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Lincoln Town Car

I am thinking of buying a 96 Licoln Towncar. Am I
crazy to buy an american made car? What are your
experiences with yours?


  • GATESRGATESR Posts: 13
    I've never owned one, but the best people to ask about this car are the ones who drive it the most--Limo drivers and fleet owners. They seem to like it lots and praise its overall build quality.
  • dmkdmk Posts: 22
    I rented a 96 Town Car in 1996 and it was fair. The power was only adequate and it rode like a real boat--very floaty. The interior was quite spacious though. And the biggest problem, it's a Ford. Try looking at the Caddilac Sedan Deville. I've rented several of these and they are great cars. Fantastic engine, nice controlled ride(unlike the Town Car) and spacious. I think there are more features on the Caddy and it is more technically advanced. In 97 they even included side-impact air bags. It will also probably be more reliable and offer better dealership satisfaction. Let us know what you decide.

  • GTRocksGTRocks Posts: 48
    My father-in-law had a 95. It was a great car. Far superior in reliability to his previous Cadillac. Caddy was in the shop often. I don't think his town car ever was. They are a cushy/non-performance type ride, but if you are considering it, you probably already know that. I would recommend it. Don't let the Ford haters scare you off. They are far superior to the caddys, just ask JD Powers.
  • cobra98cobra98 Posts: 75
    I've rented a few Towncars to drive from Pgh, PA to Martinsville, VA and absolutely loved it. It had the 4.6L engine (I believe) and rode very well. As others have posted, it definitely is very 'airy'. You get no road feel. But, you feel like you're driving a cloud.
  • Towncar, talk about stress free living/working/yachting. My favorite car to rent, too.
  • A cloud, yes, but it's a 5000 lb. cloud going 80 mph....stress free at 50 mph, I'd agree, but not a car to push to the limits, I'd imagine (been so long since I drove one, but I bet they're better now).

    Hey, somebody suggested the new Lincoln SUV should be called the Lincoln Town Truck...whaddya think? I LIKE it!
  • I was on a business trip once, from Lost Wages (oops Last Vegas) to Kingman, AZ to LA (BTW in these parts LA stands for Lower Alabama) and the rental company needed more Town Cars in Calif. so I got it at the mid size price. That sucker flew across the desert. Not really my type of car, but its no dog either!!
  • GTRocksGTRocks Posts: 48
    Lincoln Town Truck, huh? I like it!
  • tcwtcw Posts: 14
    I've got a 1990 Towncar with a digital diplay problem. In the daylight it is virtually unreadable. Dealer has tried to fix it (one might think it is a simple sensor problem) but to no avail. And low and behold, the dealer says it is suppose to be like that. Go Ford, nothing new. Anyway, anyone have any similar problems with a fix?
    I had a 98 town car for a rental to Minneapolis from Chicago. What a ride! If your not a sport sedan nut you should definitely add it to your test drive list. As I am writing this I may do the same. Good luck.
  • pilgrampilgram Posts: 1
    I own a 1995 town car. At 61 thousand miles after complains about the engine knocking when the airconditioner is engaged and going up an incline, the engine finally blew. The problem was still there, after the engine was replaced They then replaced the Mass airflow sensor assembly, and a week later reprogramed the computer in the car. The problem still persists. Anybody got a solution?
  • elangdonelangdon Posts: 1

    Use higher octane fuel.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,005
    If Lincoln gets a version of the Excursion, they could call it the Lincoln Town House.
  • dranoeldranoel Posts: 79
    The Town Car is an excellent medium or conveyance device for the transportation of people that require absolute quiet, an extremely soft ride ,and total isolation from all outside influences. You notice I didn't refer to it as an automobile.
  • saturnboysaturnboy Posts: 89
    Pilgram, a good solution to your problem is called the Lexus LS400. It should suit your craving for luxury and give you years of worry free driving, plus very high resale value. I would buy one in a second, if I had 55K to spend on a car that is. Good luck
  • sv1sv1 Posts: 12
    Isn't the Town Car similar to the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury GM? People interested in the TC may want to check out loaded versions of those two cars.
  • seanyseany Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of any safety crash testing of the 1999 Lincoln Town Car?

    I checked :

    They gave the Town Car 4 stars in the side crash but did not do a frontal crash test.

    I'm told the Lincoln Town Car is similar to the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis. They both get 5 star ratings for frontal crashes but I don't know if that would apply to the Town Car.

    I'm surprised the Town Car didn't get 5 stars in the side crash test because it has side air bags.

    My other question has to do with how this car would handle in the snow. Anyone have any experience with this?
  • jgrundmanjgrundman Posts: 2
    I have a 97 Towncar Signature. This is a wonderful car for its intended purpose, but buying new American cars still poses the usual problems. I was driving south on I-5 near Bakersfield two months after buy the car when the right rear shock mounting nut, washer and gromet fell off. Bang, bang, bang went the shock. The Beach Lincoln in Huntington Beach discovered Ford safe guards the mounting hardware in St.Louis (the mounting hardware is not included in the box with new shocks). It was five days, three cities, three dealerships before the mounting hardware could be logistically aquired. Other than that, the car really is a joy to drive and it does a great job of keeping out the noise of the world.
  • jheflinjheflin Posts: 7
    I recently purchased a 'Signature' model and a week later, took it on a 500 mile trip to the east coast. Love it. Great design, comfortable, good gas mileage (25mpg). Must say again, love the design.
  • joe79joe79 Posts: 1
    awesome car! the ultimate in comfort
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