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Lincoln Town Car



  • pdiazpdiaz Posts: 2
    Hi dave3003 & others,

    Have similar problem on my 94" TC Signature. Did you get resolution? Please respond.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    do the lincoln burn oil of so email me at
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    The Town Car's Top speed is electronically governed at 110 MPH.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Which, by the way is way too fast to be driving any car, unless you're on a designated race track.
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    If you think 110 is too fast, you should wonder over to the Lincoln LS forum. They regularly talk about getting their LS's up to top speeds of either 125 or 145 mph, depending on whether they have the V6 or V8, respectively.

    I have a V6 LS and have yet to go over 100... there simply isn't a good place here in the country area in PA.... too many hills/trees/turns/deer/police.
  • Just bought a 90 TC Cartier Edition - 62,000 miles, moon roof, leather, memory seat, AM/FM Stereo with a single CD player. (all available options except trailer towing and anti-theft). Originally a Ford Executive vehicle and then one owner for past ten years. Older gentleman traded in due to ill health. Near mint condition on the outside with original paint. Like new inside. Drives great, no rattles and a superb sound system (8 speakers and an 85 watt amplified sub woofer according to the manual) Looks good in the driveway with my 87 Mark VII LSC. (Wife just ordered 2001 Ford SE Wagon so we won't go broke on gas bills). Have decided we will cover it and not drive during winter weather here in Ontario, Canada to save it from rusting. I am 46 years old with three kids, a dog and a cottage to go to. The TC provides room for 6, a huge trunk and is my version of the family mini-van. My son's friends (12 years old) think it is a great ride and no one can believe it is ten years old. My 9 year old daughter loves the room and can sit in the front with us unlike most other cars today. The price? $8,800 Canadian. About the same price as a 95 Ford Escort wagon with virtually no options and similar miles only on a 4 cylinder motor. What is the better value? This is my two cents worth. A Lincoln Nut.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    how fast can the lincoln can go and do the lincoln burn oil from 1990 to 1994 if so email me at
  • Instead of asking people to email you, why don't you read the forum? And to answer your question, any Lincoln running a 4.6l SOHC engine will top out at 106 MPH. It's 0-60 time will be between 8.5 for the dual exhaust motor to 10.X for the granny geared engine. Early model 4.6s(pre 93 or so) will burn oil due to bad valve stem seals(I think that's the term) Later models will not burn oil if they've been given the proper oil at regular intervals. Well-maintained, a 4.6 engine should last over 300,000 miles.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Congratulations on your very low miles 90 T/C. I believe you have the 5 liter, 302 c.i. OHV V8 which has been an excellent engine since the early 60's. We put 127,000 miles on our 82 T/C before selling it to a friend in 1994. It had the 5 liter, 302 c.i. engine and went very well as did the transmission. However, a transmission cooler was installed as the T/C towed a 3,000 lb boat/trailer. A very comfortable motor car.
  • Yes - it does have the 5.0 litre or 302 motor. I suspect similar to the 5.0 L High Output in my 87 LSC except less horsepower. The LSC has 200 HP and has 100,000 miles. Very powerful in this car and so far trouble free. Not sure what HP the newer 90 TC has with single exhaust. I am sure there is an internet site with this information.
    Thanks for your comments!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Single exhaust was on our 82 and in quest of more horsepower a Crower camshaft was installed. Due to the computer's setting from the factory, it would not allow the camshaft to be of benefit. The one modification that did improve performance was when we twinned out the exhaust, not using another cat converter. Monroe air shocks were installed in the rear with the valve stem located in the middle of the rear valance. With 120 lbs of air, the rear was up a lot higher and we were getting a lot better mpg as the car was always going downhill. (just twin out the exhaust)
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    do the lincoln brun oil if so email me at and tell me how fast the 2000 lincoln can go
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    The Lincoln is equipped with a 4.6 litre engine, which doesn't usually use any oil, but if you put anything thicker than 10w30 in it, you will damage the engine and it will consume generous amounts of oil. Really the answer to that question depends on the specefic car you're looking at, and many times you can't tell for sure until after you've bought the car and driven it for a few thousand miles.
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    This link is pretty cool. It is the "11/03: Lincoln Towncar vs. Lightning" link on the page I'm posting here:

    It is what happens when one HECK of a bolt of Lightning hits a car and melts it. I couldn't believe the damage this thing sustained!
  • My folks are 4 generation Towncar Owners and have never been as disappointed with a car as they are with their newest 2000 Towncar.

    They finally got the moonroof they have been wanting for years. They are unable to use the moonroof due to the extremely bad 'buffetting'. Does anyone have a solution?

    The trunk is difficult to shut, requiring a hard slam. Gone are the 'auto closers' as in their previous models? Is this an option they might have overlooked?

    After several, frustrating visits to the dealership garage, we are unable to determine the cause of a very obvious pull to the left? One mechanic actually went so far as to adjust the steering wheel(?)... we took it back the next day to put it back where it belongs. They are lucky we have had a sense of humor about this whole situation.

    Things are mounting to the point that they want to trade towards a Grand Marquis. It has always been 'a Towncar or nothing' mentality.... well, no longer. In fact, I would not be surprised if they experiment with a Cadillac next time.

    I'm asking if there is anyone (other than our local dealer) whom we can get some 'service' from. Everything has been under warranty so money is not the issue, it is the inconvenience.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention the front brake dust issue, the inadequate front cup holders and the continuous squeaky rear brakes. We've been told 'this is a normal occurence for some Lincolns'.......where do we go from here????

    Please, if you have advice, e-mail me at '' and I will advise my folks.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    What is there about the 2000 Towncar they like?
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    to another Lincoln dealer. The problems you mention are not common, and should be swiftly and easily dealt with.

    1. The moonroof. The deflector appears to be misadjusted. I believe there is a service bulletin available at the dealer's instructing how to do this correctly.
    2. The steering. Not normal, or acceptable. Something must be very wrong. Clearly any competent shop should be able to clear this up. UNLESS the pull only occurs on a road with a severe crown. Even if its a defective tire, they should be able to pinpoint and fix quickly.
    3. Ditto the brakes. There is no reason for a squeak anywhere. It is possible they got glazed by improper break-in, but a good service person can tell the driver what to do, and what not to do (NEVER drive with the left foot on the brake, etc.)

    The trunk on every 1998-2000 TC I have driven is a two finger closer. It has an adjustment point. I found the old power closer to be of little or no use.

    Has this car been in a wreck? How many miles?

    Short answer: even if you have to drive an hour, find a better Lincoln dealer. They will probably even pick up the cost to travel, and offer a rental. All these problems are easily solvable. (Except front brake dust. NO car can avoid that)
  • Looked at a 95 Town Car, Cartier, loaded except for CD player and without padded roof. One owner, no dings or dents, no appearance of ever been hit or damaged in any way. 69,000 miles and dealer serviced at the proper intervals.Somewhat exceptional compared to other ones I have looked at recently. Asking price is $14,000. What do you think? Is it worth $12-12.5. By the way, the car drives very straight, no shimmy in front end or pulling to one side. Thanks in advance for responses.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    IMO the asking price is a fair value for such a car. 69,000 is low miles and probably has replacement tires with less than 10,000 on them. The brake pads have been replaced, but the battery is probably original. Is it w/o stale cigarette or cigar odor? If the seller is in a "Sales Tax" state he would be better off trading it in as the tax is based on the cash difference rather than taking a lower price. By trading it in the seller could save up to $1,300.00 so I would not expect him to come down much off the asking price. Really clean Towncars of the Cartier class are very rare as compared to all of the Executives and Signatures out there. Go for it and enjoy your very good motorcar.
  • Thanks for the input! The car has a faint smell of cigarette smoke, which bothers me, and yes it is a non sales tax deal. Brakes amd tires are recent, so you are right on with your assessment. Thanks again.
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