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Lincoln Town Car



  • Check under the dashboard on the passenger side. If it is like my CV, you should find a 12V outlet there to use.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I wanted to replace my 1994 Cavalier with a 1995-1997 Geo Metro and a 1990-1994 Lincoln Town Car. But I ended with with a 1995 Ford Aspire and $1550 cash. I guess $1550 isn't quite enough to buy a $2000 Town Car so here I go saving again. has 1992-1993 Town Cars for $3000 listed but the guy emailed me back saying he would take $2000 for the 92-93's and $3000 for the 94's. I can pick them up in Brooklyn. Sounds good. I don't care how many miles it has, if it makes it home to Dallas, I'm happy! So I may have one in say, four to six weeks. And I'll tell you guys all about the trip.
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    For the newer Town Car series, what sort of accessories are owners adding?
    I'm considering:
    1. Trunk organizer
    2. Additional CD cassette, so that I can pre-load it and just switch out a six-pack, and reload it at my leisure
    3. Some place to put my cell phone where I can get at it easily
    4. Pinstriping. The wife shot this down, but I may not give up on this.
    5. Heat seeking missile for drivers of lesser cars that need to impose themselves at unsafe times and distances.

    More suggestions? How do owners of the Cartier edition like the options on that model?

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    the only option missing on the TC is the Mark VIII engine. Everything else - it has - for me.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    Maybe the Touring PKG. Sure is a beautiful Automobile.
  • I have it on my 2000 and it cost me about 3 MPG over mileage I got on identical 1995 without it.
    And, mountain driving gave some real flukey shifts.
    I would not get it again, I would order the Cartier series, get the big engine and the standard transmission.
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    I'm planning to have them installed on my Lincolns. There is nothing more frustruating, than driving down the highway at 60 mph (on a 55 mph road) and having people pull out in front of you, because they think you're Grandpa Jones out for a Sunday Cruise.

    Of course, the launch button will have to be conveniently located on the steering wheel for quick, easy access!
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Um, guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in Ohio and at least 49 other states, they don't allow you to register cars with heat seeking missile systems. My I instead reccomend a large, chrome West-Texas style grille gaurd over the front bumper that, combined with the Lincoln's 4.6 litre V-8, makes a very effective "slow-car plow" that can quickly and effeciently push other vehicles out of the way.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    Straight through pipes and a Black paint job with orange and red Flames. Then "SCARE" them!! to the side of the road. That way a vacuum will be created and then that will surely pull you to the head of the pack.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Remember those fifties into early sixties Caddies that had beautiful chrome front bumpers and huge missle resembling prutrusions (to say nothing of the tail fins)? Actually I have heard them likened to female anatomy as well. Now just add the functionality and wow what a great feature! Those triple note Caddie trumpet horns were great too. Need to bring back some of these ideas - maybe as 'retro' options!

    Turnpike Ken
  • My wife and I have just purchased a 2001 Town Car. Others considering this model should know Lincoln has ordered replacement of an air bag module on all its 2001 Town Cars. Our sales person told us no 2001 model may be taken off the lot for a test drive, presumably because of some unidentified danger in the event of an accident. Dealers, he said, do not have the modules in stock because they are in short supply, and they have to notify the parts distributor when a TC has been sold. The distributor then overnights a module for the dealer to install. It's mostly a nuisance, but until the Lincoln division develops a better supply program don't plan on a test drive of a 2001 TC.
    The 2000 TCs are almost identical, but don't have the adjustable foot pedals that are important to shorter drivers.
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    So, Reese any idea which airbag is involved? I wonder about the veracity of what the salesman was saying.

    By the way, what car did you previously drive before the TC? What made you choose the TC? What model and options did you order? What other cars, or options within the TC line did you consider? How do you like the car so far?

  • tgrahtgrah Posts: 1
    Y've heard of families discussing the choice between SUV and minivan? Of executives to go Lexus or Mercedes?
    Those are the wrong alternatives, there is only one choice to get the max out of your money - Our little boys love to ride in the "batmobile", the black '99 Town Car, which provides more space and comfort than any other available car. Clients respect it very much, and feel the sense of place - this is America.
    Since some 'friends' mistook it as a company car [that is the effect of those fleet buyers], I had to add a white '66 Continental Conv to complete the Yin&Yang symbol, though.
  • I just bought a new 2000 Towncar with TS option, but there where no floor mats in the car so the dealer took some out of an executive model and said they where the same. Are they the same? I though the TS front floor mats said Touring Sedan on them? Can anyone with the TS comment on this? Thanks
    I have not driven it enough for a full review, but so far I love it.
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    You got gipped! The floor mats delivered in my Touring Sedan are the same color as the carpets, have a ring for the non-slip hook on the driver side, AND have "Touring Sedan" very nicely embroidered vertically on the sill side of each mat.
    They are very nice looking, and compliment the perforated leather and birds-eye walnut that are also part of the TS package.
    You're dealer/salesman is WRONG. DEMAND the proper set. They should consider the other set from the Exec as a loaner until the proper set are delivered.

    The TS option is sufficiently rare that many dealers don't see any, or very few.
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    I think you are going to like your TS, if my experience is any guide. I've had mine for about 10k miles now. Some impressions -
    - I love the car. It's quiet, fast, handles very well, and makes driving a pleasure
    - Everyone who gets in the car loves it. Room, comfort, and quiet for everyone.
    - Alpine stereo system with CD was a great choice. It really makes the car a joy.
    - Mileage: average per tank of gas, mostly stop and go commute 18 mpg. Freeway trips, hilly terrain, 70 mph average, 23 mpg; flat terrain 24 mpg.
    - Ability to use 87 octane in all conditions, and never a ping of loss of power, even over the Sierras is great.
    - The Michelins are a super tire.
    - Dimension measurements do not do the interior comfort justice. No other car this side of a Rolls has the room of a TC.
    - I am so glad I didn't buy FWD...
    - Response from everyone to the car is positive. Kids, colleagues, fellow auto enthusiasts all give the car high praise.

    It's true - SUV's, Lexus's, etc. are not even in the same class, and European 'Ultra Luxury' have no option or quality that is worth the extra tens of thousands of $$.
    I look forward to trade-in time when I can get another new one.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    "I look forward to trade in time when I can get another new one."

    dbd34, this is the first time I have ever seen someone say they love their car so much they can't wait to get rid of it!
  • Can anyone tell me if the Town Car has a similar air suspension to the LSC of 1984-92? My 87 Mark VII has 100,000 miles and the air suspension failed requiring two new front air bag springs, a control module for the right front and lots of labour. Over $2,000 Canadian so far and haven't picked it up yet. Would like a 1995 Town Car but am a little wary of air ride suspension. Any thoughts?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    with standard air suspension has 86,000 miles and no problem with the AS. I've several friends with TCs and AS and they haven't any problems either.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I thought it was funny when my Dad picked up his rental car today, a silver 2000 Town Car. He said he thought the radio was broken, I turned it on and it sounded like it was coming from twenty feet down in a well, turns out the previous driver set the radio to some kind of Stadium setting. I turned the EQ off and it sounded better. My God, that is a beautiful smooth car. My Dad is used to his 1992 Buick Century, in fact when we got out of dinner there was one parked next to the Lincoln and he was trying his keys in the Buick thinking it was his car.

    And I am one of those dorky dippy car nut kids, and I like the whine of first gear and the drop in pitch as it shifts to second. It sounds just like the Crown Vic taxis I'm interested in buying. I think a 1998 Crown Vic for $4000 is a good deal, and I don't care if it is yellow. If they're all gone, fine, I'll still get one of the black Town Cars, since there are plenty of those hanging around New York and New Jersey.
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