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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier

bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
topic, look here for the link next week for our
First Drive: 1999 BMW 740i Sport, on the front page

"Quite Possibly the Finest Sedan in Existence"
according to Christian J. Wardlaw...

Read it and tell us what you think!

Community Manager


  • Interested to see the report on the sport version. Just this weekend I brought home a 740i. Spent much of the past two weeks looking at the literature, on the net, and test driving the Lexus LS400, E320 and Mercedes S competition, and Jag XJ8.

    Having never owned anything beyond a Jeep and Volvo, this was new territory and I went into it with nearly zero experience or information on BMW. At the outset I wasn't even sure I'd test BMW and would certainly have put it last on the list for the likely winner.

    Long story short: the 740i was robust, subtle, and rich in feel beyond the others. Each was impressive. The LS400 is especially silky. But adding it up and taking the gut check, the 740i captured me and my wife. It even overcame our distaste for the BMW sales rep, who in this particular episode, was the least impressive we dealt with.

    May I suggest a thread on the 740i vs. LS400 vs. S-class? I am interested in how others size this up.
  • reBMWreBMW Posts: 26
    perhaps 740isport v xjr
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    It's here:

    HIGH END LUXURY? 7-Series vs. S-Class vs. LS400?

    Bruce. your Sedans co-host.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Here's the direct link to the 740i review.

    1999 BMW 740i Sport

  • bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
    Spin Around Town of the BMW 7 Series, 1999 BMW 740i Sport, coming soon to the front page of

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    What a great car, ok well the one I have driven is a 90, but hell the V12 powerplant is so smooth. Damn, if oil changes didn't cost 500$ I might consider purchasing one, hehe. Yeah right after I win the lottery.
  • pflaumpflaum Posts: 13
    I have been driving my 740iL for four years. There have been a few very minor warranty repairs and I dinged the car and had to pay $1000 to the body shop. There have been, as I recall, two recalls for relatively minor fixes. Other than changing the oil, that has been the sum of the repairs. NOW, unlike you, I only drive about 7000 miles a year so my car has only 24000 miles on it (I drive my corvette most of the summer) -- so I have no idea what heavy use would do. As for the ownership experience, it is the perfect car PERIOD.

  • boomr46boomr46 Posts: 1
    Purchased the above here in northern Illinois recently for under $38,000. All the service and warranty work has been performed at the same dealership since new. It is a BMW certified car so the warranty extends to the end of 2002. Although the car shows just over 50,000 miles it appears, drives and acts like a (nearly) new car.
    It was literally love at first drive and brings back fond memories of earlier BMWs I have owned and driven. I plan on a road trip this weekend to shake it out and will post an update if appropriate.
  • What the hell, the 740iL is coming off lease and I just can't bear to be without one. So the wife and I went to the dealer today. Ordering a new 740i Sport model for me and a loaded 323 for her. Dealer says that when this one comes off lease in two years, the new 7 Series will be available.

    This is the first time I have bought the same car twice in a row (I am on a second 'vette but that's a toy not a car)-- so many cars to own and so little time in life. But, the 7 Series is the best car I have ever owned and there is just no competition out there. The new MB S Class is downright ugly and has that awful command center; Lexi are for people who really don't like cars; Infiniti wussed up the Q45 (I owned a '90 -- a great car) and Audi, well it's Audi and I'm not ready to give them the benefit of the doubt just yet (maybe in two years).

  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    I'm a big MBZ fan. Was going to order the E430, but then figured out that with the price increase, the no discounting policy, and the lack of lease incentives, for the price of the MBZ "mid-tier" E430, you can get the "upper tier" 740i sport package.

    I've signed up for 740i -- the only negative I've heard is that the 740 design is getting old. Hard to argue with that, although the E design is hardly new either (the 2000 E class cosmetic changes are minor). I'm not sure I agree on your opinion on the S-class -- I have mixed feeling, and I think its a design that may grow on you. The profile and rear views are nice, not crazy about the front end. I do agree on the AUdi - drive an A6 now, and no problems, just just not a very interesting car. I think the A6 with a V8 could provide the uumpph, but you're right, its still an Audi...

  • I drove the 740i Sport and it is the most awesome sedan I have ever driven. With the 18" low profile tires and the stiffer suspension, the thing corners like my '98 'vette (well, maybe not quite that well but close). The pick up is much improved and can be made even better by replacing an engine chip (according to dealer). I was just blown away by the test drive.

    This is a terrific automobile at a great price.

    Chris Pflaum
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    Glad to hear it ("most awesome sedan ever driven" is a pretty big statement) - got my '00 on order for delivery in 7-8 weeks. You compare its drive to the vette (which is bit of a stretch), but I'd be curious as to your thoughts on comparing its "feel" and handling to other German/Japanese comps (Audi A8, Mercedes S430, E430, BMW 540, Lexus LS400, others?) Any thoughts?

    Also, more importantly. What is the chip your dealer is talking about, and what kind of HP/Torque improvement can you get from it?
  • Dinan sells performance chips for BMWs - in fact, most BMW dealers are authorized to install Dinan chips and they do not affect your BMW factory warranty. Dinan claims a peak improvement of 14 HP from 282 to 296 and a peak torque improvement from 277 to 292. I believe they cost about $400 and can be installed in 1/2 hr.
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    Where do I get info about Dinan chips?

    Did a web search, but came up blank.
  • If your interested in modifying your 7 series, you should also take a look at Jim Comforti Chips and products. I have heard a great deal of good things about him from other BMW sites.
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    Thanks - can you point me to info on him, or the BMW sites where he was mentioned?
  • It isn't quite as quick as the 540 but close to it and the handling is quite a bit tighter. I really wanted to take the thing to Heartland Park and put it through a slalom.

    As to comparison to Lexi; no one has put a gun to my head recently so I haven't driven one. It has a lot more road feel and handling than either the new Mercedes S or E.

    Seriously guys, with a chip to pick up a few tenths this critter is one mean beast. I can't take delivery until March 1 but the order is going in (dealer thinks that I should wait for an M5 to see if I like that better but I can't imagine how it would be possible to like any car better. Until I drove this one, I thought that my 740iL was the perfect car. Now I know that it is only the second most perfect car.)

  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    I'm glad to hear the 740i sport is close to the 5 series, but is there really that big of a difference with the 740iL?

    I drove the E430. The accleration was good, but nothing to write home about. The pedal felt a bit heavy and delayed. The cars also felt kind of "floaty" -- less road fell. I didn't really push it on the handling front.

    The M5 I'm sure is in a different class -- a rocket ship. I've heard wait in 1-2 years though. My 740i sport comes in 7-8 weeks, can't wait...

    On color, I order black (actually the metallic black) because of the blacked out ground effects. Wish they had gotten with it and made the ground effects same color as the body like pretty much everyone else (including the 3 & 5 series). I think black looks good anyway, but woulda preferred a lighter color car...
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