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How many miles do you have on your Lincoln LS?



  • I have a 2001 Lincoln LS - V8. 210,000 miles! Regular maintenance - oil changes every 5-7 thousand miles. I changed plugs at 100 and 200K. Changed out the tranny fluid around 110k. I had to get a new clock spring for the steering wheel controls, and change a window regulator a few years ago. I discovered Wagner ceramic brake pads and good quality rotors go a long way for a smooth ride in this car. In the last 10k miles, i've had to change 2 coils, and am told they will all start going now. This really isn't a big deal....a bit over $100 per coil for a mechanic to do it. This is the best car I've ever owned! It's still a solid, smooth riding car, and all the gadgets still work! Too bad they stopped making them.
  • 2000 LS Base V6, 83,000
  • jen0jen0 Posts: 10
    I have 211,000 miles on my 02 LS V8
  • 2004 lincoln has 73,000. I hope mine reaches them miles and more. I just replaced all 8 coils on it. Now it runs like a champ. I already replaced the water bottle. Upper radiator hose. Thermostat and the housing. Check engine light kept coming on. I think all these problems were caused by faulty ignition coil. Now it runs so good. Like I just pulled it out the lot. I hope it stays that way. I did all the work on it myself. So that there saved me lots of money. Oh I also added seafoam. Thats alot of miles on your car. What is your secret, to keep it running with that many miles? :)
  • jen64jen64 Posts: 3
    Yeah I have changed out like 5 of the 8 coils some twice and plugs a few times. I have heard alot of the LS's have coil problems. Yeah one year I had a hell of a time with them. Plus when you have a cylinder misfire it makes ur check engine light come on and u can't pass an inspection. It's ridiculos. The car now has 213,000 miles on it. I just do my oil changes regualrly and that's it. I find the less I mess with this car the better. I have dumped thousands into this car. I just had to dump $435.00 to getm y heat working again. Actually I'm $600 something into it because I took it to Midas to have them "diagnois" F**in morons charged me for two hours of labor @ $81.00/hr to mis-diagnois my car. They told me it was my heater control valve, well they are idoits cause it wasn't that. I then brought it to a "radiator specialist" and he told me it was an acuator - NOPE. to make a long story short I drove around with no heat for three months (and I live in NH) froze my [non-permissible content removed] off. I ended up having to bring my car over to VT to see my parents mechanic - 30 years experience with Fords, and works on hot rods, this guy is a genius. I am totally impressed. Plus he didnt charge me to find out why my heat wasn't working and then when he got up in there found there was another aux. motor that wasn't working. Instead of replacing at $130.00 he repaired it for $15.00. It was a B**ch of a job- what isn't with this car.
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