated) EDC, ESC, Blk/Blk.

    I've now owned 1992 735i (still own with 220kmiles, son drives), 2004 745i with all toys, premium sound, 19" rims, conv pkg, luxury seating pkg, park distance, etc.
    No bugs, no complaints, iDrive is simple, scroll-click, scroll-click. And the 2001 740iL.

    IMHO, the 745i is the best driving car in the world and I never had a break down nor bug.

    The question is, what happens at or after 100k miles?
  • I'm having the same problems with my 03' 745i. My i-drive screen will flash on and off intermittently and my cd changer reboots. The dealer can't seem to find out what the issue is, does anyone have a clue?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Went and test drove the 750...It had sports suspension....Could anyone give me their opinion on that vs the adaptive suspension...The car drove very nicely and was responsive..I just wonder if the regular suspension would be as nice? Thanks Tony
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    It does not have sports suspension but when I set the suspension to sports, it has very little roll. I also like the comfort setting when I have other passengers in the car.

    The car I drove has 19 inch wheels, I like the dual personality so will most likely skip the sports suspension.
  • suresure Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying my business partners used 2002 745li.
    It has 19 inch wheels and just about every option on it.
    I have heard there are some problems with the early models of this vehical and wonder if anyone has any input.
    I must admit I am an american car guy currently drive an escalade and a 2000 chrysler 300M.
    I am looking to replace the chrysler but want to know how well the bmw will be in the winter and also about these flaws in the software.
    looking from input from anyone good or bad.
    I have been driving it for a week and like it.
    It has 25,000 miles on it and is very clean.
    He wants $43,000 for it.
  • I am looking to buy a 1995 740i this week. What can I expect to pay for an oil change and where? What are the acceptable oil change intervals?
  • I am looking at the above and it is in very good condition. I know the owner and they have had all maintenance done at the dealer. Even had the engine rebuilt by BMW at $65K as a result o fthose common engine problems. I usually don't buy older cars but thios woudl not be my ony car but I woudl expect to put $15K a year on it. How much will it cost me to maintain? Any ideas
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    If you do really thorough maintenance, you should figure $100/150 a month to take care of routine maintenance and the usual expendables. This of course will be an average, some months nothing, some months $600. I would however, have this vehicle checked stem to stern by a knowledgable technician.

    Asking price is about correct retail, no bargain but fair enough for a nice car.


  • I have a 2001 740il with the performance package. Over the labor day weekend with the gas shortage, I had to make a trip and could only buy 87 octane gas. It seemed to do OK, but I drove it very easy. Does this engine have a knock sensor that retards the timing if it senses preignition? If the timing automatically adjusts to fuel octane, is it possible that you could get better gas mileage with the high octane fuels?

    Thanks for any comments.
  • I have have always wanted a 740il and since a wreck a couple of weeks ago totaled my car I had decided to go after one. I am not wealthy and have a limited budget for car purchases. Since the wreck safety has become my NUMBER ONE concern in the next car I get. I totaled a 2001 Bonneville - it did a good job protecting me in the wreck and I am alive because of air bags - this from the doctor.

    Anyway, I have found a 1996 740il with 133,000 miles for $9,850. This looks to be a great car. It is with the second owner who is in college and has gone to Germany for a year of school. His Dad is selling it to get him money for a car he has bought over there.

    Car looks great and all things seem to work. The displays on the radio do not read correctly and he had replaced it once from an ebay purchase. I plan on taking it to a BMW shop for a detailed inspection. But what I read here makes me want to run away from it and all BMW 740's. Can a car that is really "great" as multiple people have said really cost so much to maintain. Is it really engineered so badly that it takes a specially trained BMW Tech to fix it. There are some really complicated cars out there that excellent mechanics are working on. How can something that is supposed to be so good and so well 'engineered' suck as bad as some of the posts say?

    Anyway, I will ask what others have asked. Should I steer clear and forget BMW or not? I am one who maintains my cars. I also understand that this costs money as detailed by others. But if a simple brake job is $500 or more then I have questions?

    Thanks in advance.
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