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Lincoln Town Car



  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    The main problem of after market wheels is they are most sought after by thieves.

    Your neighborhood wrecking yard can get on the computer with their cohorts and find you a set of wheels from an 06.
  • douglasrdouglasr Posts: 191
    ...TC is still alive and well, despite Mr. Field's efforts to kill it. Last time I was in Manhatten, driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, I counted 42 Town Car's going the opposing direction out of Manhatten. Only a few of them were more than 3 years old. So the market is still healthy for that kind of rwd car.

    Lincoln should also consider building a new Presidential Limousine, as it has been 20 years since the White House has taken delivery of a new Lincoln. Cadillac is clearly on the ascendancy, and a decade ago Lincoln passed Cadillac in part because of TC popularity. If Lincoln is not to cede more sales, TC must be revamped and revived. The "placement" of a new Town Car based Presidential Limousine would help the acceptance of Lincoln once again. It's a nice piece of international advertising worth the$1mn price-tag to Ford.

    ...Mr. Press at Chrysler is already making noises that his firm is going to re-enter markets they have neglected. It doesn't take much to figure out where Nardelli/LaSorda/Press will go with that when the SRT8 puts out 425Bhp in top form, and easily can blow the doors off a TC in lessor tune. Imperial can't be far behind. (No, not the one they just cancelled...but the second varient they are working on.) So Bill & Alan have a chance to revive our favorite RWD chassis. Bentley is still using an engine that is essentially 50 years old, so there is nothing wrong with uprating the current TC. It still has long legs left within it.

    It's only too bad that the car gets short shrift at the Auto Shows....a revamped interior and uprated engine would do wonders.

  • Thanks very much for your suggestion of a junk yard, we don't have many in the small community where I live. Never say never but I live in a small town and have my cars garaged when not in use, live in a private community so the odds are not too great that the wheels would be stolen. If buying after market wheels my main concern would be adaptability of the wheels to my car. I have assumed that size itself is not the only criteria that determines whether if will be
    a perfect fit for my particular car, but not sure. It has been raining every day here so have not checked with the local tire dealer yet, will post results if I make the change.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    Check out After entering your car's year, make, & model you will be amazed to see what your chrome wheel options are. Have fun. :)
  • Thanks for the tip, will check out. I can see why T.C. added chrome wheels in 2006 and 07, looks as if it is now pretty common in even lower quality cars and they do really add quite a bit to the appearance of the vehicle. My main purpose is to get something attractive that will be easier to maintain than my present wheels. Not an urgent item but hopefully a fun project.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    The easiest cleaning wheel cover in my experience was the Mexican sombreo style of the Cadillac wheel cover used in the late 40's the early 50's. Swish, swish and they were clean. This was when the Cad emblem included the ducks. :)
  • My 2006 Cadillac DTS has a nice looking aluminum wheels that are much easier to clean than my 2005
    Town Car. Many thanks for giving me the tire track web site lead. I did look and was very impressed with the offerings. My only concern would be that If there was a problem after installation that there might be a hassle about who was responsible and if unresolved would not be covered by my Lincoln warranty. Chrome wheels seem to really have become popular recently and even the low end cars seem to have them a good deal of the time, I had them on my 2005 Mercury Sable LS and they were very easy to keep clean and looked good. I very much prefer the T.C. to the Sable but the wheels were a nice feature. I will take my time with all this as I am watching the economy closely and am feeling a bit reserved about
    spending money on a very nice but not essential add on to a perfectly gorgeous Town Car, the wheels are about the only obvious feature they could have improved on in the 05 Signature limited model year. Lincoln management evidently agreed in that the 06 models put chrome wheels on as standard equipment.
  • if i were you i would consider a 97 towncar. its made better with less problems in a long run. i my self love the town cars, had two of them a 98 made me 486K miles, and my current one 2000 has 268k miles, both great cars never ever any problems. i use those cars as fleet. ( limousine service) in new york.
  • few months ago my speed control went out on a 00 towncar, any ideas what it might be, thank you
  • noticed resently that whenever its cold outside my car has problems iddleing. it starts fine but does not have full rpm, its like going to die. i have to keep my foot on the gas pedal for few minutes, until gets warmer, and than its still not fully powered, maybe after 10, 15 min when the temp goes to 1/4 on the gauge than the normal rpm kicks in, and works great. any ideas what could it be?, thank you
  • Possibly the mass air flow sensor. Both my 2000 and my 2002 both had the same problem. It is about $150-200 installed by the dealer.
  • thank you, thats what i thought, and i will do it my self it 65 bucks for the sensor
  • If I floor the accelerator on my T.C. there is an approximately one second delay until the power reaches the wheels I have also noticed this on a few Grand Marquis I drove before deciding on the T.C.
    The power delivery on the Three Devilles I have owned including the present DTS have been almost instantaneous. I wonder if this is a characteristic of Ford power trains or what may be the difference in these two different brands of car. The delay occurs even if I use the button on the shifter to put the transmission in third. I actually prefer the Lincoln transmission over the Cadillacs in that it has real braking power on steep down grades where as the Devilles require lots of braking even in Third gear. I assume the delay has something to do with product design and wondered if anyone could explain in laymen terms what that is.
  • I just read you post on Edmunds about the air conditioning problem you were having with
    you Town Car. Mine is doing the same thing.

    The evaporator and drier both feel cool when you put your hands on them. However,
    regardless of the temp setting the heater seems to blow. It is as if the blend door is
    stuck to block the cool air from coming in and allowing the heat to come in from the
    heater core.

    Did you find a solution to your problem? If so, what was the fix? My email is

  • I noticed in the Ft. Worth paper Saturday that a Lincoln-Mercury dealer's (Manuel Lincoln Mercury Ft. Worth) ad showed a photo of a 2008 Town Car with a bubble next to it that said "Last Ones!". Do they know something we don't? Those of you with TCs ought to ask your dealer if the is the last year for the Town Car. It is not going to help resale value. By the way, the same ad said "Save $8,000 off MRSP" under the TC illustration.
  • I might be too late responding, but anyway, here goes. I just replaced a 1996 T/C Signature series. Had 163,500 miles on it. Only problems encountered in over 90,000 of driving it was a blown air bag, blown intake manifold, ( original was made of plastic ), and just had the ball joints replaced. ( originals were non greasable). No other problems encountered in 7 years of ownership. Highway milage averaged 25-27 mpg, @70 mph with A/C running. In town varied between 17 & 20 mpg. And, best of all is that air ride. Sorta like riding in a Greyhound. Can't beat it. Just bought an '03 Cartier with 60k on it. Contacted the original owner, who gave me the entire service history. No problems ever encountered with the '03. Hope it does as well as the '96
  • Just purchased an '03 T/C Cartier. Can anyone give me a list of the additional equipment on a Cartier that isn't on a Signature, or Executive model? Formerly had a '96 T/C Signature Series with over 165k on it. Hope the '03 gives as good service as the '96 did.
  • I hope owners will read the Edmunds review of 2008 Lincoln Town Car. I was surprised at many of the statements and opinions given. I will state just one to get the discussion started, the average fuel economy I get in my 2005 T.C. is around 20 + city and around 29 highway. The Edmunds review is approximately 40% lower both city and highway. There were too many other statements and opinions cited for me to feel comfortable about the objectivity of the test drive.
    To be sure T.C. is not a sports car but it handles a lot better than the review indicates. I am not going to state that I know i'm right about this difference about
    T.C. but only ask other owners to read the Edmunds review under 2008 Lincoln Town Car and post your own driving experiences here. We do have a vested interest in that giving Town Car a reputation as stated in the review could well cause prospective buyers to go elsewhere and lower the cash and trade in value of our cars. My experience with my T.C. has been very good to this point and must take exception to much of what was said in the review. I hope other owners will take the time to post their actual experiences with T.C. here.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    Signature Series
    Sriver/Passenger 8 way power seats
    Memory mirrors
    Garage door opener
    electronic mirrors'compass group
    steering wheel with center horn and audio'temp control buttons
    snoflake aluminum wheels
    Alpine Audio System with Premium AF/FM stereo/cassette

    In addition to Signature Series
    Exclusive Premium leather seat trim
    Heated front seats
    Analog clock
    Dual exhaust
    Gold pckage
    16 inch Cartier chrome aluminum wheels

    I apologize for having only the 1999 brochure from which the above was taken.
    Suspect the 03 Cartier has the disc over the casette. Not much changes with Lincoln from year to year.

    Anyway, see what you have that you didn't have after you were had. ;)
  • gyrene40gyrene40 Posts: 4
    thanks a bunch for the info. appreciate you taking the time to respond. the dealer couldn't give me any info on what actually came with the car. DUH!!! not my favorite dealer anyway. would not take any car of mine into their service dept. all they do is pad the work, and raise the price. guess most of their customers have enough money for the prices not to bother them, or they don't know what the price for work should be.
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