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Lincoln Town Car



  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    my 94 TC Signature Touring is still in our garage. When the Mercury Marauder is produced, I will buy it to replace our 94 TC. Check it out.
  • I own a 97 Executive and bought it because I prefer a large, American style luxury car. The 97 has fantastic styling, traditional yet contemporary. When that body style came out in '90 it had sort of a "pieced together" look. The chrome trim had lots of seams. The headlamps were too big and square. The whitewalls were to wide. By 97 the car still had lot's of chrome (I love chrome) but the chrome "fit". It nicely accentuated the style, it was well designed. It had a smooth, integrated-into-the-overall-package look that the 90's did not have. The grille had a nicer shape and the headlights were narrower with a nice chrome bezel. The whitewalls were a nice, modern pin-stripe that set off the wheels very nicely (the 90 used 1965-style wws).

    The 2000 Town Car is simply not a Town Car anymore! After years of evolving an elegant, distinctively all-American "Lincoln" look they abandon success for this!!!! The grille looks like a cowcatcher! The headlamps look like cat's eyes. And the chrome (what little there is)is applied in random bits and pieces with no apparent relationship to the styling! Oh, and yes, the tail lamps have no bezel but the license-plate box has the giant glob of chrome. And the blackwall tires, every car has to have blackwall tires nowadays. What is wrong with that subtle white pinstripe the 97's have.

    If I wanted a car that looked like a Bimmer, M-B or Lexus I would have bought one! What happens in 2001 when it is time to trade? Hopefully Lincoln will go back to building Lincolns. A car can: 1- look traditionally American, and 2- perform well, one does not negate the other!

    Maybe the Continental wouldn't be such a sales dog if it, too, looked like a Lincoln!
  • kenbob1kenbob1 Posts: 1
    I'm shopping for a used Town Car and have narrowed my search to 2 candidates. The first is a 92 with 63,000 miles at a dealer asking $8995. The second is an '89 with 120,000 at a differnt dealer asking $4200.

    Both cars are in beautiful shape, clean and obviously well cared for.

    Is the 92 far superior technologically and worth twice the '89s price?

    Is the 5 liter engine basically the same 302 For has been building for 35 years?

    I'm looking for comfort, reliability, and affordability. Any info on these cars would be much appreciated.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Having put 125,000 on an 82 Lincoln 302, since new, and 80,000 on a 94 Lincoln 4.6L, since new - I would not hesitate to buy the 92. The 302 labored up hills a lot more than the 4.6 and the 4.6 is a lot quieter. The body design is an improvement, however, the interior quality of the 82 was superior to the leather in the 94. Both have a smooth ride, but the later model is much faster with quietness. Hope this helps.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    If you choose the 89, remove the 20 second delay valve between the carb port and the vacuum advance by installing a new hose without the valve running direct from the vacuum advance to the carb port. Makes a big difference off the line. Because I've never seen a hearse with a luggage rack, go for the 92.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    that advice applies to a different previous car I owned, (73 Ford 400 V8)
  • kcherrykcherry Posts: 1
    I have never owned a Lincoln period. I was wondering if any one could comment concerning the 2000 Executive model? Likes, Dislikes etc...Potential problems possibly
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    it is the best buy under $30,000,yet how much less is a Grand Marquis LS with same equipment?
  • cobra410cobra410 Posts: 1
    Hello fourbaro, sorry to hear about your problem,
    I had the same problem with our 1997 town car,
    changed tires, front end aligned, but my son said it could be the drive shaft, so he checked the
    universal joints, and that was it, we no longer have the vibration.I hope this helps you.
  • cbrookcbrook Posts: 1
    The headliner has separated from it's backing over the rear window.I tried spray adhesive in one spot before doing the rest and it bled through.Has anyone any ideas short of replacing the whole headliner. The inside of the car is like new and it is a shame to mark up the headliner with glue.Other than this problem the car is a joy to drive.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Just bought it. Has 76K miles. Just recharged. Blows really cool air but it only lasts 5 to 10 minutes then it blows warm air (regardless of temp setting). Seems the compressor is keep going off the line after running for 5 to 10 minutes. Must turn it off and on to re-engage the compressor. Please advice if anyone has any idea what is wrong with the ac. Electrical or mechanical?

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    may be the cause and it costs 11.95. Labor is minimal. Location: passenger side, rear, near cowl and fender. kHope this does it.
  • 426b426b Posts: 3
  • 426b426b Posts: 3
  • liz2000liz2000 Posts: 1
    I've been reading these comments and a lot of people mentioned not liking the front and back of the car. I just wanted to say that those are probably some of my favorite parts about it... I got to ride through the Black Hills in a Continental...Heaven really.
  • hal64hal64 Posts: 1
    I would like to pull a small 3500# or so trailer behind a comfortable and quiet sedan... I would think the Lincoln or Mercury GM would be the best choice.
    What year Lincoln or GM would you recommend?
    I also would like space for the back seat riders.

    Also I'm not familiar with the various models..
    is the one I should avoid?

    Thanks for your help
  • fourbarofourbaro Posts: 2
    I am the owner of a 2000 Town Car, Signature Series with the vibration and shake in the steering wheel problem. Thanks to Edmunds I was advised to have them replace the stabalizer bar and bushings. The dealer told me there was nothing wrong with it but he would do it. He did and the ride improved about 100%. It stopped the steering wheel problem and improved the ride. There is still a small vibration on the right front. However, after dealing with the dealer and Lincoln for 8,000 miles on this, my husband says "Please give it up." I guess I will. Thanks for your help.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    can run without a small vibration on the right front. I suggest you ask a patient and professional tire store manager to have a look at the balancing of all four tires and wheels. You no doubt have Michelin tires and they are one of the best, so I'd check the balance. Cost? Less than a 20. I like your car.
  • I had a 91 executive...loved it..totaled it on the ice. Bought a 96 sig. It has 16 inch wheels and a very rough ride compared to my 91. It's been suggested that I put some 15 inch wheels and a higher profile tire. Anyone got any ideas?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Your sig has the "Touring" package or sometimes labeled "Performance and Handling" package. It was not an option on the Executive, but was/is an option on the Sig. If you have dual exhaust and larger tires, you probably have the Touring package. Frankly, I prefer it to the wallowing of the usual Towncar. The package enables my TC to corner like a locomotive, but the ride is more firm. Try reducing your air pressure down to 28 lbs. Changing tire sizes is too expensive until you try more economical moves. Good Luck.
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