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Lincoln Town Car



  • I got a 1993 town car. It has 170000.oo miles on it! Do I need to rebuild the Engine? I just got the car. It runs good. I got the town car for $2000.oo is it a good deal? Can the town car go to 300000.miles! O and how fast can the town car go!
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    My 2000 LS has to be applying the rear brakes while using the Cruise Control - I can't explain how else it would maintain such a perfect speed without braking - here in the rolling hills of NW Pennsylvania.

    I do believe that you are correct Kinley.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    over 10,000 miles and when I shared that observation with the mechanic he advised me the rear brakes are applied by the CC sensor. It feels like they are being applied when I descend a hill, but I can't feel them engage in our '95 T Bird. Thank you for your support of my opinion.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I've got a '95 Thunderchicken with the same 4.6 engine as the town car. Patsy had 139,000 miles on her when I bought her. Now, she's got 215,500 miles. (That's two hundred and fifteen thousand, five hundred, for those of you who think I accidently put the comma in the wrong place ;-), and she's still running strong. On older 4.6's, at anything above about 100,000 miles, you're going to use about a quart of motor oil every thousand miles, but keep the oil level up, and there's no reason at all you can't go 300,000 miles. Remember, cops put 150,000 very hard miles on their Crown Vics, and then sell them at auction to taxi companies who put another 150,000 or so hard miles on them. There's truth to the slogan "Built Ford Tough!"
  • dbc123dbc123 Posts: 105
    Late build 92 Town Cars and all TC/CV/GM from 93 to 98 used the same electronic servo assembly speed control that was not in any way connected to the brake system with the exception of the deactivator switch on the brake pedal. Please see Ford Body/Chassis/Electrical/Powertrain Manual /Group 10 Section 03A, 03B and 03C. I'm not familiar with other years nor with the LS but rear brakes are not used with the speed control in the above named cars
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    at a dealer in Beaverton, OR. Only added option is the Reverse Warning System. Has anyone else noticed them selling for under 30k in their area?
  • May be a cancelled load of rejected fleet vehicles your dealer took off someone's hands for a song - are they all alike?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Charcoal Grey with dark interior. Ugh!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
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  • dinudinu Posts: 12

    Today, March 19, 2003, in The Arizona Republic newspaper there is an Associated Press article titled "Luxury cars, SUVs crack under crash-test pressure" by Dee-Ann Durbin. Bumper crash tests were made by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.
    Does anyone know if they have a internet website? A Google search should determine this.

    The luxury sedans cited in the article are noted below in order, according to the degree of damage in these bumper crash tests:

    2003 Infiniti Q45 - $1,445

    2003 Cadillac CTS - $1,172

    2003 Lincoln Town Car - $1,147

    2002 Acura RL - $1,103

    There was also one midsize SUV noted and two small SUVs noted in the article. If anyone is interested in knowing what the article said about these vehicles post a request for this info here and I'll put it in this discussion grouop today or tomorrow.

    Here's a quote from the article relative to the Lincoln Town Car:

    In a statement, Lincoln manufacturer Ford Motor Co. said its bumpers meet or exceed government safety standards. It also said the institute's tests "may not be representative of he type of damage that occurs in real-world situations."
  • I'm usually pretty philosophical about this stuff, but my wife called and said she hit a pole today, so I may become more interested. Meanwhile, I'm in a Hertz town car loaner, and am amazed at the improvements they've made for this year. Very nice ride. Have forgotten how quiet they are and how well they handle too. Now, if they just had a blower on the A/C, it would be perfect.
  • jrguthjrguth Posts: 4
    Wanted to share my experience with my 95 T/C air suspension. Got this car last Sept from Florida and truly love it. Flew down there and drove it back with no problem, except some concern when the "check air suspension" light came on after about 130 miles of driving. Car handled no differently so I continued. Of course every time car was turned off and restarted the system recycled and the light was off for another 130 miles.
     During the trip at rest stops, etc, when I saw another Town Car I would ask them about the problem in an effort to determine the cause, the seriousness, and or safety concerns. Consensus seemed to say that the air suspensions had a leak and at some point would have to be addressed. By the way, during the trip I reviewed the owner's manual and learned about the switch that turns off the system, tried that, but got off at the next exit to switch the air system back on, ignore the light was much better than driving w/o the system working.

    My wife drives this car around town, so light would never come on during her using it 10 miles per day. When taking car with 4 people the light would come on, more load means faster leak, and more work for the compressor. So over the winter we watched the situation as it developed.

    2 weeks ago, she took a day trip with 4 of her friends and the light was on constantly from that moment, so we took the car to a local mechanic who I had been referred to as having the experience to repair these cars at a reasonable price. He said the compressor had blow a fuse, and car was beginning to list or drop on the right rear. Replaced the fuse and gave us a price.

    I had thought about replacing with regular shocks as has been discussed on the air suspension msg board, but really wanted original equipment again if possible.

    Any ways, the total bill was $572.00 for 2 new air bag systems in the rear. I thought that was very reasonable from what I have read here and just wanted to share my story. Air bags had basically dry rotted over time, so i replaced both sides at the same time.

    The "air suspension" msgs, would allow me to read only, so that's why this is here.

    Thanks again for your help, love the car, and thanks for all the info posted by others, hopes this helps

    jrguth, Lebanon, IN
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    When those things explode - they go with a bang. In a recent trip with a '94 Continental, one of the rear bags decided it was tired and popped. It was like a canon going off - immediately the back end was almost to the ground. Good thing we were only a few miles into the trip. ROUGH RIDE home!

    If you see one is leaking - replace immediately. Dealers can be VERY expensive - especially using OEM products ($1,000 per strut - times 2 and add labor and you have a $2,200 bill awaiting you...)

    Arnott Industries has new replacement air struts that are superior to the ones just a couple years ago and can be purchase on-line for $185 or so.

    Be sure and replace both at the same time.
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    After reading all of the posts on here to change differential (rear axle) fluid, I decided to change it on my '81 Mark VI.

    You wouldn't believe the color of that oil - a very dark gray. I'm glad I changed it now!
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    Maybe that's why all of the newer Lincolns are using Synthetic in the differential.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    I was in Portland on a business trip last week and took a cab from the airport to downtown. The cab was a '97 Town Car with 580,000 miles on the odometer!

    The driver informed me that he had owned it since it had around 100k on it. The original engine was replaced at 400k with a factory rebuilt unit and the transmission had been rebuilt at 350k. He said he had the brakes replaced "four or five times" and the tie rod ends once.

    The driver said he "loved the car" and had no intention of replacing it until he had driven it at least a million miles. It was still surprisingly solid and seemed to run and ride well. The leather seats were still in good shape, too.
  • annd1annd1 Posts: 2
    I now have a little over 200,000 miles on my 1991 TC. My husband and I are in our late 70s and do not like the idea of trouble on the road. We like the ride of the car and have enjoyed it thoroughly.He says that we should drive it until it dies. I feel apprehensive out on the highway. Our running arguement is whether to buy another one now or later. Do you consider a car of this age and mileage dangerous? Any advice?
    AD of Louisiana
  • annd1annd1 Posts: 2
    I now have a little over 200,000 miles on my 1991 TC. My husband and I are in our late 70s and do not like the idea of trouble on the road. We like the ride of the car and have enjoyed it thoroughly. He says that we should drive it until it dies. I feel apprehensive out on the highway. Our running argument is whether to buy another one now or later. Do you consider a car of this age and mileage dangerous? Any advice?
    AD of Louisiana
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