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Lincoln Town Car



  • tcboytcboy Posts: 3

    I have owned 4 Town Cars since 1996 and the 2007 is by far the best one I've driven yet. Consider the Designer model vs. "tarted up" Signature. If you get the navigation system (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) get the Mobile Ease bluetooth option; it works great.
  • panamajackpanamajack Posts: 16
    thanks for the information, I'm feeling better about my decision. The Designer model is what I am considering, will post when I get it. thanks again, your post has been most helpful
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Glad to be of help with some information. Get the model that most appeals to you. I think you'll be satisfied.
    I like the appearance of the American cars better than the Japanese. Quality wise the American builders are keenly aware of build quality issues. Once you buy the car keep us posted on your experiences with it so we can share information that will be mutually beneficial. Best wishes.
  • panamajackpanamajack Posts: 16
    thanks and thanks to all that replied. I bought the 2007 designer series, white choclate (my wife like that althoug I preferre d black, but it is awesome) We test drove the cadillac DTS, infinity m35, toyota avolon and they were all nice, but in the town car I feel like I am royalty. And with a 7K kick back from ford, and a 3K cut for being a costco member, it was hard to beat that deal. It is a looooooot of car for the money. Let me tell you, I called all over northern california and there was hardly any thing left. there were a few signatures, but not many designer series. there won't be any more until next spring and they will roll off the canadian assembly line and will be limited in quantity. I don't care if they do discontinue them, I'm sure as hell happy I got mine. I got the navigation and all the bells and whistles and it does everything but drive for me, and ofcourse, the lexus does that, but it's $60K+ I do like the BMW 7 series, I drove a 2003 and it was fablous, but I read on the beemer chat boards how often, and how long it's in the shop. This town car is outstanding, I haven;t driven it much, my wife is doing that, but I'm no stranger as we rented one three years ago to drive to vegas for my son's wedding, and i was hooked, I've been wanting one for 4 years. Anyway, I'm getting long winded, but I am stoked. I'll continue to post, let me know about your experiences. and thanks again for your feed back
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    The 2007 should be very well perfected using a 16 year old engine and transmission in a 10 year old body - you should not have any problems for a very long time. ;)
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Seems like a great choice to me! Think you will be very pleased with your purchase. If you do have any questions or experiences to relate hope you will post here. I enjoy my Town Car and am always eager to share experiences and help other owners enjoy theirs. Hope you enjoy many happy years with your Town Car.
  • panamajackpanamajack Posts: 16
    Bremer and euphonium
    thanks for the posts. The car is great. I like this board, I will check back from time to time and relate my experiences. going to Vegas in Sept., don't know if I can wait that long.
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 116
    Congrats on your purchase. I am jealous. I hope you like the 07 as much as I like my 02 TC (Cartier). I wrecked my first TC (not my fault). The each year of the bubble style has gotten better and better.

    I was talking with my salesman (and good friend) and he pointed out the Lincolns in the shop. The TC's were for oil changes and normal maintenance. The LS and Navi's were having all types of problems (mostly electrical). BTW, watch how they fix Navi's, they lift the body off of them to work on the engine. He said the TC and the Grand Marquis very seldom had anything major.
  • panamajackpanamajack Posts: 16
    thanks for the post. Haven't even had a chance to drive it yet, I've been working and driving my Cobra, the wife is driving the TC. Will take it out this weekend, looking forward to it. Glad to hear that they have no problems. My Cobra is an o1 nad I've had no problems.
  • ybm1ybm1 Posts: 1
    Hi. I have the same problem with my 1994 TC. Have you found a solution?
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    The first 2008 Town Car rolled off the assembly line in St. Thomas Canada on Tuesday, August 28. It was ice blue, but looked exactly the same as a 2007 that I could tell.

    Ford is keeping production down due to having only one shift at St. Thomas.
  • where did you see the picture? ice blue sounds like a great color on that car. Have had mine for a few months, but my wife drives it mostly to work, only 3 miles one way, so it isn't being worn out. On week ends I get my chance and it is really luxurious and a great car to drive. two and one half weeks to go and I get to drive it to Vegas for a week and a half vacation. I'm really looking forward to that drive, it will be like sitting home in my living room on my big leather couch. got to read up on all the bells and whistles and espcecially the navagation system.
  • beardiebeardie Posts: 44
    Interesting that you've found out that the first 08 TCs are beginning to roll out. I visited a local dealer yesterday who told me that they don't know when the 08s will be out, but not to expect to see them until mid February. He told me that he can't even order them yet!! Are you sure about your info?
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    I know we cannot post links (or pictures, but the pictures are over at - go the Forums, and then the section about the Crown Vic/Grand Marqus/Town Car.

    The one pictured still does not have it's windshield or grill installed, but it looks ice blue to me. It might be a badly developed picture. I know they have been running test frames for a few weeks - this may just be a test production model, and production starts for consumers later in the year.

    Let me try linking it here:

    link title
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Great news! Where did you find the information, is there a web address you could share? I have had no real problems with my 2005 Signature Limited but my 2006 Cadillac DTS has been a big disappointment in that it has had multiple electrical problems and so far no accurate diagnosis. May end up that if I continue to want two luxury cars in my garage they will both be Lincolns.
  • interested in buying a Town Car. The salesman took me immediately to the used Town Cars. Finally, when I managed to pin him down, he told me that this Lincoln dealership had received few Town Cars this year. There was only a 3 year old used Town Car in the show room! And this is a top dealership. The Sales Manager came out and told me quite frankly that Lincoln is discontinuing the Town Car. (They are only available as a Special Order next year, and the next year they are being phased out.) But he told me that they are already in short supply and Lincoln is not replenishing the supply already. I was disapointed as I was interested in buying the car, but I do not want a discontinued model. Have others on this forum heard about this? I know the official word was that the car is going to remain in production at the new Canada plant...
  • I have read for the last couple of years that they were being discontinued. I emailed lincoln and of course, they denied it, but I'm not surprised. It's a shame. I"m glad I got mine. I can't imagine they would stop the limo.
  • How can they discontinue their flagship car? The car that defines the entire brand? If one rules out the Town Car for a luxury size car, then what else is there? Nothing at Lincoln. I guess one could look to Cadillac. Penny wise and pound foolish.
  • The future of Lincoln is vehicles based upon overseas platforms, one way or the other.

    That is why you can go down to your Lincoln dealer and buy a Lincoln assembled in Mexico that is based upon a Mazda.

    When a company is desperate, they do stupid things like that to survive.
  • I found my 2005 Town Car Signature limited in July of 2006 through a car newspaper ad. There were quite a few used, recent model Town Cars at Autotrader.Com last time I checked (few months ago). Many were low miles and recent models with relatively low prices, suggest you look at the web site and listings. Am uncertain about whether Ford will continue the Town Car Line but would suspect even if they don't that parts should not be a problem for several years and the ones on the road may become collector cars in some limited way thus retaing or increasing values.
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