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Lincoln Town Car



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I suppose it does make economical sense, but not if nobody will buy the damn things. Town Car customers are, 1) loyal to the current genre of car, and even though they think we are dying off, and maybe we are, we are dying off SLOWLY and we have money to spend until we do. B), the limo, livery, & fleet customers, who buy the majority of Town Cars won't likely find the durability in a FWD platform. Frankly, nobody has done that well yet.
  • limolimo Posts: 20
    Yikes! If FOMOCO really does go to fwd, I'm gonna quit this limo business for good. When I ran Ambiance Limo in the mid 80's, we had fwd Caddys and rwd TCs in the fleet. The drivers preferred the TCs, clients liked the Caddys because they had a flat floor in the rear. I glommed a TC for myself, as I grew up on v8 front engines with rwd drivetrains. When you look around at the current "luxury" car offerings, all but Caddy have rwd or awd. My competitions drivers tell me the Caddys are "squirelly" in the rain, but I think that's because the owner buys the cheapest tires he can find instead of Pirellis or Michelin rain tread tires.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You bring up a good question, LIMO - I guess Chrysler may take up the limo market if Lincoln gives it up. Or maybe Caddy will take it back, but I don't think the Sigma is up to stretching. Perhaps the 300C is....or maybe Daimler will be the limo of choice with Mercedes, that's not new to them..... Sure hate to see Ford abandon this very profitable segment, but I guess Bill knows what he's doing. Anyway, the current Town Car still has a contract through 2009, I think. Perhaps by then, Bill will have enough money to reinvent the Panther cars.
  • limolimo Posts: 20
    I haven't actually seen one myself yet, but some of the coach builders are advertising Chrysler stretches on the 300C. There is a Chrysler/Jeep dealer literally around the corner from us and the all black 300C, with the Hemi engine is whispering verrrry seductively to me. Even the cops thought it make a great police car. If Chrysler adds three inches to the wheelbase to increase rear leg room, they could sell these things by the gross to the livery industry.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I expect that will happen just like you say...
  • I bought my '96 Signature Town Car about a year ago, and I love it more than any car I've ever had! When I bought it, I was told it was a "Touring Edition." The 16" wheels are different from what I've seen on other TCs, and it does have a very firm ride and tight handling (well, for a Town Car!). It also has a moonroof, heated seats, JBL sound, and dual exhaust, all of which are supposedly part of the Touring package. Any one have any info on this? Did this package exist, or was I being conned when I bought it? I love the car no matter what, but I can't imagine too many Town Car buyers wanting one that rides like this. Boy, is it fun leaving Bimmers in the dust on the twisty backroads!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Town Cars are surprisingly nimble handling for their size and luxury anyway. There was a Touring Edition in 98 that I'm aware of - I didn't think it was available until then, but I could be wrong I guess. I consider myself an expert on that era of Town Cars but I'm not infallible either. Those Town Cars had dual exhaust anyway, and the Signature had everything else you have described in your post. You may have been conned, but you got a great car anyway. I wouldn't feel cheated.
  • limolimo Posts: 20
    We have a '97 Sig Touring Edition we use every day in the service. Later models say "Touring Edition" on the sail panel by the model name, but the 96-97 versions did not have this logo. Our '97 has the JBL sound, duals, moonroof and firmer ride of the '96, but lacks heated seats. However, and this is the most visible tip off that the '97 is a Touring version, are the chrome wheels. These wheels were not available on other models, and the touring edition was not offered in Exec or Cartier trim levels.
    Oh yeah, it's a lot of fun pushing a BMW or Benz through the windy country roads we have here. You can see the driver checking his mirror after what he thinks was a bit of road guaranteed to make the Lincoln on his tail give up, but I'll frequently flash the lights at him to make him move along or get out of the way. This particular car is very dignified looking with its dark blue finish, but it will run with the best of them, and leave most of them in its wake. 'Course, you don't do this with clients on board!
  • Does anyone know the difference between the Town Car and the Crown Vic suspension? Someone is telling me that if I want a Town Car why not just go home $20,000 richer and just get a Crown Vic. But I believe the Town Car has a much softer ride?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It varies from year to year, but the Town Car has a much nicer ride, is much quieter and has an air suspension in the back for load leveling. Is that plus all the luxury features in the Town car worth the extra money? That's your problem to decide for yourself. It is for me.
  • limo-
    So you're saying the Touring was only offered the last 2 years of the '90-'97 body style? Maybe I don't have the Touring Edition, because I don't have the chrome rims. Like I said, the wheels I have are different from what I've seen on on other Signatures. Mine have 16 v-shaped openings around the outside, and a flat cap that goes over the lug nuts (wish I could post a picture of 'em here!). All the other Signatures I've seen have a more "sculptured" wheel, and the lug cap has some black in it; this has the plain Lincoln star embossed into it, with no color. Anyone else here have these rims?

    Nonetheless, it's STILL the best car I've ever owned! I had 3 Grand Marquis' previous to this, and I enjoyed them. But there is SOMETHING about a Town Car, and maybe it's just in my own mind, but they are worth the extra $ over and above a Crown Vic or GM. BTW, mine is black with the gray lower 2-tone, and black leather interior (again, something else I haven't seen in any other Signature. Mark VIIIs yes, but not in a TC. Good thing I live where the sun never shines!)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Perhaps you have a morphodite? I found a mule for sale once, that was a display car, it had leather front seats, and cloth back seats, and a lot of other wierd combinations that were never made in production......
  • limolimo Posts: 20
    96signature: I've seen the wheels you describe, but like the chrome wheels on my '97, they're few and far between. This '97 doesn't ride like all the rest of our TCs, but it's great for running down "Sports" sedans made offshore. Now, about the mules. Cadillac made two versions of their limousine for many years. One was the standard model, with velour seats in both front and back, while the "Formal" limo had leather front seats and velour back seats. It also had a divider window that went up and down with electric power until the 1977 model, when they switched to a horizontal, manually operated divider.1 1/2 years ago, I saw and drove a one-off Lincoln LS, with a turbocharged V8 and five speed manual tranny. When you let the clutch up on it, the scenery got blurrrrry right away! Factory guys brought it to a limo association meeting, so I'm sure it wasn't something somebody cobbled together just to kill hot rod Beemers.
  • retireeretiree Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2000 TC Sig. model with 40,000 miles. I'm a little apprehensive because of the experience I've had with the '93 TC Exec that I now own. It has 157,000 miles on it. Over the past couple of years, I have: replaced the signal - wiper control switch, cleaned the EGR ports (they're plugged again), replaced the air bags and compressor, replaced the alternator and observed the deterioration of the valve guide seals (oil mileage is down to about 500 miles/quart). Can anyone comment about the mechanical integrity of the 2000 TC? Are there any common failure modes? I wonder particularly if it is a normal occurrence for the valve guide seals on the TC engine to go at a mileage level of 100,000 - 120,000.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    some maintenance at 150,000 miles on a Town Car. That's kind of the goal to get to before you may have to start putting some money into them. I've seen the engines go for 300,000 miles before needing a tear down, I've seen some fail earlier, depending upon how much care they have had and oil changes, etc. The engines are extremely reliable.

    Weaknesses of the 2000 T/C are few. Among them though are some cosmetic issues with peeling on the instrument panel and dash in sunny and hot climates, and a deterioration of the paint under the license plate under the same conditions. Sometimes, an oil light may light for no good reason. The seat back covers tend to be too easy to pull off if an energetic kid gets hold of them.

    Mechanically, they are as sound as ever. How many miles are on this 2000? You should be able to get 150,000 out of this one too, if it's been well maintained. No other luxury car will cost you less to own, on the whole.
  • cm779cm779 Posts: 2
    My 99 TC A/C blower seems to be really weak. I have to turn off two of the other vents in order to get air on my face. I live in Tx. and the Summer's here as you know are really HOT. If I get in my car in the heat of the day I never cool off and my back is sweating.

    We have had serveral TC's in the past and the A/C's have been awesome.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to replace my A/C Blower system with a larger one or is there anything I else I could do to help the situation without selling my car?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    If you go back a few hundred posts, you'll seem me complaining about this problem multiple times, in hopes of getting Ford's attention - because if they hadn't forgotten to put a fan in the Town Car, I'd have one today. Your assessment is exactly right, and for those of us who live in hot climates, it just plain is unacceptable. The change occurred in 98 with the new design. To my knowledge, it has not yet been rectified. It seems, that only those of us who live in southern states seem to notice - but I have homes in both Florida and Nevada, and I NOTICE!! As do you.

    I finally got an employee of Ford to admit that they are aware of the issue. For whatever reason, the HVAC engineer when this car was redesigned, deemed it to be adequate, when in reality, other than in Canada, it's not. But the fix is also evidently a lot more complicated than putting a larger or faster fan in. It would require a major engineering change somehow, and the complaints are fairly limited, change. But they are losing sales to people like me. It is so unlike Ford to screw this up. Their Air is usually powerful and cold, as it is in all of my other Ford products. So for now, the Town Car is off my list. I continue to check them each summer to see if the new model has an Air Conditioner....not so far. It's a real shame. There is no fix that I'm aware of other than to block off the vents going to the rear seats - which is what causes the problem. The fan size wasn't calibrated for that vent, which was evidently added as a last minute correction of an oversight - and somebody thought it would still be "ok". As I was sweating in my 00 Town Car the first summer, I realized I had a problem. I traded the car. It's your call.
  • cm779cm779 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. I am truly disappointed in Ford. The TC should be one of their flagship automobiles and this should not be an issue. My local dealer wants to do test yada yada. No thank you. I am aware that this is not an isolated problem. There is also another post that the '03 TC has the same issue. I have been looking at Deville's but to me they do not have the same ride and comfort and I do not want to have to worry about the oil consumption with the Northstar engine.

    I think there should be a technical service bulletin concerning this and a fix provided from Ford!

    Thanks again.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    So do I!!! At least they should do the redesign necessary to fix it going forward. I guess not enough of us either notice it, or were used to Ford Factory Air that you could depend on to blow your hair messy. The Air in my Navigator, Mountaineer, Explorer, Ranger and all previous Ford products has always been the best - with one exception, I had a Sable with a similar issue, but I think it was a stuck blend door in that one, because others didn't do it. A/C was something I never checked in a Ford when I bought it - but after the Town Car, I do now. As far as I have been able to discern, the Town Car is the only affected model and I agree, this is egregious for them to continue to make them this way. Even the Grand Marquis has strong wind in it. Go figure! I've been told that the Town Car is not designed for "Retail Customers" anymore, it's designed for Livery service primarily, and the retail sales are secondary now. Not sure how that all came about, but since Lincoln dropped the poorly selling Continental, and the LS has never been marketed as a flagship car, what exactly is their main car now then?

    Well, Fall is coming, and you'll be fine in winter. By next June, you may want to trade.
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