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Lincoln Town Car



  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    '80 T/C had a 351 engine and it would perform. It was totaled in a parking lot accident and replaced by an 82 with the 302 engine. I had a class III hitch installed on the 82 and it was a struggle to drag a 3,500 boat/trlr. In 94 we bot our present T/C and it has a hitch dragging the same boat. 300 h.p. engine would be appreciated. Most T/C drivers don't pull anything or climb any mountains, but where we live, the mountains are a fact. A truck you say? No trucks thank you. So, you are right I'm expecting too much from the T/C, but I 've always had high expectations. The 00 Cad DTS is inviting.
  • Here, I was thinking that you were dissatisfied with the way the Town Car performs when it's not towing something. Sorry about that. :-(

    I don't know if you like GM cars, but the '93-'96 Fleetwood Broughams with the trailer towing package could tow up to 7,000 pounds with no problem. The '93 models had the old 350 c.i. TBI Brougham engine (185 h.p.), whereas the '94-'96 had the SPFI LT1 engine with 260 h.p. and 330 ft/lbs of torque. On an additional note, the rear axle ratio on Fleetwoods with the trailer towing package are 3.42:1. You might want to check out the used car market for one, but good luck if you do... Finding them is like trying to find a virgin in a maternity ward.

    I too live in a mountainous area, and I know very well how bad Town Cars lag when going up hills. If people were in back of me, I had to really mash the gas pedal on my dad's '90 TC to keep the car going at a decent speed, so I won't argue with you there. Ironically, my Fleetwood has no problem going up hills, since the engine has enough "oomph" to move the behemoth up steep grades with hardly any fuss or muss. I wish I could say its ride on bumpy roads was comparable to a Town Car's...

    As for the '00 DTS, well... I don't think FWD could ever be as suited for towing as RWD. It may be worth a try, though.
  • eweygrineweygrin Posts: 33
    I will take a little less horsepower and stick with a proven engine and the luxurious ride that my 98 TC signature series with touring sedan package offers. At least I know that the engine is reliable and parts are readily available.
  • I own an 88 TC and am looking for parts for it and was wondering if anyone knew whether the 89 TC's parts are interchangeable with the 88's?
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    I'm willing to bet the parts are interchangeable. Probably depends....but I recently borrowed an altenator from a 1986 Mercury Cougar v8 for a 1990 Ford F-150 V8. One never knows!!!
  • tomsrivtomsriv Posts: 2
    The lower 3.55 (numerically higher) gear ratio in the signature will give better performance but slightly less fuel economy. Gear ratio is the amount of turns of the driveshaft compared to the amount of turns of the wheel. A lower gear ratio means that more torque is transmitted to the ground. It is just like low gear on a ten speed bike, in low gear you can climb a steep incline, but you have to pedel much faster. A lower gear ratio has the same affect. This means that you will turn higher RPMs cruising down the highway, but you will have better acceleration and towing abilities. The higher cruising RPM will hurt fuel economy.
  • tomsrivtomsriv Posts: 2
    I like the front and rear end of the Town Car. It looks like a total gangster ride. I'm only 22 and if I were to buy a new car the TC would be the only car I would want. I would get a black Signature Touring model. Since it has an engine similar to the Mustang I assume that it could be hopped up using similar methods, like SUPERCHARGING!!! How cool would that be.
    It's too bad they don't make them like they used to. My 455 powered '71 Buick Riviera will school many a modern "sports" car.
  • I have a little experience with my Grandfather's 86 TC and my Boss's 2000 TC. The 86 is a good old-fashioned American luxury car, certainly nothing to complain about for its day. I am very impressed with the comfort and performance of the new TC. If anyone has a serious complaint with the performance of this car, then stop shopping for a luxury car and go get the sports car you know you want.
  • I have a little experience with my Grandfather's 86 TC and my Boss's 2000 TC. The 86 is a good old-fashioned American luxury car, certainly nothing to complain about for its day. I am very impressed with the comfort and performance of the new TC. If anyone has a serious complaint with the performance of this car, then stop shopping for a luxury car and go get the sports car you know you want.
  • eweygrineweygrin Posts: 33
    You said it all, misterpaulson. A t/c does what it is intended for - provide a roomy, luxurious ride in an elegant looking package.
  • Had new platinum plugs and new wires installed last week and tightened all air hoses. Car stalls at lights and misses while driving slow. Didn't have problem before work was performed. Any suggestions as to a way to cure problem? Could fuel injectors be a problem? Mileage -127,000.
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    Sounds like they possibly mixed up a couple of the wires. I've done my own plug and wire changes in the past and that could be possible....especially if it ran fine before!
  • fourbarofourbaro Posts: 2
    I have a new 2000Lincoln Town Car Signature Series which I chose after a lot of research. Never did I find any info relating to the problem I am having. The car now has 3800 miles and the problem is:

    A vibration in the right seat front and back which I thought was a need for the tires to be balanced. Hasn't helped. Then I thought alignment. Hasn't helped. I thought maybe tire not true but am told that has been checked.

    In addition, it feels like the right front tire is bumping and I can feel it in the steering wheel although the dealer can't.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    My guess would be to check the brake disks.
  • With 12,000 miles on my 1999 Lincoln Towncar (Signature w/touring package)and as a previous owner of 1990 and 1995 TCs, my comments are:
    1. great handling (slightly harsh for Towncar)
    2. nice interior (Alpine radio/cd very good)
    3. fantastic paint job
    4. responsive (but noisy) engine (18-21 mpg)
    5. very poor door stops...will not stay open
    6. ineffective cup holders...cups will turn over
    7. miss the auto closing trunk lid

    Thanks for listening....
  • brooksw1brooksw1 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 t/c and am extremely disappointed in the front seat roominess, especially the front right seat. Embarrssingly had to seat a valuable 6'3"" client in the back for his own comfort. Have been told that front seat would have to be "handicap equipted" in order to extend the seat. What's this all about....I thought the t/c was the biggest and most spacious thing before going to limos etc.!Also miss the automatic trunk closure as in my 97 cartier. brooksw1
  • wwilberwwilber Posts: 4
    Bought new. I admit it was a dumb move. The front seat is very uncomfortable and the power controls do not adjust adequately. I'm 5'8", 170 lbs. so its not me but Lincoln. No outside combo lock. gas mileage only 18.5 at its best. No power. I complained about the transmission but the problem is without power 3rd gear just lags. Stabilizer bar went at 40,000. I had had a steering problem and dealer convinced me to buy new front tires, align the car and balance all wheels (cost $350.00) then it was discovered by me that the stabilizer bar was worn. The new tires etc. had done nothing for the car. New stabilizer bar corrected the problem but I'm out $350.00. As far as I am concerned Ford has abandoned Lincoln and is spending all its time on Jaguar which also has a lousy front seat. I tried out the new LS 6 cylinder. A joke. Absolutely no power and steering is terrible (wheel does not return when going around a corner). My best car was a 1986 lincoln. I had a 1993 lincoln that at least had power and a better transmission as well as better trunk space. Ford was the car of the '80's but is rapidly going downhill in the '90's. Cadillac and buick are much better. I was recently shopping for a new pickup truck and considered ford but I bought a new GMC with 280 hp. This truck moves and gets 18mpg with 4 wheel drive. Ford cannot even come close. Too bad because in the past I always swore I would never buy another GM product. I think Ford must have hired some of the GM idiots and GM has hired the smart Ford people.
  • wwilberwwilber Posts: 4
    If you have a vibration and do not know where it is coming from I suggest that youmake sure the front stabilizer bar is OK. This is in response to Fourboro's problem. Don't let the dealer tell you its tires, alignment etc. Also look at the 16 pages of defects investigation.
  • vjsvjs Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Cartier and have been looking for a newer model. I enjoyed the ride and performance of the TC. I bought the car because when I took it on a trip I didn't want to get out of it. Unlike the "performance" cars that I have had over the years that handled well if I wanted to drive in the Grand Prix, but were hard to ride in for any length of time. The Town Car is one that when I am on a trip, I don't want to get out of. When I arrive, I am refreshed and comfortable.

    However, the body design of the TC is the worst I have ever seen. It reminds me of the Hudson's and Nashes of the 40's and 50's. An upside down bathtub. The only thing they forgot was the drain! Lincoln/Ford should fire the whole design and Marketing crew.
  • vjsvjs Posts: 2
    Correction to my last message. The design of the NEW (1999-2000) TC is the worst I have seen in many years. It has absolutely NO class.
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