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Thinking of buying a Porsche? Read this and think again!



  • I feel very stupid. I just bought a used Carrear and now I find out about this ims problem. I am selling this thing ASAP. I will never think about buying a Porsche product again.
  • atpyeyoatpyeyo Posts: 1

    I'm considering buying a 2007 Boxster. Is the IMS failure possibility something you can detect in a pre-purchase inspection of the car?

  • nagog2nagog2 Posts: 1

    For all of you current and former Boxster owners, there has been a class action lawsuit won dealing with the IMS failure. Only applies to USA citizens. Too bad it doesn't apply to future owners, but maybe it will be enough to get Porsche to start being nicer to their customers with IMS issues.

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