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Lincoln Town Car



  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Just don't test your under powered tub in the mountains of the Rockies or Cascades just because it is barely adequate on the level - needs the horsepower of the base Mustang 4.6 which is 300.
  • I own both a 2005 Town Car and 2006 Cadillac DTS and have found that the power plant in the Town Car is MORE than adequate. While the DTS has a bit more power the power make up of the T.C. is more user friendly with the downshift button on the shifter and the fact that the shifter on T.C. is much easier to move on T.C. than any of the Devilles I have owned.
    I prefer T.C. on steep grades in that going downhill T.C. has a transmission with much better braking power without having to burn brakes. I have also in my personal experience found the T.C. to have More than adequate power on steep upgrades. Don't ever remember having to downshift on a steep upgrade.
    I don't think comparing a sports car with a luxury car is a good comparison in that they appeal to different types of drivers.
  • tlarktlark Posts: 1
    I need some more trunk space and was wondering if the rear seats fold down in a TC Executive Series 2002? And if so, how to do it?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    If non fold down rear seat, you might consider installing a hitch receiver and insert an external luggage carrier. They are available in different sizes and styles for you.
  • The original warranty for my 2005 Lincoln Town Car is about to run out and am wondering if I should purchase and extended warranty from Ford or an extended warranty company such as Wynns or Zurich. I do most of my maintenance at the local Ford dealership. I have owned Wynns Warranties in the past with good results. Any experience of other Town Car owners that have dealt with this issue in the past as well as all suggestions will be appreciated.
  • I have not had any experience with the warranties mentioned. I have had one in the past and it would have been cheaper to put the money in the bank and use it to fix the car. That is just my experience. The experience I have had with TC is not much goes wrong with them. Most of it is $150-$300. I have had very few problems with the previously owned (2000) and currently owned TC's (2002).

    That is just my 2 pennies worth.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Have owned and driven a TC 142,000 miles and 15 years. The original warranty was used for a minor part replacement. I'm a retired insurance agency owner & I wouldn't advise any mechanical insurance for anyone anytime.
  • Thanks very much for the replies regarding extended warranties. I will give careful consideration to the suggestions. It is good to know that these cars are so trouble free. So far I have had no problems but am told an item such a a transmission replacement or rebuild could cost upwards of three thousand dollars to site one example. Since these warranties carry a prorated refund if the car is traded before expiration date, the warranty is sort of a hedging of potential costs. May be this type of hedge is not necessary given the experiences presented in the previous two posts. Thanks again for your valuable sharing of information.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    As for the AOD transmission, it is bullet proof having been around since 1980. If you change the oil & filter in it every 30 to 40 K miles, it should be trouble free. :)
  • The AOD isn't bullet proof... I've had constant trouble (and constant shuddering) with one in a 1995 Grand Marquis. And couldn't get Ford to do a thing about it. All they'd do was flush the fluid; the problem recurs in 15,000 miles. They overheat the fluid and burn out the additives. Hopefully the newer ones have been fixed...
  • Thanks for your remarks regarding the transmission in the 1995 Grand Marquis. Based on what you described would you suggest I buy the extended warranty to protect me from expenses from the type of problem you experienced?
  • Thanks for your comment regarding oil change intervals. Are you using synthetic oils if the mileage is every 30 to 40 thousand miles or did you mean 4 to 5 thousand miles. I have not had a suggestion of as high as 30 to 40 thousand miles before.
  • gdt001gdt001 Posts: 10
    I'm sure it was a typo when someone suggested 30,000 mile oil changes. I have a 1997 Towncar (which is for sale) with 178,000 miles. I change oil every 7000 miles and have used Valvoline synthetic since the first oil change. This car still runs like a dream and it does not burn oil. I highly recommend using synthetic oils. We just purchased a new Lexus and that is what the Lexus dealer uses when they do oil changes.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    30 to 40,000 miles oil & filter change for the AOD transmission. Mercon V is a semi synthetic transmission oil and a lot more expensive than conventional transmission oil.

    Engine oil is Mobil 1 and that is changed including filter between 9 & 10 thousand mile intervals. If down a quart @ 8 or 9 thousand, I'll change it then. Both the T Bird and Town Car use a quart about every 1500 miles as I keep the speed down.
    Delco filters are what I use.

    Town Car has a total of 142,000 and T Bird = 110,000
  • Would you still buy the early 90's series Executive ...looking at a 93 with 117k and would love to own one. Used to rent alot of the 80's cars and loved the ride.

    Any suggestions on pricing as well?
  • You could buy mine - an 03 with 121K on it for 8K.
  • Sorry not looking for a 03 but rather early 90's
  • gdt001gdt001 Posts: 10
    If you buy an old car, check the maintenance records. Very important that regular oil changes are done. This will tell you how well the car was taken car of. Expect little things to go wrong, windows that won't work, electrical switches that don't work, etc. If the engine was well taken car of, 117K is still low mileage. Expect to pay between $1900 and $2,300 for a car in good condition. I'm selling my 97 for $4500.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 159
    I would not buy a 1993 if it had that many miles on it and why not try to get a Signature Series or Cartier? Try to get a TC with less than 100K. Even with regular oil changes, the 91,92, and 93 TCs tend to use oil.
  • I agree to the oil issue ....seems I hear that alot about the early 90's but it never seems to effect the other good parts about the car. The one I am looking at is a Signature series...guy wants 3k but is "very" flexible
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