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Chevrolet Cavalier



  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    for the Ion and one writer said we waited 7 yrs for this. MY 94 Cav was a better car than our present 00 Cav so I have low hopes for the Cobalt. The bean counters have more with developing a car than the engineers, cheap, cheap, cheap.
  • jrestjrest Posts: 26
    I have a 1998 cavalier and the only problem I have had with it is ALTERNATORS!!! I am on #4. All 3 previously reoplaced by GM dealers. Am moving to the Chevy Equinox.
  • great car. has 57000 on it and had a sensor and a wheel bearing replaced. i drive the car in scca events and beat the crap out of it. pretty tough little car. if anyone is planning on racing the z on a road course, use some chains on the rear of the car to compress the springs if you cant afford the lighter springs. helps tremendously in cornering. it keeps the springs under a load without much rebound. incase anyone is wondering, got to 142 mph when i ditched the speed limiter. but that was turning 6000 rpm so i wouldn't do it for to long. only hit 135 until i removed the spoiler and closed off the radiator intake on the bumper.(CAR IS REALLY UNSTABLE AT THOSE HIGH OF SPEEDS ESPECIALLY WITH SPOILER OFF SO IF ATTEMPTING, BE REALLY REALLY CAREFUL) i left the opening at the hood latch and car hit 205 degrees but no hotter.
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 545
    My 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier (2.2L) engine (30,000 miles) has a mildly rough idle (like little surges), that comes and goes from hour to hour of operation.

    My dealer changed the fuel filter and then told me that my problem was a leaking valve cover gasket that had allowed oil to foul the plugs, ruin the plug wiring, and ruin the serpentine belt. He proposed to replace the valve cover gasket, replace the plugs, replace the plug wiring, replace the serpentine belt, clean the jets, all to the total of about $600 (I said no thanks).

    I had already replaced the air filter and PCV valve. Only a minute amount of oil seems to have leaked out onto the block (at one corner only). The plugs are nearly new and look normal (no oiling
    or white deposit, and the gaps are okay). There is no oil on the wiring and the serpentine belt appears clean to me. Please give me your best guess of what my problem might actually be.

  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    O2 sensor?

    When were the plug wires last replaced?

    Alternator checks ok?

    Just some thoughts.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    if the plugs are not Delco platinum that is the problem.
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 545
    Thanks for suggestions. I tried "fuel injector cleaner" added to the gas and the idle seems improved. If that doesn't do all I want, I will try O2 sensor, EGR valve, etc. one after the other. Plugs are nearly new Bosch Platinums (a brand I've had success with over many years). Alternator is fine. Wires seem fine ---- I've never had to replace plug wiring in any car I've ever owned, including my preceding four Cavaliers.
  • cachin14cachin14 Posts: 1
    Does the 2001 Z24 Cavalier have back-up lights. I've never seen them work on mine. My fuses and bulbs are all o.k. The owners manuel lists the taillight panel to have three different bulbs yet when I pull my tail panel off I see only 1 bulb. Any Ideas?
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I thought you would say Bosch Platinum that is sure your problem they don't work good in the GM cars. It has to do with plug resistance, its a long story. The j-body forum will tell you about them Bosch in the Cavalier.
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 545
    however, it seems strange that I never before have had trouble with using Bosch Platinum plugs in my previous four Cavaliers (about 200,000 miles of use).
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    few people in the j-body forum claim they have good luck in the gen 3 Cavy with Bosch plugs, 95% say they had to go right back to Delco at about $5-6 each but well worth it to have a good running engine.
  • I just rented a new Cavalier in Kauai. It was absolutely the worst car I have driven in my life. So pathetically cheap. It is beyond me why anyone here would even consider one. The handling and steering were numb.
    The floor shift sometimes would not want to go into park. Sometimes the door refused to open. It was like sitting in a hole in the ground. The plastic door handles had rough mold flashing sticking out. There was NO remote for the passenger side mirror. Maybe it was specially stripped for Alamo.

    Worst of all the car was equipped with cheap Goodyear Conquest tires. Not good for twisty roads. The car went out of control skidding on dry pavement and I almost crashed (I wasn't even going fast).

    The next day I brought it back and got a new Ion which was 100% better. The Ion felt like a real car, while the Cavalier felt like... well...I can't use those words here.
  • kmagkmag Posts: 98
    My wife's 01 Cav isnt all that bad of a car. I have definately driven worse cars in my life. The Cavalier rentals I had around 92-93 were worse. The Festiva I owned for a year in 93 was worse.

    I like the seat and the seating position, I find the Cavalier seats are more comfortable and you sit higher than in my Saturn SL. Dont like the tires, I think it has the Conquests also. Handling is really not this cars strong point but its not that bad. I think the steering is OK, about average for small cars. The interior quality is about the same as my Saturn-cheap. I had two Escorts and a Mystique before and I think Ford has better interior quality in small cars.

    My Saturn has no remote for the right mirror either. Or the left for that matter. But rentals are often base models, these usually aren't that well equipped, hence the cheap tires and lack of amenities like remote mirrors.

    I look at the Cav as basic transportation, so I guess I dont expect much of it. It does what it does and is what it is. But I'd probably rather have an Ion for a rental.
  • Wow, seems the cavalier has really taken a nosedive since I purchased mine in 1996 (104k miles and nothing but tires/battery!, I hope my brother's 2000 gets the same. But I'm looking for a new car and nothing thrills me. Seems they all have some drawback and that really puzzles me since they've been making cars for so long, why can't they keep the good things? And what's with everything power these days?
      Wish there were more people who posted they liked their 2004 cavs but than again, I didnt' know about this site till I started looking for my new car:)
  • I have a 03 cav, 5sp, 4dr base. It has no options so i don't have abs, or power locks. I did buy a cd player cuz the am/fm radio was just not cutting it. But so far I really like my car. it has 24,000 miles on it and it rides and handles good. I have had it in the shop because my vent control broke. That was 4 months ago, and it is breaking again. They say its a bent rode. Now i have a rattle coming from the front. My dad has worked on older cars and he said the rattle sounds really bad, and i need to get it checked out. So i guess i have to take it to the shop again. . but other then that, its been a good car. I got it for $6000 brand new with 10 miles on it. That was with the gm discount and gm credit car and rebates. So you can get a new cav for about $8000 new with out the creditcard and discount.
  • I bought an 03 cavalier a year ago and it has been nothing but trouble! I've had it into the shop at least 8 times for various problems. First the light on the rearview mirror broke. Then I had a lot of problems with my back turn signals going out numerous times before they figured out to replace the socket. Now my shifter cable broke and I had to have it towed to the garage. Not a good record for a year old car. Anyone else with similar problems?
  • I've had my car back to the dealership more times than I can count. First my engine's RPMs would drop below 500 and the car would stall. After one of these episodes the car was hesitant in starting and the engine clangs and bangs really bad. The dealership says they've fixed the problem by reprograming the ECM and yet it keeps coming back. Of course the car won't reproduce the symtems for them. The shifter knob was broke when I bought the car brand new and it took the dealership 18months of half-fixes before they finally ordered a new one. I can't keep my tailights working. (Neither can the dealership). Plus I don't like the body roll-over the car has when turning or on curves. Feels like I'm going to fly out of the window. I wish GM would put a better suspension on it and move the stinking temperature controls where someone can stinking use the cup holders. The car probably wouldn't be so bad if GM could get a hold on their dealership's service departments. 18 months to repair a defective devise is intirely way too long. I used to be die hard chevy fan. Thanks to the service I've received from their service department AND their headquarters, I won't be back in a chevy any time soon.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    For what it's worth, when I was researching Cavalier before getting my short lived 2004, I found out that GM updated the entire wiring harness in 2003 or 2004.... you might research this, the other stuff sounds unrelated.
  • yes my right turn signal has a short in it and i have to take this car back yet another time. 1st time was the driver side window motor gone bad. my brakes make a rubbing sound also. 16000 miles only a year old. wow!
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    I have a 1998 Z24 with the Bosch +4 sparkplugs. I have had very good luck with them. The car runs really great and I still get 33 mpg on a rode trip and about 29 mpg around town.
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