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Lincoln Town Car



  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    I agree the defense industry should be part of one's portfolio i.e. Boeing,Lockeed, Browning and such.

    MARJER: How does the handling compare now that the TC has rack and pinion steering?

    BOPPY: Our 94 TC runs a lot better with a new set of plug wires at 98,000 miles. What's the miles on your odometer?
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    What's your opinion of the Continental; plusses and minuses?

    With the pssibility of getting a new 39K list Continental for the mid 20's OR LOWER, (12K off list + Ford Z plan + Lincoln owner discount) I just may pick up one and wait for the stock market to improve before buying a second car "toy" (2003 TBird or something else enjoyable to drive).

    Price is just too good to ignore.
  • boppyboppy Posts: 3
    The ignition wires were replaced at 93800 miles. The current behavior does act like an ignition problem where the sharp misses, such as a fouled plug, are quite distinctive. The car mileage is now 128000.
    The advice from Ford Motor is to take the car to
    a Lincoln dealer for service. Three dealer service departments have had a crack at the problem, and the problem has not been solved. That is the reason I am seeking help, before I spend more on in-effective service.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    "The current behavior does act like an ignition problem where the sharp misses, such as a fouled plug, are quite distinctive."

    Hmm...So have you pulled the plugs out & checked them visually? New ignition systems are getting to be extremely reliable, with plugs and wires being the weak points, and ignition wires are rapidly becoming obsolete with the advent of coil-on-plug ignitions. And other than chaning the metals to materials that last longer, spark plugs haven't changed a whole lot from the time they were invented. They're just begging for a high-tech replacement that no one has invented yet. That would be the next logical place to look, however. Sometimes, computer diagnostics are no replacement for putting eyeballs to parts and seeing what kind of shape they're in. As the old saying goes, if you want it done right, sometimes you ave to do it yourself.
  • boppyboppy Posts: 3
    One word completely changes a sentence!!
    I left out the word "not".
    The sentence should have read "The current behavior does NOT act like an ignition problem, where----."
    Thanks for your input. I must be more careful in proof reading my transmissions.
  • papaw58papaw58 Posts: 1
    When we go 55 to 70 mph w/t air on I get a
    continous grinding noise right and left side. When I slow down to 55 it is ok. I even turned off the engine at 70 mph and the noise is still there. HELP PLEASE
  • rdirnerdirne Posts: 1
    I am using a friend's 1992 TC (177000 miles) for a couple of days and really like it. I love the spacious interior, the smooth ride, the V8 etc. It has better gas mileage than our mini van!

    I am thinking of buying it...

    However, it does have a couple of issues and I don't know what kind of repair cost I would be looking at.

    1. Above 40 miles/hr there is a pretty severe vibration in the car which can be felt throughout the body and gets worse in the steering wheel when you make turns (more like a shudder). Would this just be unbalance in the wheels, or are we talking major overhaul of the steering system...

    2. Only the high speed fan works in the A/C. If you put it anywhere between high or auto, nothing happens. Is that a separate fan that needs replacing?

    3. Check engine light comes on occasionaly. Goes away after a while

    4. Airbag light occasionaly comes on

    5. What would be a reasonable price for this vehicle. Body is in great shape and I haven't discovered any other major flaws.

    Any other things I should watch with this particular car at this mileage?

    Would very much appreciate your input.

  • You asked for opinions - I owned 2, a 90 and a 92. Loved the style. Not very reliable cars, and I don't care for FWD. Too much torque steer and road motion transmitted to the driver. I understand they have become more reliable in recent years. I switched to a Mountaineer in 97 and a Navigator in 99, which I still have. I think the Continental has its place, but it's too small for my needs in the current design, and the FWD is a real bummer for me.
  • If Audia still visits this site, it seems he works for Lincoln. I'm wondering why the current generation of Town Car has such a puny fan for the A/C? Doesn't blow any air, in Vegas, that's a problem! Does Lincoln know?
  • My opinion: Town Cars are great for about 10 years, 150,000 miles. After that, they're gonna have issues. This one sounds like it does.

    Vibration could be anything as minor as a bad tire separation to a warped drive line or sloppy bushings in the front end.

    New blower motor probably needed. At the least, it may be the fan switch.

    Check engine light means there is a component failing intermittantly in the engine somewhere. Needs to be scoped to see what. Probably not a big thing, but could be $200 pretty easily to fix.

    Airbag light? Who knows?

    $3500 would be top price I'd pay for it. This one is about done. IMO, I'd pass.
  • Just yesterday I was looking at a 92 TC and the airbag light was lit on this one as well, though it was lit continuously. After performing a diagnostic test on the car, the dealer stated this was due to a spring inside the steering wheel which was worn out from the motion of the steering wheel turning over the past decade. He stated that the spring needed to be replaced before the airbag would deploy. It sounded as if the part was minor but the repair would be labor intensive...surprising as the only thing to do would be to remove the steering wheel...The shop manual probably quotes it as a 6 hr repair This might be the same problem with your TC you are looking at. If you're partial to airbags, you might want to see if your seller wouldn't repair it for you. Best of luck!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    your complaint about the A/C fan is the first.
    But I'm not in a very hot climate (connecticut)

    maybe yours has a problem?? have you had it checked out??
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    When will the Town Car have a Lincoln engine like the Cadillac has a Cadillac engine rather than the same basic engine that's in the Crown Victoria? For the last several years Cadillac has 300 hp and for 2003 the Towncar will have less than 240 hp. General Motors doesn't power their Cadillacs with Chevrolet engines. I know Lincoln has done this traditionally since 1980, but it's time Lincoln had a Lincoln engine. Why not use the same engine that's in the Marauder?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I'm not sure if and when they plan on going to larger engine...Actually the only people who I hear asking about larger engines are Edmunds people. The consumers/buyers who are walking through the door seem to be happy with the 2003 T/C. Our sales are up quite a bit over 2002 T/C's...If the demand was there for a larger engine I'm sure they would come up with one.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    What's your opinion regarding the present Lincoln buyer opting for the Marauder just to get the performance? Any significant numbers yet?

    In the last few years at the end of the model year, area Lincoln dealers have been selling Executive Towncars for $29,995. I intend to buy a 2003,True Blue, then. The LS has a Vivid Red, but not yet in the TC which is stuck with 'dried blood red', or Autumn Red. A Vivid Red TC with the Marauder engine would be just right.

    Again, Thank you for your reply & have a great weekend.
  • Wow. Yes, I have had it checked, but not believing the service department, I also checked several other new T/Cs from 98 - 2000 and beyond. They're all the same. Cold, but no air volume. In Vegas, where I live, everyone who gets into the car from May - Sept says, "what's wrong with your air conditioning?" It's just aenemic. I'm surprised you have no complaints, even in Conn. Must get warm there sometime.....
    Thanks anyway. I won't be buying a Town Car until this is fixed.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We have not had any crossovers...We have sold 7 MM's and none of them were considering any Lincoln products...I guess there might be some people who might jump up to the T/C but we have not seen it...not even a consideration of our buyers.
  • I'm trying to figure out how and what to replace the bushings in the nose gear of my window motors with, both motors run ok, I inspected the guts of the nose gear and found that the bushings surrounding the actual nose gear inside the white ring gear to be broke down into peices. any illustrations or part #s would be appreciated.
  • I'm contemplating purchasing a 1998 Signature (dark grey w/grey leather interior), 45K miles, CD changer, heated seats/mirrors, moonroof, etc...pretty clean (extra chrome too) from dealer. First, they're assuring me it can be certified but Lincoln's web site says that at this moment only 99 and later vehicles can be certified. Anyone know the truth? Also are (were) there any significant problems with this model/year, as it was the first of the redesigned model.
    Any info will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and they're asking $18,995
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